if a zombie apocalypse happens I would just try to found fps russia and stick with him being the most and best choice one could make :D
Good thing I live in Oklahoma lol
Natalija Djokic
escaping a zombie apocalypse?
here are some places you want to aviod!
1:Islands,people think islands are a good option but boom!thousands of people
Are suddenly at your door step|
2:little populated cities,yeah.....thousands of people at your door step too
3:Villages.......same reason as the low populated cities
and now a place to go to is..................
yeah,i am keeping that to myself
Karlo B
well rip me
Long Nguyễn
What's worse than a nope? A ZOMBIE NOPE!!!
Oh man hans is gonna have a hard time
Nicholas Byrne
z nation is so much better then the walking dead. If you want to know what other bonus dangers to deal with in this scenario its worth a watch.
The Phantom killer_3 3
Do zombies die of starvation?
Tyler Eaton
All you need is a ray gun.
The GoldenCow
could they run or would thay walk pls answer back someone
eshal sal
Kay now I'm so glad I live in Oklahoma 😂😂
Swamp Sauce
Zombies Geek
If I had a penny for every time he showed a map i'd be rich
number1 saleout
if you stop the video on 1:37 you can see god
We can all live in Norfolk together in one big GT community
Courtney S.
When you live next to Atlanta! I'm fucked!
The NuggetBacon
Plague Inc. Simulator
I think the best place is Vancouver island look it up its small in Canada and it's where I live
What about Antartica?
Douras Plays
Good thing I already live in Michigan
tiny Box TIM
Me... #skybase
Andrew Zhu
The game is Rust and Minecraft with Zombies
Mounir Nahas
Trevor Guinn
Umm how do you only survive three hours without shelter?
If mosquitoes r a big deal than I'm out... I have been bit on my scalp before ( I have long thick hair)
velocity 9
if i die in the zombie apocylypse im blaming you matpat
Ooooooh sweet I already live in Canada!!! All I need is to drive for 8 hours and I will survive everything!!!!!
The Emerald Pizza
Even though I'm in GA the only thing I would have to worry about is insects lol

I have water because I literally live right by a river

climate is perfect for crops

very low population in my town
You are assuming the water wont get infected. Last thing you need is a few zombies falling in the fresh water or dying there. Remember the zombie in the well in the Walking Dead? 10000 people getting there? unlikely, the second best place? search up the second best county.
Honey Sweet
So that's why the Walking Dead starts in Atlanta, Georgia (Where I live) because of it being the busiest Airport..
Mosquitoes smell the CO2 from your breath to find you, and since zombies don't breath, there won't be zombie mosquitoes
Second UNIT
Haven't we have this kind of theory before?
Scorpion master
mat pat if you need my help in the zombie apocalypse then look for someone in Alberta who is riding a ostrich while wielding a crowbar if zombies attack
15:40 Dick
The crazy Unicorns
Awww l live in Florida,Miami
Iñķ Şãņş
oh nuuu holland is gonna die

wish me luck ;^;
Rohan Tamang
When someone turns into a zombie does he run like normal person or walks slow if so how?
I have a feeling the other place to live and survive the zombie apocalypse may be Ireland. Not Northern Ireland because Ireland only has a population of 6 million and has a huge space for that amount of people. It's got lakes and water and a lot of agricultural areas.... idk
Lucy Stacey
We Brits know that the REAL way to survive is to go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over.
xTeo69 x
Lil Cookie Dino Kid
But matpat, if diseases like that were discovered, wouldn't the curses be found in a matter of months?
Sean O'Brien
What about New Zealand?
Linda Lewis
But who would the zombies get to astrullia etc.
hardcase studios
new zealand is also a good place to go good farming fresh water not mqny mosquitos etc
FEkitty Fraschilla
Will Martin
You were too self-centred on the great lakes because you live in North America
CrazyNachos 42
well 1% of the viewers on this video are 43,084 people so ya
CrazyNachos 42
MAN I am so lucky that I live in Michigan anyone else?
Benjamin Branz
I live in on the east coast of the U.S.A and my state is right by New York
Benjamin Branz
I think green land would be the safest because it as water all around it which is fresh and it is to cold for zombies to live or unlive? anyway it is the best place for people to hide.
Benjamin Branz
the cure for cancer can't wait because my uncle died of cancer and a lot of other people's family members died of cancer too
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