Bang Bang
fucking American pussies starting war on every side of the world(ONLY WITH SMALL UNPROTECTED COUNTRIES)...biggest cunts on the world
Serious Being
The point this man is mostly trying to get across is NOT that you just don't quit.
It's the psychological feeling you will get in tough times if you Do not think about the future and just do what you can do best at present moment.
How to get to medical school despite college not teaching you a dang thing

you just don't quit!
If a war breaks out in this country they'll be 2 groups of people.
Those who fight to protect the US.
And those who run and hide.
Which will you be?
Fernando Flores
Emilio Lee
Navy Seals have one of the most excellent work ethics in history hands down.
Δημήτρης Χαφακιας
Yo,his palms are sweaty ,knees weak,arms are heavy ...
adam hill
I want to become a seal but i will never become a us citizen in the time i have ;-;
To say "Don't quit" is a LOT harder than you can imagine
g. kruger:
i like it thanks
Night Bot
Mom and dad, srry but I'm never going quit gaming
Antti Virtanen
It sounds simple, because it is simple. One step at time and do not quit. It is far from easy to do that of course, but that's the only way.
Muhammad Al-Hussaini
Jealousy is the reason i never give up, its simple, it works.
J Norfleet
Second place is nothing more than a first-place loser. It's a mindset, some have it, some don't.
i was a delta seal space ship door fuckers aint got shit on me.
drake man
I have a big wet penis
easier said then done I assume
Dick Johnson
So..................Never give up on importing more third world refugees?????
SSboywolf _
Seals are called normal soldiers in europe
Dmitry Shevchenko
As much as I look up to the Seals, this "just don't quit" shit is getting old.
What if I just can't physically keep up? What if my muscles just shut down, oh Ok i just won't quit, I will just sunbathe on the beach for another couple months till I get my pin and that's it. Really simple.

You get stress fracture and can't fucking run, well just don't ring that fucking bell. Clinch to something with a death grip on that beach and they will be like- look at this guy, he just won't quit! Ok, welcome to Navy Seals.
Duwayne Forbes
Former SOCOM boss...
nightwalker 983
think u could of found a tougher intro song lol
Le Vocaloid
Never "quit" quitting xD
Aaron white
Huge respect for this Gentleman and his speech he did for grad kids was exalant. Godbless
A Navy SEAL commander explains how to take a shit, have sex, shoot from a Nerf gun, and land on Uranus.
The mind dynamics of in the moment vs after the moment are incredibly opposite.
It fascinates me that in the moment the whole world can seem to crash in your mind and crumple you and then after it is summed up in a few simple sentences.
No Name
Who cares. enough with the seal worshipping.
Ashish Prince
yea do it one step at a time ,do what u hv to do at the time dnt keep it for ltr. 👍👍
Flux Music Group
i dont know if this is just exclusive to seal training or if it is meant for all of Life. but in business and with entrepeneurs, they teach you the opposite. to think longer down the road, opposed to short term. all great things come with years of grimding, hardwork, sacrifice, and adapting to your environment.
Trevor Altonson
Damn. I didn't know that Bill Nye was a Navy SEAL!
Losqualo Telli
just dont
OnlyMyRailgun Unknown
0:00 I thought this video would show a clip where his parachute didn't work...and he tried to communicate in free fall with others...and they catched him and opened the parachute...and in case he drops him there is a second guy who is prepared to catch him either !
אדם דלאל
With all the respect , that just not true, of curse, you have to keep going and move until your last step but you cant pass those tests without high training. someone who trained before will do the exercise better and will recover way better. this "its all in the head " stuff are bullshit... you wont give up ? well your body just stop responding(i know he knows that but the fact that he dont mention that is bad)
Ravee Roenghan
dude is like white version of Obama 😂....
Clorox Splash-Less Bleach
but I have too many school projects and English essays to worry about
damn these seals know everything
Soooo... be short-sighted?
zvone 98
0:30 when he said "moment" it sounded like he was about to quote eminem- would u capture it or just let it slip 😂😂
American Jedi
The difference between an average man and a good man. I wish more millennial's had this mindset.
Dr. Rawls
That is what I do but I'm tired off of trying to do my best I just want to live care free for 9 months
Adan Salas
motherfucker I could have told u tht....
Loli Cunt
he trained in gorilla warfare and has over 300 confirmed kills
Angry Wrekless Driver
My golden rule is never give up if the consequences of you quitting are brutal injurys, emotional trauma or death.
You also need to know WHEN to say no and quit. Sadly a lot of people struggle with that as well.
Razzle Dazzle
It might be good to know that he was the same guy featured in the documentary "dirty wars" where he led a group of soldiers including some navy seals to raid a house in afghanistan. He was the guy who ordered to shoot 2 women and a man upon stepping out the door and then had camera shots and videos caught by afghan witnesses confiscated and came back the next day to supposedly investigate what happened but in reality he fabricated a version of their story that will suit their MSM narrative. So while he's preaching something inspirational in this video his character really is not inspirational at all. You can be persistent in many good things but does it have to include killing 2 unarmed women and a man causing one little girl to become orphaned?
How irresponsible this guy.Revealing this secret, revolutionary information, could endanger our national security if it falls in the hands of the enemy...
The secret of the navy seal: "take it one step at a time..."Wow, such a revelation.
full of shit
It's more nuanced than that McRaven. It's possible to never quit in BUD/s but give a half-assed effort. The instructor staff will observe and intervene by boarding the student in front of the command master chief and drop him from training.
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