Uni brow
tennessee is the best state
Best player
Peter Cooney
Hey, why not join your friend in boston big guy.
Eric Phan
AD and Kyrie are close friends. Brow to the Celtics confirmed.
Need some braces
SanctumGaming Q
Why does everyone like kyrie fuk that snake
Agape Love
Video title suggested measurement of something esle completely no homo...
Isima Musa
AD to join kyrie at the Celtics
Lakers need to trade for this dude and Anthony Davis need to wink at Magic Johnson.
Anthony Davis the type of guy to bend down to get something from the top drawer.
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
Kd is 7 but they say he 69 how jimmy gonna say he is the only one who rounds down sory for rant
Zach Horvitz
You should do this with Kevin Durant
Bkc 14
he's. a deadly shot blocker why not play c
Wilkins Rodriguez
well im 6'8' and im 17 years old
sheldon blankenship
demarcus cousins is realy about 6'8"
TG Sceptical
Unibrow looks just fine. Some people like to keep their "flaws" just like j cole not wanting to straighten his teeth. Accept it and shut up.
Colin Lynch
This title was misleading I was expecting more
No show 2k
He's not the only NBA player to round down on height, KD dose he's like 7 feet says he's 6'9
dirty birds life # 1team
give jimmy the ladder!
Jeremy Stevens
Please Measure Kevin Durant Jimmy Kimmel.
Nathan Masters
Look at that chain though.
Andrew Oyama
That title sounds very innapropriate
Omar IsTheFather
his unibrow is quite interesting in that we all judge it, but really it's natural and we all would have one to some degree if we didn't trim
Liam Paul
Nigga's unibrow looks like a pelican
Javiyon Robinson
"Only NBA player to round down" Kevin Durant is about 7ft but he says he's 6'9 to play small forward
AD is 6'9" without big ass shoes. KD is 6'9" without shoes too. That would put Lebron to 6'6".
Yao Komedja
This is who we need in Cleveland
Ali Fawaz
the name of this video... PAUSE
Darius Mathis
Kyrie LBJ Anthony Davis
Miguel Fuerte
when I saw the title I expected him to measure that unibrow :/
Ray Lindert
If I was getting paid 29 million a year, Pelicans would fire me up too.
Jimmy here recruiting people to LA XDDD
I Feel Like Yeezus
Kevin Durant is taller than this dude
Gullit Nyang
Funniest part about this is that Kyrie is right. The earth IS flat. Research it.
SuperDuper Headass
I love Kyrie
I was hoping this video was gonna be something else when I clicked it
Cassie Horn
I can't his eyebrows are killing me
Sanjay Rajasekharan
All-NBA, All-Star, Wearing general release Jordans
Kidd Sandro
Title suspect af
Richard Crainium
I feel like AD is one of the more mellow people from the NBA, Seems like he'd be a funny dude to hang with
How To Heal
Sexy ass unibrow
Kenny P
Future Laker
Nathaniel Kang
Anthony Davis Celtics nation would love you in Boston
A.J. Almajose
AD to the warriors😂
that brow freaks me out and it's insured
Lanko Hendrix
Nah I'm saying my height in shoes now forget about barefoot height
+Jimmy Kimmel Live, please do this for KD next, because KD's not 6' 9". (I know he finally admitted it last year, but still.)
Aley Ka
and I'm like 5'6"
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