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Nassira Townsend
yea f you to
a hole
amin yabid bich
thelegend27 ad got me in this vid
Aww poor turtle😭😭
Victoira Giganto
can u do 5 things only asians do 😂
This was a nice vid, can't lie🔥💯
fuzzy happy flower
A turtle ate my scarf
Summer Pettaway
or maybe the Mama crocodile was carying the baby's in her mouth when she was killed watch a documentary and you'd know
False Honour
wait, I thought the armour thing was found in a tiger shark, not a great white..
Hawk Eye
stupid dog
Prateek Nyamagoud
make a video of 5 mysterious peple found in the world
Rachelle best list Harris
they should've died not the snake I hate those basterd
Totally Baller
This is the definition of the weird side of YouTube.
Zoie H
poor puppy
Angela Sharpe
that was gross
Ethan Quinn
Damn how old was the shark that consumed the individual in the suit of armor?
Strange Man
MonkeyLife 647
the puppy one was really sad😢
#3 what kind of owner leaves knives out In the open where a puppy could get to it
Very Mary Vlogs
Am I the only one who feels bad that killed the snake and it was pregnant 😩
bagsik buto
Top 5 Dangerous Person in Prison today. Top 5 Most Feared Places in the World. Top 5 Dangerous item inside our house that We are Not aware of. Top 5 Most Misfortune Person on Earth. Top 5 "Would be" Leader that may Greatly Change the World.
Brandon Halstead
this is so cool
legend 722
i live in the netherlands
Anyone else notice the spelling mistake at 3:06. Vets best*
raging plot
omg thatvpoor turtle
Denise Santos
I remember my Daschund that also tried to swallow a knife
Tails GamingNM
40 likes 0 dislike
Javier Romero
i want
Harvey Norman
New voice.
Dominique Brown
Dead men tell no tales 1914
Hi Diddly Ho! !!!!!
The Weird Girl :P
HORNET2003 Tom b
Early squad where you at !!!!
Jake Cahill
crystan paul raquiza
Michael Bruzzese
Michael Bruzzese
First comment!!!!

Awesome video!
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