Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game Highlights / Week 4 / 2017 NBA Season

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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game Highlights / Week 4 / 2017 NBA Season

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مجرم قيمز العتيبي
مجرم قيمز العتيبي
Van Ranque
1:15 Mejri Block Westbrook. Thank you for that :p
Donovan Robison ' ' pllay it o K h '
Who can't stop looking at Russel shoes
Brandon Smith
Paul George 100%
flicka DaTriger
I like how Westbrook changed shoes @ the half
George P.
These shoes bruh...
I thought Dirk retired, and what happened to Carmelo?
Omega Findora
dirk Has done so much for dallas #thank u dirk I am he should have a peaceful retirement when he wants to btw am a gsw fan praising dirk for all his performance for dallas I will always use my one legged fade Way
What shoes Westbrook wearing ? Need those 😍
Urie Parker
Am I the only person that loves Dennis Smith that sees he trys to dunk on a team and ALWAYS gets that shit blocked lol
DaNewbie44 G
Mavs could have easily beaten them but they refuse to play defense and I have absolutely no idea why it's like they don't even care
Jeffery Thomas
Grant is underrated asl
Gareth W
Paul George MVP
Westbrook changing shoes in halftime haha
Le'Trell Whitehurst
Ok....first they said last year that Westbrook was doing too much and that he needed to do less. Now he's doing that or at least trying to and now people are basically saying that he's not doing enough. Like the fuck....which was is it? Flip flopping asses. It's was already proven that the thunder are worse when he's being passive or when he isn't doing enough. What made y'all think that the result would be any different. Even us non thunder fans knew that
okc still sorry as fuck, people thought they we're the top in the west ? my ass LMAO it's obvious bringing together 3 people that choke won't help, 6-7 and the blazers are ahead of you with less talent LMAO
Michael Pickett
you know yo ass getting blown out when they put in kyle singler
Me Dummy
04. noah
Almost shit myself at 10:28
Julian Rivera
Westbrook is mvp
What happen to melo
jrmop 09
Let's not get carried away it's only the Mavericks
Triple Chin Cheseeburgers
why does jj barea look so small?
Latu Tu'ipulotu
did anyone notice westbrook changing his shoes???
Thunder Buddy
Seeing better ball movement, and PG13 settling in to a rhythm. Still got a ways to go if we want to make a playoff run. Right now IF the Thunder got in don't see them getting past the first round
Aaron Lamar
6:38 okay Russ you did NOT have to do him like that 😭
Rob S.
👍 🎮 🏀
Juan Elias
Good they made russ take those wackass shoes off and put some more appropriate shoes on
Kenyon Wolfe
Where melo?
Daniel Etoroma
Dennis Smith thinking he's still in highschool
Dez Searancke
Grant... Extend his contract
Hafidh Abrar
kyle singler has scored, okc won nba final this year
Rody Taguna
Green vs adam Westbrook vs curry durant vs pg melo vs thomson
Addictus Agenar
Nice westbrook . better black shoes than orange shoes . Because u play verywel😂
David Eastmond
Dirk minutes are gonna kill this Mavs team..he simply can't consistently contribute anymore, forget about him reaching scoring landmarks, think about the team first. Great player in his prime, but he just doesn't have the legs anymore.
Symphony L
I'm sorry, I always thought Russ was a GOOD defensive player...Ummmm, was I wrong! I'm watching kid defense and he wonders a lot. Half the time he don't even know where is man is because he's caught ball watching and he won't commit to double or help so most of the time the ball handler drive pass him and he won't even step in the driving lane or swipe at the ball! What happen to his defensive effort??
Dank Memes
Those shoes are brighter than my future rofl
k o
Melo should be coming off the bench when he comes back. It's time for coach Donovan to have balls.
Joe Gregory
it looks like the thunder play better without Carmelo Anthony. He is a defensive liability he should come off the bench for an offense of spark.
Kayleb Nickolson
Why are teams not holding the ball anymore
Frank CARRAsco
Is it me or okc Bout 2 take Da League 2 a whole new level 💹
Josh Martling
Trade melo for some solid role players or another star
Nivri Neub
No Melo = Win!
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Michael Pecarich
Nowitski should stop playing. He can't defend at all.
Momen Khan
kyle singler the goat scored his first pts of the season
Mavericks tanking on purpose?
Donberg Sabungan
Dallas is not a tough team 2 beat...okc sucks!
Marcelo Noriega
Westbrook & Paul George are a big duo. Russ can develop more penetrations and make the plays and PG was on fire! I don't Know but ir feels better without Melo
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