Seoul: North Korean missile test fails

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A South Korean defense ministry official tells CNN that North Korea attempted a missile launch that failed. CNN's Paula Hancocks reports from South Korea.

cnn is fake news
Johnbill Quilisadio
Can u guys leave North Korea alone
Thanks to good ol' Billy Clinton, they have the MERV technology to kill millions. The Clintons are the scourge of this planet. Thank god the American people did not elect that villainous, corrupt old hag (who also gave 20% of US uranium production to the Soviets) into power!
I hope one of those failed missles will land in N Korea that would be fun to watch thats for sure lol
Jeremiah Jenkins
Thanks to Trump King ping tong ding is going to nuke the duck out of us..
Of course it failed, the N. Koreans have kept it s a secret to this point, but the missiles are actually loaded with Kum Gin Ales ego in the warhead, and getting it that far across an ocean or neighboring country is more of a problem than they anticipated....
what a idiot , these missile defenses are old
Shimshon Karbasi
CNN please stop working against USA please stop with Fake news to destroy USA Rats they are too many against us stop your anarchy STOP destroying USA Stop
HAHAHAHHAHAH!!! North Korea is so great place that even the missiles dont want to leave it.
if they don't show me any footage of the missile fail, then how do i know it's not fake news?do i have to 'take their word for it' ?
CNN sources say Cuomo was sucking a Donkey cock on the street in Mexico,you should have seen the load this donkey shot,Fareed was cradling its balls well Lemon tried to stick it in his ass.
i thought trump said he was going to attack at the sign of another missle test....what happened...usa, usa, usa usa
TheEndIsHere FinalWarning
even with his frightening array of weaponry I cant take him seriously
President Donald J. Trump
North Korea is FAKE NEWS
coup monte
Would you not purposely make this missile fail especially with all the world staring at you , take that the last before this launch was a success. Would seem apt for a fail to be placed as a psychological front.
Goodbye shitty scientists.
Jumbo Bless
Fattie Jong
Khalid Saeed
America like a bitch can not fight Korea because America is a cowardly country
,,, even US failed missile launch:
On January 28, 1986, the NASA shuttle orbiter mission STS-51-L and the tenth flight of Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, killing all seven crew members, which consisted of five NASA astronauts and two Payload Specialists.
On February 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon reentering Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven crew members.
,,, to design long range will make it heavier even American engineers have problems with it.

,,, Kim Jong Un's sub-lauch Nuke missiles short-range is enough to melt USA.
,,, North Korea has perfected submarine launch missiles so it can Nuke America.
I think it was 4 days ago, American and allied anti-submarine military aircraft spotted participating in operations together off the California coast has fueled concerns that either a Russian or "North Korean submarine" was detected.
,,, North Korea can Nuke all of America.

note:,,, nothing personal but facts in war games, "The Art of War."
Libertarian Ish
Kim Jong un's supporters are stupid like Trump supporters..
Guy Life
One wonders why the entire country has not realized that all their propagandizing has made them look like a bad SNL sketch.
Alan Marques
he (Kin Jong Un) goes to kill someone because he probably be pissed off
Francis Francis
Missile worked fine, an excuse was needed to not start ww3.
sign up for the draft you yellow belly chicken shit Republican'sā€‹
Po The Panda
somebody is going to get executed
kim jung un would never execute someone over a failed missile hes just gonna pat the scientist back amd say "better luck next time friend"
Channelingus Llcix
I bet some people were executed after this embarrassing episode
jeza bean
I hate that little fat fuck
Open your eyes you lazy cunt
circles in the night
they suck
Brandon Lewis
Everybody simmer down ā€“ via @haystacktv
Arabas Matipas
Keep making nuclear weapons america will invade u like in middle east go for it
Valiii Cuca
Uh , Somebody got assaniated
inho kang
North korea : "lel fuck USA"
USA : "What the..."
*Nuclear test failed.
System : [North korea] logged out.
Long live Supreme Leader Kim-Jong Un :)
Posting from South Korea, NOBODY CARES, this is fake news from CNN.
Watch Dogz
King Junk Food was sitting on the missile, that's why it didn't lift up!
cruise missiles to kims palace
lock tran0049
Xin Shu
STAR WARS Battlefront Lord of The Sith
4 lol
Native Inspired
Ricky Fabela
Randy Jones
Supreme Hype beast
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