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Park Ranger LB is on the run from a GIANT life-size T-Rex that's chasing him! LB has a nightmare that he's being chased by a T-Rex dinosaur, but Park Ranger Aaron wakes him up just in time. Aaron then tells LB about their new Dino park, and reveals a new ride-on ATV they can use to hunt for a golden surprise egg hidden somewhere in the park. Just as LB suits up, he races away on the ride-on car, leaving Aaron in the dust! While they're searching for the egg surprise, Park Ranger Aaron stumbles upon bees, who attack! Later, as a storm approaches, they look through LB's dinosaur toy collection and use the toys to decide which Dinosaurs to put in their new park. They also find a chocolate surprise and a Pterodactyl that's escaped in this funny family video for kids. Who do you think will find the egg, Park Ranger LB or Park Ranger Aaron?

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GIANT Life Size Raptor Attacks LB, Dinosaur Surprise Egg w/ Dino Kid Family Game:

DINOSAUR TOY HUNT w/ Egg Surprise, Lego Batman Movie Kids Toys Collection Opening:

Cowboy Steals Time Machine Toy! Nerf Blaster Battle IRL w/ Fun Dinosaur Toys:

GIANT SCARY SPIDER & Bad Baby Mummy Attacks! Freak Out Battle IRL Skit for Kids:

SKELETON GHOST ATTACKS LB & STEALS TOYS! Scary Haunted House IRL w/ Ghosts & Sour Candy:

EXPLODING NUTELLA & Real Food Gummy Candy Challenge Taste Test w/ Giant Egg Surprise:

GIANT SCARY MONSTER ROBOT On Mars Attacks, w/ Super Toilet Explosion IRL:

BAD ALIEN FREAK FAIL In Real Life w/ Super Gross Green Slime & Sour Candy:

Dinosaurs are called dinosaurio, Dinosaurier, dinosaure and dinosauro. Toys are called juguetes, spielzeug, jouets and giocattoli.

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It is a dimetrodon
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those 2 dino chocolate figures are dimetron
Power Ranger Red999 Red Ranger899
Power Ranger Red999 Red Ranger899
stegocerotops spinorex i-rex and etc.
Candace Sullivan
I just wanted to let you guys know that my 3 year old son is your #1 fan.... seriously! He watches your videos everyday.... even pretends to be "park ranger Aaron" and "LB". Your names are a household name in our home. I just wanted to say thank you for being so great and let you know you have a fan in the same sense as a Movie star ⭐️
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the 2 dinosaurs are dimetrodons
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The Dino he said was a spinosaurus rex was a baryonyx
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it's a dimetradon not a dinosaur
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make a video were park ranger LB is chased by indy in new park with ATV
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Park ranger lb you and you and your dad are a good acter from judd
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