dave skerritt
Fake Trump, fake translators, bing, bing, bong, bong, bing, bing bing bing bing....Trump might say:...no, I just admired the French lady's lower regions below her head ...I didn't say pussy...Mexico will pay for that wall!...well I guess we're gonna hafta raise your middle class taxes ta pay for the wall ya don't want, since Mexico won't pay for it...Well I didn't tell the French lady she had a good shape, and was beautiful, and that I danced closely with her!! No, no it's all fake news even though ya tell me it's something I said, and it's all on video....fake video, fake video...
Arizona Skywatch
I talk like this, so I totally understand him! Lmao!!
Actually Arabic has an equivalent to “what the hell is going on” which is “Ma Alathe eahsol behak Al Jahim” are you sure that’s an English-Arabic translator?
Daniel Abdoolrahman GANGAT
The russian journalist's fled away...?
Fiorenza Agazzi
Here in Italy most journalists don't even translate everything he says, they just make a "summary" reporting only the most important things he says. They use more elaborate sentences and make him sound almost professional. That's why when I first heard him speak at a press conference I was like "WHAT THE FUCK DID HE JUST SAY?? IS THIS GUY MAD??"
ASL Grammar for the win!!
Felicia Gardner
I am embarrassed for my country.
vaseem s
She is hot
Stressed Out Azim
"great physical shape" he was talking about her like he was sizing up a horse for a race or something
Lotte Hermans
Relation month expensive mzfgg conversation screen entirely before native.
Catherine Gold
Poor translators!!
I know this is comedy but every real interpreter knows this is just something you have to deal with.

Donald is not specially hard to interprer. If anything, it's easier.
Has to be someone far more qualified to be leader of the free world than this dude"should have been fired👎long time ago" How do Americans put up with it" I mean I know many love an would take a bullet for Trump "but come on looks more like he's getting americans to talk more shit an hate even more while most decent moral valued Americans just go along with the fake speeches an smiles an lies an name calling,insults,broken promises of fake walls an fake hair an fake unifying of american people,fake compassion for real people who aren't white unless major ass kissing is involved plus going along with the crap never flushing the bad stench that never blows away either" it just hangs around an even worst while everyone just breathes it in daily like nothing's wrong. Has to be a better candidate for this job or America is doomed if this is the new standard of how the president of free world should communicate to the public without so many gdanm interpreters "dose he speak english or what!?! Not even republican or democratic "Wtf ohh that's right "best America has to offer is the Donald "Killing the brand an dream peace by peace 👋sey gd by to Good old USA hope no longer lives "only hate an fakeness artificial leadership.
Randolph Williams
ندى ندوش
That was the best of all... I'm already dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Me Me
Quite rich of a show that announces "The Translators" when referring to interpreters to ridicule Trump.
pussy = manko in japanese

i know my hentais
Christopher Scotts
"this beautiful mime" 😂
JohnG Soares
~~The Trump Is Going To Hire The Mexicans To Build The Wall In Exchange For The Many Services Afforded Them By Me And All The Soldiers And Warriors Of Our Free Patriotic World.. All Veterans Must Step Up And Seize The Tyrants Who Feed The Media In ORDER To Coral US/A Human/s Into Submission With Propaganda.. Holly Wood.. Fakes.. X M ASS.. You'r All A Bunch Of Mimics Bought And Paid For.. JohnGz S. .o0O.. ~ ~ UpInSmoke.. Vietnam 68-70.. author uknown
Oh, God. The Japanese translator looked so sad at 3:55 that I had to stop the video and cry for ten minutes.
pratik milan sahoo
Whoever made this video thinks only Americans understand English.
Shashank Sharma
Dont have idea about it.

#TranslationCompaniesInIndia - http://www.translationworkzone.com
alia aaice
If I were his translator I would speak as proper as possible
i understand you have to make shortcuts to deal with trump's eloquence. not everybody gets his complex messages which only reflect the synthesis of the elaborate thinking of this brave and highly superior politician.
They usually the sing,this girl is on fire, Donald Trump did the
remix these Nuts are on fire
Navya Thereja Kapoor
I'm happy they showed American sign language on there!
1. The rest of the world?

Yeah, because nobody speaks English outside the USA.

2. Russian dude is probable right. If you go with the flow, in a sense he's probably a lot easier than a very erudite speaker who makes a lot of references to history and literature. Now that shit is hard.

3. No shit the sign language interpreter does the body language better, she's the only one of them who is actually SEEN by "her" audience. The others are in a booth -- nobody gives a fuck what they do with their hands.
Yushunao Xcent
Rumi Sethna
Donald is an assole
Yizhen Xu
This is hilarious
rock star
so tired of cry face fake news
Lmfao "beef curtains" omg 😂
Eugene van Dongen
Guys. The best. Smashing. Love it.
lily deufel
Did anyone notice how the French first last out her arm around Melania? I think she knew perfectly well what he said, and felt badly.
Rosemarie Faye
OMG, that was so funny! But - - - it is scary at the same time.
Mari Galvez
I understand that Trevor was trying to work this into a bit, but I'm sure the Macrons speak enough English to understand what Trump was saying (probably fluent in English even),
Carina Marques
oh my god, that guy really looks like Kramer!
2:47 Rasputin lives!!!!
count lurpak
Beyond the very limited language and human skills of Donald Trump, most people I speak to (in at least 4 different languages) are intuitively aware of the US President's callousness and profound disregard of other's sensitivities. (You could question his ability to recognise "other" !) The narcissism and childishness exhibited by the US president (2017) asks for forgiveness, and we seriously question the ability of the US Government (Congress & Senate, Justice -dept...) to CURTAIL the damaging behaviour of the current POTUS.
Aryiana Moore
My favorite part of this is that she definitely did that awkward, "Oh thanks..." that most women do when a guy gives a compliment, but in a way that comes off as creepy. She even touched Melania in that universal, "Girl, a little help here?"
i cannot speak for the rest of the world but in europe almost everybody is fluent enough in english to understand fourth grade english
C´mon, he is just giving her a compliment, in his own clumsy style. If he really wanted to hit on her, he would have grabbed her by the p....!
It is so good that as a Mexican, I do speak English and I do follow the amount of stupidity that Trump stands for. It's almost hilarious, if it were not true.
Syrian guy looks like Rasputin.
John Anderson
Fake Liberal BS
"This beautiful" LMAO
Did you just call an ASL translator a mime? Kinda rude, but tbh, I feel like ASL is probably the best translation of Trump you're gonna get
Eduardo J. Pacheco
Vagina in Japanese is "膣 Chitsu "
Lynn Waterbury
Mrs. Macron probably did understand what he said, because she started backing away from him--a natural and normal reaction to being near him. He's such a sleaze.
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