Game Theory: Real Tips for SURVIVING a Zombie Apocalypse (7 Days to Die)

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Zombies are EVERYWHERE -- in movies, in games, on TV. And for as ridiculous as it might seem to be attacked by the walking dead, it's much more science than fiction. Which begs the question, how do you survive the zombie apocalypse? Well, it's all about location, location, location. So where is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD to outlive the attacking zombie hordes? I think I may have found the answer!

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Mika Eves
I already live in Ontario, Canada. I'm in Ottawa lol
The Greatest “Ellin”
Shiz I literally live in the middle of europe
R.I.P me
I live in Ontario
Kait Johnson
SO how long would I last in NC? Like, 2-3 hours?
Red Hood324
What was the website he used to make his own zombies
Johan Stämberg
i checked if there existed a sombie acopalyplse mod in stardew valley
Neil Herries
I know where I'm going if SHTF ☺️
Tayah Flint
I will be fine for I dont know how long because I live in a different country
Alex Hu (ahPeppernSalt)
What about Australia Moight?
Lr Miner
awwww the zombies are attacking get to Canada farm potatoes and put on bug spray
Liam Mcmenamin
How to survive sex in the city with your gf????
Suwin Khamchaiwong
Too many Minecraft references.
Liam Duff
no joke I have that same book how to survive when things fall apart.
I say newzealand is better
Occa Drumma
I would argue that rural places in New Zealand would be better. It's disconnected pretty much from everywhere can only get in via Boat or plane and if a Zombie outbreak were to happen you could shut down airports and harbors pretty quick, the whole country has an average pop density of 15 people per square KM plus lots of access to fresh water and it has a large farming community.
carlo amedio
the model is flawed as it fails to account for resistance effectively, statistically this model may say im dead, but i have a defensible home and a gun so...
Charles Lamb
Kind of a weird coincidence, but I got the trailer for the new ring movie before the video. Got a little freaked out when mattpat kept telling me I had 7 days to die.
Kelly Runnalls
I already live in canada
MiniMob16 Bryan
What about an island with a low population like Guam
Seadra Limestone
People who say here it's lowly populated stay here in case of zombie apocalypses gets me thinking. then won't a lot of people go there?
John Bapple
I doubt a zombie apocalypse would ever happen. We would either die from infectious diseases, die because our body is killing itself to stop the disease or be killed and nuked. Not to forget how many people would research into it looking for a cure/ vaccine.
Hippo potomus Gaming
Make a weapon testing channel called Blade Theory
Captain Surek Of the starship Supernova
I'm happy I live in Ontario now
Im glad i live in Canada near Ontario. Lets just hope MatPat is right about Ontario being the safest and best place to stay........
3000 hours in csgo, 2000 hours in dota2, 2500 hours in 1.6, 7 months 15 days, 287 days. God I don't have a life, thanks for the quick time chart thingy at 8:33
Ian O'Brien
Ouch I live in New Jersey, and tbh its actually not that bad (Just the Jersey Shore really)
But I forgive you MatPat :P
The Ice Angel Demon
I don't have 7 Days To Die ;-;
Chickenstrips 92
luckily I live in canada
Mouza Mouzou
how does the zombie virus spread in other cities if they can't take a flight
crisp attack
sorry but pathology is people who study disease not epidemiology which is curing diseases
Connor Mazariegos
rick calls them walkers
Brendan P
Ajax Ontario?
After this video "Not anymore!"
Madison Groeneveld (Madzose)
Wow I wouldn't even have to leave my house if a zombie apocalypse were to ever occurred. O' Canada Terre de nos aïeux.
Alex Trin
I remember how my friend from elementary used to say that in a Zombie apocalypse, he'd go to Costco since you'd need a membership to go in.
cakegirl101 ppool
omg im the only 1 that played the intro a billion times? and i would last like 56 days i live in idaho falls
Mr. Butterfly
Chi Yoshida
Dont worry guys when it starts all the buildings will suddenly dissapear like in all the games where they never find one
Catholic Weeaboo
he literally read my mind. I was like "Great now the whole low population density thing is null and void", and then at the end he went there. Good job!
Calum Copland
Wrong, the west coast of Scotland
Dark Eclipse
to survive the apocalypse go to canda and say:

canada:yaaa sure matte ay you want pancakes too

you : yes

you live the rest of your life zombie free and busy fishing and planting, eating syrup and pankakes in the kindest country

litarly the truth for me cause i KNOW THE SECOND BEST SPOT
Lol. This guy was obviously never in the North. Especially Canada is in the summer a place full of mosquitos. I mean there are legitimate reports of elks dying due to swarms of mosquitos. So yeah. You Americans are just as dead as we Europeans or like literally anyone except maybe the Arctic.
Trioptic Blaze
But Zombies can't fly planes?
Aldin Cawley
What luck I live 30 minutes away from Norfolk if we are going 70 miles per hour
Jason Voorhees
Woud you do a list of things that are if close to if not more dangerous than zombies apocalypse ?
By that i meant types of cataclysm that can happen are less as dangerous or even more dagerous than zombie apocalypse things that can and propably will happen in real life if we won't do something about it .
TheBossKiller Be Scared of Fear
my plan go to moon :D
Tobito TV
Ah crap. I live in Germany. Well. Another reason to go to America in a few years.
Case 2345 More
Would Scotland be good
Zombies are people brought back from death, or death like state to be mindless workers
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