Game Theory: Real Tips for SURVIVING a Zombie Apocalypse (7 Days to Die)

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Zombies are EVERYWHERE -- in movies, in games, on TV. And for as ridiculous as it might seem to be attacked by the walking dead, it's much more science than fiction. Which begs the question, how do you survive the zombie apocalypse? Well, it's all about location, location, location. So where is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD to outlive the attacking zombie hordes? I think I may have found the answer!

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Game Theory: Zombie Killin' ►►
The Philosophy of The Walking Dead ►►
The WALKING DEAD's Silent Killer! ►►

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Americans, take note when coming to Canada during the winter bring lots of extra clothes
brandon lee
I would like a zombie apocalypse game featuring everything in this video.
brandon lee
I would like a zombie apocalypse game featuring everything in this video
cody rhine
this video made me buy 7 days to die and play it and i love the game, i am on day 284
Bamlak Bekele
Mosquitoes cant transfer HIV and most other blood related diseases so I doubt they would transfer a zombie infection
Alfie Rooke
ports and train stations and plain stations
Alfie Rooke
Britain will not get it bad if it Cloris it
Alfie Rooke
what are not work actually survive better
Fisher Lostracco
Yes I live in Ontario
Nicro125 :
I hate me life I live in Atlanta my dad lives in San Francisco my grandparents live in Florida and my cousins in ny
Nicro125 :
mat pat I just realized your logo is a bop it
MatPat: Ontario is the best place to survive
Me: I live in Ontario, I guess I'm good
Kai Semple Gameing
Oh NO I live in the UK🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Aksel Nordhagen
Theres nothing in viking land ( Norway and Sweden) sorry Denmark
Cocoa Coyote
Adam Roberts
I'm from Nj😭
John Ga
We're all going to die
You forgot, that people have armies, if this really would happen, russia and US armies would wipe out those zombies in the first 24 hours. They would get fucked faster than a prostitute in her 20's
Zaheer Navas
Your all wrong the best place is Antarctica
Squaky Gaming
I live Latvia
Essix De'lan
Does nobody else find this extremely horrifying? Or is this just me. :I
Alicia Genereux
shouldn't zombies lose their senses since their brain is smush?
Michaella Fairbairn
I mean the best place would probably be on a boat alone in the middle of the Pacific Ocean but sure
Bob Johnson
Dat intro
Dual swords
Why did you make this video know every one you going there!
Anie Bananie
pepper puppy
I would move to the Cook Islands, and maybe go to one of the more remote islands for a even more safe bet. The outbreak may not of spread to this area because they don't have much air traffic so there would be no infected people for the mosquitoes to bite. Just bring about 70 gallons of bug spray and live on a REALLY far out island. You should be fine.
Ezekiel Haugh
Less than two weeks after this video was posted, the population density of Norfolk County, Canada jumped to a whopping...

14.5 people per square kilometer.
Rainbow Trout
I'm not that far from Ontario Norfolk.....yay.....
Teh Hartley1018
I'll just head to Ontario.
Xwhipgames 75646
Yay I live in Ontario!! 😀😀😀
Xavier Almeida
Ontario isn't a town? it's a province
Mr. Muffins
all the people are gonna be ready for zombies and great to start a communities with, it may actually be a good thing
Miss Squishy
In Germany they wouldn't kill us they would be here to drink beer with us and we would all run hand in hand.
Suzanne Murphy
NunoMP u r dead
im from Ontario yyyaaaayyy
Uriel Gonzalez
We should all cooperate in Norfolk
Jungkook Seagull
Dangit I live in Malaysia.
Quinn Andrade
Hi, Matpat! I am a Theorist myself, but I have a question... What is the most accurate time that a zombie apocalypse will start? Also, keep up the good work!
Jon Lee
Does anyone remember the name of the episode where he mentioned hypothermia and it's stages
Ethereal Priestess
How bout sealand?
Dillian Comedy
haha everyone that does not live in north america
life lovers
Welp, looks like good ol' Chile is safe for the long run. That's what you bitches get for ignoring us on the map! HA!
Vincent Nigro
Aw I thought the West coast of Australia would be #1
lelan shutt
I live in the middle of Atlanta and NewYork so I'm ded
Ragearmy !
But what if the outbreak ISN'T in Atlanta?
Addicted With A Pen
idk how to feel about this because my gf lives in Ontario
I live in us
Mike Watkins
3 people in my family have died from cancer
LittleMsSims 99
I live in Ontario canada
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