Elsa & Anna Toddlers Go Shopping at the Toy Store Playset - Playing with Frozen Dolls Barbie Toys

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Frozen Elsa Anna Toddlers and Babies go Shopping at the toy store . They make a big mess while looking for cool toy surprises. Queen Elsa is looking for a toy for emmas birthday party and for baby peter jr.  Barbie fashionista cashes them out with the toys register as Queen Elsa Pays with Barbie Money. There is even a real shopping cart. We also unbox and open Barbies toy store play set includes shopping cart for toddlers and lots of miniature toys. 
Bonus Story of barbie taking care of her puppies, giving them a bath,cleaning up poop and teaching them to swim in the barbie pool with real water and realistic sounds!

Dolls Shopping at Barbie Skechers Shoe Store Playset  - Playing With Dolls Titi Toys

Titi Toys and Dolls is a fun kid friendly channel where Titi the storyteller plays with dolls and inspires story telling through dolls and playsets of Barbie , Frozen, Princesses and even creates unique series episodes and characters.


Barbie Mc Donald's Drive-Thru Playset With Frozen Toddlers Toys Trolls, Maleficient 

Pregnant Frozen Elsa - Spiderman and Elsa have a Baby - Kid Friendly Doll Stories

We love to play with dolls of frozen and barbies to make fun stories and kid friendly doll episodes if you like frozen come play with me and subscribe to see fun toy videos. 

Elsa and Spidermans Proposal and Wedding

Check out more Funny Character Parodies

Frozen Anna is Pregnant and Delivers her Baby - Frozen Wedding Princess Baby Shower

Rapunzel Cuts off Ariels Hair IRL at Barbie's Hair Salon - BAD Villain Ursula - Doll Stories

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