Game Theory: Real Tips for SURVIVING a Zombie Apocalypse (7 Days to Die)

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Zombies are EVERYWHERE -- in movies, in games, on TV. And for as ridiculous as it might seem to be attacked by the walking dead, it's much more science than fiction. Which begs the question, how do you survive the zombie apocalypse? Well, it's all about location, location, location. So where is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD to outlive the attacking zombie hordes? I think I may have found the answer!

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Joanne The Scammer
Shoutout to people who live in MO. We'd be fine for a couple of days 😂
philo farm
december 21th we are planing for a 999 degrees Fahrenheit,fire,death and zombies
Da Mighty Moo_Stache
what do you mean 3 hours without shelter will kill you? ive survived longer than 3 hours without shelter
Cayden O,o
bugs are the freakin' worst. they should ruin most changes of surviving. \:< dumb bugs
Marion Gamer
In plague inc.... I can flood Saudi with a bacteria named Flying Spagetti Monster (I dunno how to spell it kay?)
I would head to a remote island because of these three reasons
1. water (but you'd have to be able to purify it, so bring some water bottles for the time it takes)
2. water different reason (zombies are mindless, so they'll most likely forget how to swim and drown)
3. people (not many people are going to be there, considering most people would be somewhere where they think is "safe")
4. (because 2 were water) food (since people won't be there, I could help myself to some things like berries, and since it's remote the infection won't spread as quickly so I can eat meat for a while)
Also, I have a plan for bugs. First i'd find something they don't like (example, garlic) and eat it if it's edible. Tell me if there is any fatal flaws in my plan, because when I can i'm moving to Fiji.
The Regginator Has Awoken
Ma boy why everyone hate nj?
Alex Jaimes
were fucked 4 million ppl saw this😐
Just Carlospaul
The Death Road to Canada
Kubik Kidz
Oh Dear God

Sans The GeckoAppleBat
i literly thought the seven days to die song at the beginning was an add for dumb ways to die LOL
Guðbjörg María Ívarsdóttir
what about Iceland or the islands around it?
Hammie Li
Ill grow plants, not to eat, but to fight zombies
Clayton Seaton
i live in ontario
THE MOST IRONIC TWIST NO ONE EXPECTED- Some 100,000 people are gonna do the research you did and find the second best place and go there. then third, then fourth, and fifth, so on and so on
3 hours without shelter = death?

Guess I better stop taking extended trips to the park, stay in that sun too long I might drop dead.
Chynna Smith
I love that I live close enough to Ontario :3
NOOB + 7 Days To Dies = Dumb Ways To Die
Eli Holt
just live in kansas then you will most likely survive...
BTW is he forgetting toronto?
i live in NL. #islandsforthewin #wecanstillgrowcrops #therearestillmosquitoesheresomatisfullofcrap
fire cat
What if it started in Canada?
Crow Of the Plage
sweet i live where the best place to survive
Ontario Canada
im lit fam
Zombie Apocalypse Theory: MatPat lied about the best place to get everyone there and it's actually the worst place to be. This way, the actual best place stays with the lowest population density, and he doesn't have to worry about the second best which he actually discovered.

But hey, that's just a theory. Thanks for reading.

P. S. If Mat is reading this for some reason, open up a Zombie Apocalypse survival channel. YouTube today will be the first to buy it.
I'm in Ontario but I can tell you mosquitoes here are no different than in the US :/
Kathleen Broughfman
I think the second best places Michigan cuz come on it's on the Great Lakes and not very many people live there and I kind of live there well my grandma lives there but still I can go
7 days to die aint that good of a game.
1111 1111
I just went on Ontario Census and my town is 14.1 person per square kilometer come to Acton Ontario
1111 1111
I live in Ontario and I feel like I've won
Ace plays Games
When this goes down the theorists should band together!
Karsten Shields
The thing with zombies though is that after some years they would start to decay and the zombies would just be bones
Ultimate Gamer72
thank you by the was for the dumb ways to die joke because NO ONE can grasp the title of it 😂
Dragonmaster 369go
Heeeeey I live in Ontario
you forgot about the amount of people who have guns.
Britt Hendriksen
nooo I live in europe :'(
so if im in the mide¨le of europe im basicaly fucked
AceGamer USA
Well I live in Oklahoma so I'm cool
Stay away from me and my son
Jayden Pearce
no, no, no clearly new Zealand is the best to be. isolated country, some good farmlands and only about 4.5 million people
Donald Trump
Vision Blade Plays
Man Death road to Canada was right
OneGiantLoser - 0528
So surviving the zombie apocalypse is nearly impossible...
yuantdm 2316
pls stop all the gore kids watch this. #stopallgore
These videos Are terrible
Believe it or not Canada is going to die
NG JING RUI student
That starting tho
Zachary Quinones
How may people will I meet there in Canada.
Bro in canada your not safe from mosquitoes trust me they still swarm in canada
Will Hupp
Knew I loved Canada for a reason
Agent Hudson32
damn it now every one knows dibs on any area with flowing water
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