Game Theory: Real Tips for SURVIVING a Zombie Apocalypse (7 Days to Die)

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Zombies are EVERYWHERE -- in movies, in games, on TV. And for as ridiculous as it might seem to be attacked by the walking dead, it's much more science than fiction. Which begs the question, how do you survive the zombie apocalypse? Well, it's all about location, location, location. So where is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD to outlive the attacking zombie hordes? I think I may have found the answer!

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I live in Ontario so, yeah😎😏
Biting people to spread a disease is the worst way to spread a disease
Canada for the win
Can't wait to brag that my country would survive longest in the zombie apocalypse
Trin Draws
what about tasmania?
it's a fair way from Australia, not very populated and where I live there's red soil.
(red soil is gud for plants so.)
it's not to cold, and not to hot, it rains often and ect.

So i'm suggesting if there was a zombie apocalypse, us Tasmanian's would be fine.
Music Station 28
Even though you need a lack of people you can form a clan so we can send different teams to collect food and supplies but if it was New York i would understand.
The Mystic Phoenix
I'm going to mars
Sean John
wait what about zombie animals if a dog gets infected, it's way faster than you so you'd be fucked if fido gets Infected
Yay Ontario
wes ruwe
Water Pyro
xd lets say 1000 people in america have been afected. 1000 zombies without armor or weaopns vs u.s army with weapons and armor and citizens with weopns lol
Oh good, my part of the world seems even better than canada. Very low population density, suitable temps and- while you didn't state it in your video- we have plenty of water in the form of rain (with LOTS of rain tanks) and underground easily accessible water basins. So, woo.
Jessica Jamison
Matpat is Ireland a good place for surviving a zombie apocalypse?
HeartOfBrimstone 507
yes! thats where i live BOOYAH, suckas
Aous Alomari
why is everyone so stupid let the zombies die of hunger if their so hungry for brains
Ally Crawford
What about Alaska? The population density is 1.3 people per square mile, and the major population center is in Anchorage. If you go further north than Fairbanks, it's mostly villages along with the odd person who is living off the grid. Plus, there are plenty of rivers and lakes. The only problems would be the mosquitos.
New Zealand might be good
Savage Cavin
Well I know where MatPat lives so I'll just follow him. 😈
The Ace
4 million would move over though to Canada due to this vid so
Ahhh Fuck It I Can't think of a good name
Southern canada seems like the best place in general
RiAnimations _
Ha Succ Canada Is Superior

I live in the Norfolk County. In the middle of nowhere surrounded by fields and water.

I've kinda thought about these things very vaguely from time to time...Interesting.
Freya Boo
heads up Canada is full of fresh water lakes and rivers that are smaller and you typically can can make gardens in those areas you just cant plant everything beside there are big cities by the great lakes so great lakes are bad places to set up camp.
epoch dei
Find a desert that shares a border with a snow biome.
Bamn, set for life.
AJ's World
Boston wasn't gone it was Springfield HET YOU BOSTON FACTS RIGHT!!!!
Rose Alexander
I live in Georgia ;-; so......
Strappedvirus 40
Already live in the northern part of Canada I'm all good for that part non of you are welcome to come
Jack Procter
i live in england so i'd head to b***n s*a island! It is a remote island of the coast. It has a museum full of working victorian farming tools, rabbits, deer AND the island next to it has a huge power generator.
FuSiOn Lime
In Australia we don't need zombies we have just got everything in the bush to worry about
I live in Denver the virus would take at least a year
I'm going to isle royale
Ontario is not safe Toronto has 2.615 million people
or latakia
Michael Sanders
Whelp I'm screwed
Michael Sanders
The first part was cringy
Yariee Moore
I fell like he told use the second place to keep the real best to himself 🤔
team liam
I live close to Ontario
Charles Mcdickfart
Canada, f yeah. Coming in to save the mofo day yea
A True Slav
America has 88 guns per 100 people. If they're allowed to kill them, they will.
Phenia TV
And guess who lives in the toe of Maine! Thanks MatPat, glad to know I'll be one of the first! 😂
Yuanrui Zhao
But when you talk abou insects...
Yuanrui Zhao
What abut Singapore? We are cut off from land apart from Malaysia and we are a small country
chickens are Awsome
sooo Maine's good
Thomas Freeburn
Zombies on international flights?
Dustin Moore
matpat we can live in the second best place you jerk
Happy to Post
When you live in the best place...
Matpat your close but wrong, the best place would actually be nunavut because you could go ice fishing for food, melt snow in boiling water for water, it's too cold for insects, and it's mostly made up of islands so it's zombie proof.
Lisvet Esquivel
alright then I'm moving to canada
wait zombies do not fear water i seen some zombie movies where they all walk on water though and this one zombie movie on syfi channel and other popular zombie movies walk underwater there is one Juan of the Dead they was on the raft bam zombie out of the water somehow i do not remember how that movie is i seen it along time ago . Land of the Dead where the zombies walk under the water and got into the city explain that hmm explain that? there is 28 days later OH YA WORLD WAR Z ZOMBIES WALKING ON THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN FLOOR not destroyed my the pressure explain that HMMMM?
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