Game Theory: Real Tips for SURVIVING a Zombie Apocalypse (7 Days to Die)

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Zombies are EVERYWHERE -- in movies, in games, on TV. And for as ridiculous as it might seem to be attacked by the walking dead, it's much more science than fiction. Which begs the question, how do you survive the zombie apocalypse? Well, it's all about location, location, location. So where is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD to outlive the attacking zombie hordes? I think I may have found the answer!

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Kriti Manandhar
that is not a game
Martini Bliss
Or Upper Peninsula in Michigan
Zachary Stanger
Ontario, low population density spews out diet coke You're kidding, right?
king simmons
tell me were it is mat pat soo i can go there too
Derpy Artist
Kansas looks like it'd do aight for a month.
DarthDevin studios
What about Hawaii
Does anyone know what the name of the song that begins at 6:42 is?
PS, loves your work MatPat!
Robert Gudlaugsson
I love how when mat pat tells us Europeans were dead it's like once again we icelanders are apparently not in Europe
Calvin Mario
Ant arctic
Vynson Yap
its not real right?
Owen Ebert
its Australia yeah
Mark Lamascese
im watching this now.. i live in norfolk please dont come here.
0kay mei
What about Hawaii?
Arkamyolo Bys
i did some calculation and matpat could go to austrailia as a second option to hide from apocolypes
What's that simulator?
Lewis Brindly
I sorry, but this is wrong. You just need an island and ban tourists and people immigrating
Fabian-Eduardo Chacon
Come to Florida if you wan't to live your last days in the everglades, disney, or the beach 3 is a charm :)
Fabian-Eduardo Chacon
I'll stick to Florida I have like 2 days till it's all gone....
Newtatton 13
HA! I LIVE in Ontario Canada.
Norfolk is in England
Anime Fan
Ummm What about nc
ALAN Indyka
omg I am from Norway
Matt T
You need to do a theory on who keeps sending the air drops
Q Russ
now the 3,895,792 people who viewed this, or at least the 110,276 who liked this will CAUSE a dense population in Norfolk, Ontario because everyone will go there XD

I would go to that little ************* on the border of America and Canada
and find myself a nice gas station near a lake and park a little rv outside the station
Gus Look
I think we would be safe on the sea. Cruiseships and Container ships are large enough. Electricty and running water sounds nice. Wave action against side of the vessel is main defence. The ocean an the microscopic life would also limit the amount of time a zombie could function.
Tsalagi Loser
"That's not New York, its Atlanta, Georgia"
me (lives in Atlanta): DAMN IT
The_ kylecrafter
Yaaaay I'm in Ontario so I'm a live
ThisGuyGhoulishly 215
I'll be dead i live in PA about 50 miles from philly. So i would be screwed
Where is that software at? ;; the one he used.
Did you say the great lakes in the US??? The great lake are in Canada.....most of them at least.
A Thing Amajig
Lol I live an hour away from I falls and I can make it to ontario by boat yooooo
cr t
yez I knew that fat-pat is a zombie
Lyli Brown
What happens if everyone does go to Ontario? Because if a lot of people go there wouldn't it become more likely to zombie infection, and if there's more people it wouldn't actually be the best place.

Idk, I'm just saying
Quartz Muffin
I got a fallout ad before this lol
Zane Kaber
Squirrel GAMING
Why you no like Australia? We done got all of dat stuff 'der mate. We got all but water! We'd better be your number 2!!!
Luke Devantier
wrong matpat. it has to be new zealand!!!
Blaise Requina
im a pilipino and its urban
Its A Trap !
One place in the Us that you can go.... Alaska
Diesta Miller
although the cold can kill you. it should be your only worry. scavengers and bandits will never venture that far north. and zombies stay where the most prey is. The cities. So just knowing a lot about the polar region can save your life when it comes time to flee
Diesta Miller
for the people that see this. The polar region would be the safest place on earth
Yossi hi
I live in Wisconsin so I'm set bro
Gamer Game372
The best place to live find a remote part of Hawaii build a house over water and have it in a place where you can farm have your own little purification thing stock up on weapons and ammo get a good boat stock up on food and fresh water set up defenses after the apocalypse started(so people won't think your crazy) and have the walkway to your house lift up and you good
10:00 Found Gaichi the Goomba (hope I spelled that right)
kiz oku
I think population density is your best friend in a zombie apocalypse, to be honest.

Zombies aren't children coughing everywhere without covering their mouth and touching everything with their dirty hands. It's a virus transmitted by blood (most of the time) and is dormant in people (until they die, most of the time.)

Zombies are angry tigers and their victims can take hours if not days to come back from the dead. I don't know about you, but if I was to face an angry tiger on steroids, I'd rather face it in times square during rush hour than alone in the middle of a corn field.

Plus, odds are people are armed in the city, cops definitely are. Who carries a gun on themselves in the country side unless you keep it in your pick up truck for hunting. Hope you bring your pick up truck with you wherever you go, then.
I live in Norfolk so I'm giod
Burtonboards Cogeco
well I'm glad I'm a canadien who lives in ontario, I'm safe in irony.
Matthew the Dragon Slaying Weeaboo
13:00 I live in Minnesota and I'm proud! Good place to be already
Isaiah Figueroa
what is that website at 4:30??
Clariño D. Marc
Best opening ever! Lol
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