Tensions Continue To Rise Between After North Korea’s Failed Missile Launch

CBS 2 News Evening

Although analysts say the failed rocket launch could be a deep embarrassment to the North Korean leader, it has succeeded at getting the Trump administration's attention.

He just threatened us with a preemptive strike. I think that's justification enough to liberate the NK people.
Those are some pretty nice toy model rockets from the hobby shop 1:19.
Sonny Cooper
YEP....I call bull-shit !!! Not one video of that missile blowing up and cbs even show different missile during their coverage...what another crock of shit !!!
Slyde InfinitySpinCasts
50 's is fun and kitch for a while but really , hey .
I just want to see the clip of the launch without the advanced brain washing propaganda.
Billy McAuliffe
they don't have Nazi rocket scientist technology like America has they are doing it alone with out the help that America had from Nazis in ww 2
Ahasan Habib
war with n k forget behind them strong China ,,,!!!
Oblivious Tiger
Usa needs to join forces and send everything there and just OBLITERATE them before they try something on us.
Anton Jaheim
I think the United States debt must be near 20 trillion dollars now and still growing and the United Kingdom debt is near to 10 trillion pounds and growing as well , we do like to live within our means don't we .
Vladimir Samygin
Drop a non-nuclear bomb on Kim's residency. Minimal innocent casualties but for a greater cause of preventing a dumbass from killing millions.
Gregory Shill
Next test is coming. All Trump did was begging China to stop Kim, China China China, disgusting!
first name not first name
If someone finds video of the failed launch or reason as to why there is no video please let us know
first name not first name
If someone finds video of the failed launch or reason as to why there is no video please let us know
Yahawashi Coming Soon
Where's Truman when you need em😤😤
Alpha1 Omega2
a country ran by a man with a girls name is destined to fail. he even looks like a girl.
Reginald Jones
they have nukes . and they all work .
Atomic Thomas
I just read an article saying that US may have done a cyber attack to cause the missile to fail, you know when fat face krispy kreme boy finds out he's gonna be pissed
wonder how many beheadings were or will be conducted after the failed missile test
Aliens_Scare _Me
haha those fucking turds.
jim smith
It is time to shut Kun jong mouth for good. Bomb all of their launch sites and facilities. Bomb his house
jim smith
it would be cool with me if one of their nukes failed to launch and exploded at the launch site
Mr. Nemesis
It fall to launch because Kim jo fat was sitting on it
Mr John
samuel silva
ditadura de bosta
You can't even compose a simple sentence.
Bill Schultz
Dear President Trump, please take out North Korea before they take out half of our nation. I do not understand why we are waiting. Are we waiting for them to hit the United States first and kill Millions? stop playing and take them motherfuckers out.
caged lion
we shot the missle down fucking dumb ass news media
caged lion
lets just take these fuckers out
R-Mon Damage
Fake News
Naila Martus
why is there nothing being updated??? Not good. calm before the storm. There is absolutely nobody with updates
neek betts
Where's the failed missile footage?
Lots of videos of everything else but nothing on the money shot.
I smell conspiracy in the air?
Notorious L I N
It doesn't matter if the gun misfires the point is that he squeeze the trigger. That shows intent therefore he is guilty! Time for lil Kim to eat the MOAB sandwich!
i n
Nobody cares about that Pork Head and his failed state. But he is trying so hard to get attention, that he's going to get more than he bargained for.
You God Damn Mexicans!!!!
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