Herculano de Oliveira
The African guy is also awesome!
Ed Potfield
Muzica se simte.
Salash Singh Raee
The third one is like JAMES ARTHUR. 😋😋😂 But the voice doesnot match. 😏😏😏
Keaton Garner
Is the guy at 13:30 special and that's why they're hyped about him? Because this is literally one of the worst versions of the song I've heard lol. Genuinely curious, thanks!
Cameron Grant
I'm in love with that guys voice at 32:10 holy shit
Kuña Argel
Cómo se llama la segunda música? la chica con el piano? por favor
zercia may Belmonte
the highway to hell guy was amazing!!!
Rsydn Hkl
that 3rd guy!!!
Adam Redman
Machrus Leboy
the guy number 3 sing what song is that?
Emmanuel Cupido
BeefIntoCake men you dont know what you are talking about.. They did not turn for that guy because of his eyes, that is why they called it The Voice? Even if you put that guy in every The Voice audition in every different country they will love that performance. You are the average men!
Ex0tic Swift
22:20 Wtf did i just listen to? Is he giving a speech in a different language?
Roxanne.. i remember Dilana from RockStar Supernova. She is so amazing.
by far one of the best compilations I have watched, thankyou so much
Andreas Kuusisto
The band playing Highway to hell need to find new jobs, that's some of the worst shit I've ever heard. The singer does a fairly good job, but the instrumentals are just.. I cant find the words. Shoot them in the hands.
Francesca Marchi
20:25 italiani dove siete? 😂😂
john paul
the voice in China is yellow.
like si o si me descargo mas de una canción
Yoann Launay awesome i can't stop listing him .
storm fullbuster
#19 that girl at the piano, i was so shocked.shes damn good!!!
William O'Neill
watch to the end ... you have egg man from sonic ...
Hello MT
I hate when the judges tell the audience to be quiet like that 4:15 like bitch the whole reason your judge on the show is cause of the audience so you shut your ugly mouth
Rhandel Paulics
PlZ what is the first song? O_O
Jesu 4
quien es el del minuto 25:00
Hai Duong Hoang
Cuối cùng men??
Akram Ski
the power of eminem :D
Dominic Bianchi
Half of these are absolute shit. It's just like interpretive dancing.
Martine 1
37.31m wow voila de l'émotion❤
Arnab Sengupta
15:51 I feel bad for that baby.
Ллирик Лир
В конце мужик бомбанул!!!!
ahmed abdassadeq
??Any German guy right there
ahmed abdassadeq
?? 23.38 What is the song name please
Gustavo Machado
Very nice job, all presentatinos out of the mainstream of the other compliations
manuel zan
se mando un show completito el que salio alfinal fileeeete wn la cago........
manuel zan
rock stone weeeeeeeno 6:30
Juan Angel Verdin Gonzalez
The last one Its amazing!!!!! Thanks for share!!! Regards from Mexico
Luis Olmedo
thank you for all
Mario Afonso
This top is pure bullshit
It's not even in my Wildest Dream that I will ever see a Chinese Guy singing a Spanish Flamenco song- VOLARE!!
First judge reactions begin with an uncensored "WTF!?"

Yup this is gonna be good.
alvin viggi
what songs in background 2:01 ? adiemus or?
Terry Emery
02:22 Iulia Mtiashova "1944" written and performed by Ukraine artist Jamala winner of 2016 Eurovision. It was sung in English and Crimean Tatar. This hauntingly beautiful song was considered by some to be controversial and divisive because of the treatment of the Crimean Tatars.
1944 English lyrics: Provided by Terry L. Emery 🇨🇦
When strangers are coming...
They come to your house
They kill you all and say,
We're not guilty
Not guilty
Where is your mind
Humanity cries
You think you are gods
But everyone dies.
Don't swallow my soul
Our souls.
We could build a future
Where people are free
To live and love,
The happiest time.
Where is your heart?
Humanity rise.
You think you are gods
But everyone dies
Don't swallow my soul
Our souls.
Phil Perez
Omg the second song who is she and from what country? She's amazing
Ray Slilivock
que....en las islas filipinas...
Slah Faguira
amazing video man :)
So many french in tihs video...whats up with that >?
at 33min he is greek u are greek?
13:23 wtf?
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