I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed For The First Time

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Brows on fleek.

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Angelina’s Insatgram
Angelina’s Insatgram
Angelina’s Insatgram
Angelina’s Insatgram
Angelina’s Insatgram
Angelina’s Insatgram

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Microblading by Angelina Mancinas
IG: @angelinamancinas 
Twitter: @angiecorrine

think they were way too thick
wowww... 600-1000 dollars??? In Spain we do it for 150-200€ (180-230 $)
Emma Mae Gridley
The girl who was telling us about them is proof that "they are sisters not twins"
Emmy Smite
That looks awful. The criss crossing is so unattractive.
Mishaal zafar
it looks like someone drew them on
Jess Bluberia
j'aime pas,elle aurait du les epiler avant
Courtney Cow
People are so vicious about eyebrows these days. Holy crud. No tool or makeup have touched my brows. I like a more natural look, probably because 90% of makeup people on Insta alter themselves so much. I know some people, like Freddie shown, have valid eyebrow insecurities, but most people really don't need much changed. Beauty trends are gross man.
Maximo Wood
Aloha female you can get some really good free makeup at sites.google.com/site/336e96dae4
to be honest, Audrey Glass is better with this stuff... I think her eyebrows are too thick.
tey harper
i wish i had the money to do this ugh. instead i will remain poor and eyebrowless
Ella Septiplier
They look so bad x.x
FuentesLand TM
ive seen better but oh well.
Юля Тен
She should have given up the idea as soon as she saw the Master`s eyebrows...
MissClassyCutie MSP
oh god they were so bushy and thick! did not look natrual at all,
Fiona McLellan
I wouldn't let that lady touch my brows....
Emma Ann
They honestly look so good after they've healed
drowning .
the blood i saw when the woman was microblading made me cringe
Zesty Mafia
eyebrows look awful
Alexandra Colon
Ummmm... 1:22 makeup tho🤢
Janice Pandian
omg it started bleeding
Madison Thorne
they so natural after they healed !!
Rosa Christine
honestly this video made me change my mind about getting my eyebrows done. They actually looked really unnatural! Idk if the brow artist just did the wrong color or made them too thick but ....
this technician isn't the best... i've seen way better.
When she got up I didn't like them, but after two weeks they looked so good! I want to try this procedure as well
Clary Kim
Antonija Ereiz
This is...terrible.
lady: so they're not gonna be this bold
Freddie: okay!
later, when the brows were done
they look even bolder and boxier.
Rita Vark
So how often is this done? Or is this once in a lifetime thing?
Abriya Surles
That women didn't do it as good as others that I saw.
Safiya doesn't work there anymore... is it an old video maybe?
mavi kelebek
Sanjay Ratnan
girl.... dem brows look green.
Rian Richie
I've never gotten my eyebrows done and I would say that they're pretty great...same with my sister
Arianna Silva
The problem is that it looks fake. When people don't curve the beginning of their eyebrow and leave it boxy it is obviously fake. If you like boxy then you like boxy but I know most people want natural and that's not natural looking.
Christina Johnson
Wait why the heck is Saf there Did she come crawling I MEAN back to Buzzfeed
Ysabelle Aguilar
Oh god when her eyebrows where bleeding I was like...?-?
Annelese Grindley
I'm sorry, but I can't get over the fact that the "specialist" has janky eyebrows.
Ariel Sullivan
They arnt like good. Compared to other examples of this. They sent that good. They're really thick and bushy and not precise. But it's fine they're her brows so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Kasey Chong
Daysha needs this.
Maya Horsnell
You look so gorgeous I love them so much
Caroline Sander
I probably wouldn't get this because what if the "eyebrow trend" changes in a few months....ur screwed basically
Michaela Hooks
I don't like them
The Clearest
Those look terrible
Aiya Zaya
Before was so much better
Amy Johnson
Oh no.... The lady doing the eyebrows eyebrows 😳
Omg she completely messed her up!
Never let anyone with bad eyebrows give you eyebrow advice.That microblading lady has hideous eyebrows!
Samantha Sherman
but that makeup artist's brows are super uneven...
IstartedBawling WhenIwasyoung
The person doing the eyebrow's eyebrows 🤢
Aggie Carillo
Freddie your so preety
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