Lightning Farron
honestly these dating apps have their flaws however i met my soulmate <3 and love him to bits!
Gavin Stoodge
Who else thought the girls dad looked like Albert Einstein. Not being mean but he just does.
Rachel Rhodes
Parent: I don't like that at all f u

Me: why is that like my mom
Try using Tinder in certain Asian countries, girl. Higher probability of not getting texts like these.
This is HORRID! I would just want a date!
I thought the title was "Presidents read their daughters tinder profiles"
Emily Jayne
No wonder our society is the way it is, because everyone is a FREAKIN IDIOT.
Babygirl A
Did you fart?

cuz you just blew me away
Alexandru Ilica
WTF is Tinder ?! :)
Edmarie Kyle BTSGOT7
I don't know about y'all Americans but my Tinder messages are nothing like that. hahaha
Juan Pareja
Why the hell are you on Tinder if you're upset?
Man, both the blonde mom and daughter are so good looking !!
Kiley Freelove
"that's not funny kristean" "ik" lol that was so funny
James Anthony
I'd immediately ground my daughter
Julia Pareja
1:42 made me actually burst out lmao, and i N E V E R ever laugh out loud with videos
music tv
the blond mom are so hot mor than her daughter 😍😍
katera brown
omg the girl with the blonde and pink hair is hot asf wtf .. and the gi
Pizza Queen
its worse then the sons....
Heather Hunt
This is disgusting. I don't know why the girls are laughing, I would be so angry if someone I don't even know was saying this to me.
Philip Johnson
That blond mom tho.
Lauukik Mhatre
lol. 😂😂😂😮 people are pretty decent in India on tinder...
how was the nurse comment even remotely flattering...that sounded more like an insult...and WTF was the covered in black tar thing about XD
Jason Keo28
1:33 wait was that Bucks's comment Text XD
Elisha Cuthbert is a mom??
Bahley Minor
"That's not funny Christina" 😂
Lucky! Damn that girl's father is Einstein
Gibt dir bös
please implement sharia law allready all over the world....
Mat S
the blondes are mother and daughter? WHAT? look like sisters!
Brebre Richy
"i dont like that at all F you "omg 1:20😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Grace Holmes
I thought this was what the daughters said instead of the people on tinder
Ciel Phantomhive
the guy was hilarious
Too Cool Fur School Animals
Are you Mexican? Cause you're my Jaun and only
Isa Efron
1:24 They're so hot and pretty
Nay mulan
the bleach blonde mom look really young
Old man looks like Albert Einstein
Maddies Audio
They made a boys version of this
Read son's tinder: boys are immature
Read daughter's tinder: 101 ways to harass women
I wish this video was around years ago so when my friends kept asking why I refused to get/use apps like and use social media like this, I could just show them this video and be like "This!! This is why!!"
Zarfany A.H. Mika
i like the daughter and father moments, no censored words..
0:01 Me: Oh dang it,I accidentaly pressed the 'Sister Reacts to Sister's Tinder Page'
Jazzy Giles
i thought the two fake blondes were sisters
Mason Smith
That girls dad looks like Albert Einstien
Agatha jay
Why was this the opposite of what the guys got? Why didn't the son's get to read the messages they receive.
Rosalind Pearl
LIVING for that Dad
Hampus Bergström
The awkward moment when that one girls mother is hotter than her
Horn Hair
The blonde without hair dye looks like Betty copper from riverdale.
M16 OO7
wheres the twetterlol
M16 OO7
hi lets smoke
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