Imagine Dragons - Believer

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Music video by Imagine Dragons performing Believer. (C) 2017 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records

Can i have 1k likes too cuz im jealous.
Елена Гончаренко
У совершенства есть предел, просто его невозможно достичь...
They are inaccessible
Omar Romance
Love this song
Loco of
The actor appears in arrow

evil الشياطين
ffs naes
Thingbaijam Surachandra
Dolph lundgren still handsome
What music genre is this?
Locuras y cosas raras vlogs y retos
Emma Wilshire
When I listen to this song all I can think of is riverdale and bughead❤️
Derpy Doodles Draws
Before the video, an ad popped up about their new album or something 😂😂 How Ironic
Berfin Deniz
This song is so underrated
Ron Smith
Dolph Lundgren...
Mika Kawaii:3
L let my Nokia listen this

Now became a iPhone now
Ds Reckless
I thought it was badass when jughead put on the jacket
Ding Dong
I let my daughter listen to this

Now he is my son
edits edits edits
Andrew Ortiz jr
the dude got smashed by the old man XD
The Ghost's Shadow
Me: I want to stop
Exams: we can't
*continues to throw essay papers at my face*
Daniel Bluecat
Such a badass song.
This sounds like radioactive beat but edited a little. Also in one part sounds like panda
Dean Ryan Martin
I'm not a fan of Imagine Dragons but are you kidding me? This is one great song about pain.
Blood Born
This song Hits me hard to the core of my great brown big noodles
3:00 shooting star flashbacks.....
Believer is the new Radioactive.
Creepiest Endo
I'm 3min older
Dmitri Dunn
I love this song
ItsMe Brady
i named my first shiny pokemon Believer because of this song :) Now i believe in shiny pokemon hunting :)
Caleb Beaven
Police:Where do you live?
Me:In my parents house.
Police:Where's your parents house?
Me:Next to my neighbor's house
Police:Where's your neighbors house
Me:Next to my house
Patrícia Xavier
beautiful 😍😍😍
Clover Nella
Love this song!?!
Booker Dwitt
I listen to this and my depression disappeared, thank you so much Imagine Dragons😊😊😊😊
NightMask Gaming
Dan Reynolds has a fight of a ufc/boxing fighter lol a face that could take down Connor Mcgreggor or Mayweather or something
The Tiger
And then I saw her face...
is it just me or can someone else agree with me when i say he looks like Conor mcgregor
Lucien Oliver
Next time go to Taco Bell I BELIEVE I CAN GET THE FIRST ONE
Pasta boy Also know as Ricardo Garcia
First of all I thought this song was not gonna be that amazing but MAN THIS SONG IS AMAZING I was wrong about this song dam I love it now
Alexandria Wellington
This song is so LIT that that my fire alarm went off.

I am not kidding my dad was heating up pizza no fire. And it make the smoke detector go off!!!!

I am not kidding I swear
David Morales
ShadowNinja Gaming
haven't listened to Imagine Dragons in years but man does it feel good to listin to them again :)
"I let my dog listen to this...

Now it's a cat..."

Please stop...
Giih Claw
Cade os br
khanda jalal
I let the illuminati listen to this, I became a billionaire
xXNZGamerX x
a tip dont sing this to your principal it does not go as planed trust me xD
Jack O'Brien
Mari Lindland
All of their new music is sick!
Joselys Molleja
Me encantan!
Omar Ramírez
Konstantin Kovar. 🤘🏻
Ricerdale Squad Jackett 🙄
Nick Spear
I let myself listen to this

then i just got really pumped
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