Parents Read Their Daughters' Tinder Messages

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"I hate this."

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louie roberts
I need more of this 😂 was so funny
Sayree Belongia
That one blonde withe blonde mom is so pretty omg
Tripod Fay
Is that dude Ron Jeremy?
0:20 wrong era, dude.
These aren't even the worst messages i've seen
Most of the milfs in this video are wearing chokers
Lea Trummer
who is the mom at 0:02 😵
The man Was funny 😂😂😂
Obstacle Course
None of them are actually that hot people need to chill
wow dude these messages are like omg like if they made a boys version of this and i was on there my mom would've straight up slaughtered me if i had these kind of messages
ClaraKanzler KANZ0001
"that's not funny Khristina"
0:55 that guy is so adorable!
"thats not funny Khristian" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
The one mom looks the same age as her daughter
Sauccyboy _ryan
Was that Ron Jeremy
Rithika Ravi
Im confused..... are these messages that they sent or received
The dad was cool lol
The one girl has a great mustache
Gwendolyn Navarrete
I feel bad for the people on the other end of these. Like I legit wouldn't want my private messages shared to the world.
Lady Wolf
Not trying to be rude but that mother seems so Strict!! 2:17
Jadyn Calhoun
Tristan Prosper
The only one that found I funny was the dad
do bi
i thought they were gonna read the messages the women sent lol oh well
Jesica Guzman
red headed with red lipstick is pretty!
"That's not funny, khristian."
That one dad is my goals for classiness when I become a grandpa
Maxine Tran
"That's not funny Khristian "
"I kn-😂"
Gary Boone
the goth looking girl has the finest mom ever
Jessica Claire
Met my boyfriend of one year (so far) on tinder. It was by complete accident, neither of us were looking for anything special but we spontaneously decided to go for a drive together and we just hit it off so well that we actually started dating after that.
Zaray Rucker
the 2 Blondie's woooww the mom looks young
Jenny Neutron
I love that old guy lmao. 0:55 XD
nobody understands my propain
I want bow tie dad on more videos!
Andy Duarte
Did you guys seriously put subtitles for her accent?
I'm sorry, this should be called "Parents read sexual harassment their daughters have received." This is gross.
Bella x
When the girl laughed and her mum was like "That's not funny" and then she laughed while saying "I know" Like MEE!
ed china
ok,lets see what the parents got up to,the kids will need therapy i bet,plus the guy in the bow tie is a peado,all peados wear shell suits and bow ties
Roma Falck
Hahahaha funny
Beasty boy
0:18 Einstein is alive!!!!
Natasha Ankrom
i love the blonde mom and her accent, the dad and the mom w glasses 😍😂
Nelson Thangjam
The dad was the most chill. But the spectacle wearing mom's reactions were most fun to watch!
Jim Gallagher
I LOVE the chickpea part!
Giovanna Broderick
* giggles* "That's not funny, Khristian" this is so me and my mom I can't deal
Leah Jackman
why the mom look younger then her daughter, if you know what im talking about i know you agreee
Another 10 year old Ethiopian
my sister is in this
My Chemical Obsession
When the mom said "d**k in your mouth" it sounded like Sofia Vergara when she said that exact sentence on Celebs read mean tweets.
that blonde mom is hot as hell
jordan ramji
That blonde mom looks like her sister
EYY_ThaT_GuY - Gold
the two blondes are hot AF but I'd deffinetly bone the mom asap then the daughter
The girl and the mom at the beginning look the same
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