I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed For The First Time

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Brows on fleek.

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Angelina’s Insatgram
Angelina’s Insatgram
Angelina’s Insatgram
Angelina’s Insatgram
Angelina’s Insatgram
Angelina’s Insatgram

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Microblading by Angelina Mancinas
IG: @angelinamancinas 
Twitter: @angiecorrine

Christina Sedlack
hi there. I love your videos, boldly, but I am partially deaf and have a difficult time hearing most things. could you maybe put a caption option? I'm so sorry if I missed it. thanks so much!
I love the way her brows look, BUT my worry is what do you do when thinner brows come back in style?
Carol Justus
lowkeu,she looks bad..she looked without it
Janice Pandian
um.... when the technicians brows are way off and you are there as a client ..just like..shitting yourself
Willow Cunningham
I wonder if they could do ombre purple... hmm
When I watched this a month ago, it planted the idea to get this done because I have Trichotillomania on my brows. I ended up doing it a couple weeks ago, it has given me confidence and bettered my quality of life
Pink 00ze
botox much?
jaikay ebun
the tatooists brows are a sign of what the future would look like. faces change over the years and tatoos change along the way. then you have to keep going back to fix it and then end up looking like our tatooist's brows or worse. Remember all the rage about silicone boob enhancement and lip injections. now its butt enhancement and brow enhancement. For your sake, love yourselves the way you are people. she was beautiful before.
Angelica Valencia
i just got to say why would you trust someone to do your eyebrows if HER eyebrows looks horrible!!
cuban barbiie
trinity griffin
She was bleeding like who would want fake eyebrows use makeup
Ana Medina
I would not trust someone who can't do their own eyebrows to do mine omg
Madinah Hasan
Saf did not like them at all, why are you lying
Alyssa Rose
The only thing concerning me was that the woman doing Freddie's eyebrows had eyebrows that were two completely different shapes...I do not trust her
Karla Saucedo
Honestly wouldn't go to someone who's everybrows are uneven
Promise Smithee
I'm tired of seeing girls with eyebrows that are an inch thick. unless it's naturally full it never looks right
Promise Smithee
they did a bad job. horrible. it's short, thick and obvious
My grandpa just got into a really bad accident. I don't want likes, I want prayers. Can someone please pray that's he's okay? Thank you
fab cat07
the lady doing the microblading, her eyebrows were very, to put it in a nice way , strange. if some one had eyebrows looking like that I would not trust them to do mine
Grace Hedge
Why is it green at the end of the video?
Ki Ko
Totally off topic, but that lipstick suits Freddie SO GOOD!
Tiana Kee
shes better off tweezing the sparse pieces and filling in with a pencil save you 600$ lmao
Her eye brows are soooo uneven😕😕
Sana Al
the healed brows are really green
Sana Al
they look too shiny, like the skin is shining from underneath the brow
Sana Al
the left one is darker than than the right one
Marki Swigert
Oh my Lord... the upward intonation of her voice... I guess that's how all LA people talk.
Salome Busurashvili
Jogailė nesvarbu
those eyebrows were sooo thick!
Rocio Lopez
"its a new thing called microblading" so basically tattooing your eyebrows lol
Catalina Espinoza
what's the cost?
Makayla Duncan
Why were the ladies eye brows so crooked, lol one was like trying to fly off of her face
Sofia Alexandra
her eyebrows now idk why but it makes her look more adult. more mature. they look great!!
Why does it cost so much? An actual permanent tattoo that size doesn't even cost that much.
I'm not getting my eyebrows done by somebody with those eyebrows!!!
Hannah Taryn
5:14 wow she over-drew her lips...and it does not look good...lol sorry freddie
Kieran Williams
Oh that's what happened to Freddie's eyebrows.... 🤔
Ayla Corr
Why is the lady with the hats face botched
Hello Jello
Why is one of the lady's brows like a cartoon and the other straight across?
Beverley Richardson
It does look unnatural, and some people wouldn't be able to pull it off, but she looks so amazing wow
Vanessa Lo
does microblade damage eyebrow hairs?
Typer Steen
That sounds so scary to me...
FruFru66 Msp
After healing she had green brows.... NEW TREND.
Rebecca Blue
I think I saw blood .... 3:25 o_o
Angel Campbell
I don't like them but as long as she does that's what counts
I would never go to her, her eyebrows aren't even. They didn't do proper measurements, just, no
Shay Alsaid
Looks terrible
Rin Fishket
i think your natural brows were absolutely adorable, but if they make u happy thats good lol. i would personally never get that done
Josie Sprigle
One eyebrow is a shade darker then the other.
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