Dolores Rodriguez
The blonde mom and daughter look exactly alike
The British Vlogger
The Dad looks like Einstein he looks more like a grandfather
Zhour Mo
The blond girl mom such a milf
makenna shuter
I thought it was so cute! The dad got all dressed up to go on Buzzfeed 😊
Funky Monkey
the mum at 0.28 looks like she could be dayas mum from orange is the new black in rl life. they literally look the same
Albert Einstein???
Ember Sommer
I didn't know Einstien was in here
Jennyfer De Byser
I don't understand how these girls find this funny at all ...
Zuena Zobayed
"I wont be on tinder"
"for a month"
dramatic face turn
Rachelle Arthur
einstein dad is like super cool
Phan Is Gospel
The young looking blonde mom looks like a sims 3 character
Goliath Music
That lady's dad is the guy from monopoly 🤔
What About sons reading their parents messages kinda like revenge?
Abby ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
i want the parents of the people writing those messages to react to them.
Have parents slides into their kids instagram dms
Kristina Abakirova
1:20 😂😂😂😂😭😭dying she said f u
Steffany Dravis
I do not use Tinder. I use OkCupid, and I actually meet awesome people. Tinder is lame.
catcherd577 ___
Is buzzfeed against humanity?
Young lady niyah be nice
Is rhat kernel Sanders
The dad looks like Wilferd brimley. Google him. god i'm old. lol
0:02 holy moly who is the mother?
s_ r
its that Elbert Einstein
ging hbu
' i want to dip you in ranch and roll you around in bacon bits'
Shane Dawson?
Hannah Brown
Wait what the blondes aren't twin?!?? My mind is blown.
flexyy / conclusion เลอ้อน
The blone girl with the black dress is so pretty
That one mother is so damn hot tho :(
Chandrima Roy Choudhury
wooo.. wait.. my mom would have killed me.. lol..😂 #Indian_Culture does not permit to be discussing sexual stuffs or so with parents.. damn..
ALenezi Fahad
The dude understand 🙂
Anmol Interscope
The blonde mom is really hot
Squatpump. fish.fillet
the older lady read better than everyone
Tira blue
I thought the long blond haired mom was the daughter
That dad tho 😂
The 2 blonde Mom and daughter I couldn't tell which one was the Mom
Katie Sophia
Woooow....I live in the Czech republic and must say that Tinder in Europe isnt about hooking up (in most cases), so this video is kind of surprising/weird to me..
Lightning Farron
honestly these dating apps have their flaws however i met my soulmate <3 and love him to bits!
Gavin Stoodge
Who else thought the girls dad looked like Albert Einstein. Not being mean but he just does.
Rachel Rhodes
Parent: I don't like that at all f u

Me: why is that like my mom
Try using Tinder in certain Asian countries, girl. Higher probability of not getting texts like these.
This is HORRID! I would just want a date!
I thought the title was "Presidents read their daughters tinder profiles"
Emily Jayne
No wonder our society is the way it is, because everyone is a FREAKIN IDIOT.
Helena S
Did you fart?

cuz you just blew me away
Alexandru Ilica
WTF is Tinder ?! :)
I don't know about y'all Americans but my Tinder messages are nothing like that. hahaha
Juan Pareja
Why the hell are you on Tinder if you're upset?
Man, both the blonde mom and daughter are so good looking !!
Kiley Freelove
"that's not funny kristean" "ik" lol that was so funny
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