pamela bledsoe
Also Spartan strength is upgraded
Gaming According to Peter
Nothing is bulletproof if you shoot it long enough.
Bri Arts
i already have love so... money?
Meionkca Brown
Jerico Joen
Matt Williams
Is Halo's slip space possible and how dose it work
Jacques Keckle-Berry
I wanna spank master chief
Larry Miner
hey who do you think armors better Master Chief's or doom
Zack Kellar
Why does he gloss over the fact that the spartans fist would weight like a 100 pounds and therefore have much more force then a normal fist.
William Berryhill
don't seem to mention that that only john-117 gets an actual ai. the others are a thought fed computer.
loomanarty tgwgshehr
Still its like a few hundred years in the future,they had to have advanced technology by then right?In the land of plasma canons that melt huge portions of world enough to make them uninhabitable they must be able to make nano technology like we have TODAY right,maybe even better.i might be wrong im not the best in science but hopefully i have some stability hopefully MatPat sees this
Maybe it's because the other people meleeing you are also wearing the suit
Speedy #1
nathan broyles
Alexander Su
More weirdness from the books: the neck seal is REALLY awkward, since it's apparently super easy to pop from little Flood infection forms (I think in the Dietz book The Flood). Unfortunate design, particularly when you end up fighting an alien parasite that likes to tunnel into your central nervous system.
Dominic Gintoli
yuovf Clark
matpat, you need to rewrite your theory, you missed other things about the Spartan armor and the odst armor as well as what happened and the people.
Hey matpat (insert middle finger here) kys.
I want that suit!
RagedArmy 2217
Maybe because Spartans are really,really strong
why must it freeze at 11:55
You need to invite an expert in vehicle armor as well when you're talking about power armor!

Couple of thoughts: 1,000 lbs. concentrated on an area as small as boots would probably lead to you sinking into the ground depending on what you step on. Don't think even a SPARTAN should be able to survive those ridiculously high falls, seeing as how armor isn't going to stop your brain from smashing into the inside of your skull when you hit the ground. Melee attacks from other SPARTANs would concentrate all that force into a small area of the suit, rather than spreading it through the whole thing. The lack of neck protection is a serious problem; fragments, spalling, and deflected projectiles from the chestplate would bounce right into the neck/chin area.
Warlord Imperius
You seem like you're on crack, tone it down a little. Overdoing it for sure.
logan linder
hi matpat
Actually that would be the 26th century
hi howru
dat cringe intro
ENK 64
7:10 Mini freakout.
Bungyao Dayao
how to greet master cheif the right way
you:halo sir
master cheif :now thats what i LIKE
"Stop getting t-bagged all the time!!" 😂😂
Joooshua Animations
Power Max Gaming And Toy Reveiws
I have never actually played halo but watching the video makes it seems to me as though the reason why the punches are so devastating has more to do with the fact that they are being delivered by a 1000 lb super human exoskeleton. It's not like the people in the suits are being killed by punches from ordinary humans. I don't see what would be so special about a punch. If they were ordinary punches, then the reasoning presented in the video would suggest that people in the suit should be killed just as well by shots from any powerful gun, which can deliver more impact than a punch when they hit a surface that they cannot penetrate (the armor), and that goes double for the impact caused by falling out of the friggin sky.
The reason why you are killed by 2 melees is because with a melee your suit collapses
Nori Butler
when the suit get hit it powers down crushing the person inside
Remember that halo anime, halo legends, no, oh ok.
reason their faster and strong is totally cause of glados's speed gel and jump gel ; 3
Surly you could just use an EMP?
Noel 117 Mendez
When i heard "unfrigginbelievable" i thought i had a phone message xD
Reckless Durp
For all kids groin=penis
jim hartford
Like that new intro
Looking In With Victor B
Best one done
Rick Dixon
As an ex boxer i can tell you that potential force is a matter of weight and form of which the punch is thrown, its why boxers are categorized by weight, as a heavy weight can have much more power generated cause of his weight getting thrown into the punch, not just his arms weight but his entire body weight. Mike tyson has near perfect form and only weighed 207, but knocked out men in one good punch , Master Chief has good form swinging his weight, his body is on next level, but combined with 1000+ lbs that power must of been enormous enough to break concrete, they said the neck was a kevlar, its bullet resistance is good but its blunt resistance isnt great at all especially to a man that can break concrete easily. Not just the nueral pathways are broke, the entire neck is severed.
David Towery
One crucial fact. Johns armor wasn’t bullet proof. It was resistant. The electro shield that deflectedbullets.
I choose love
dolphingang Jensen
Daniel the werewolf pup
It said at lightspeed motion so the suit is doing the killing at lightspeed but the helmet is like a TV were you can speed it up and slow it down so killing at light speed is something in halo but this is a theory of mine
Shayne Dunn
Spartan armor has a lock up system made for falling. It can be activated for a fall, but it takes the armor time to unlock. Effective for low orbit falling, but not fighting. The actually bulletproofness of the armor comes from the shield tech stolen from the Covenant. Once the shield is gone, a couple rounds from any weapon still kills. This shield tech is rated for bullets, small impact zones, a punch will overload it and leave raw armor. In Spartan vs Spartan combat, you're getting punched by someone strong enough to flip a tank, doesn't matter if the armor could crush you, you're still getting punched pretty hard, and without the possibility of locking up that armor, the body still sustains trauma directly from that punch. The armor was never made to be strong in a fight because Spartans were never made to fight the Covenant. They were made to be stronger and faster than regular humans. They were made to be sent into encampments and kill everyone before they knew what happened. It's a body augmentation, not a tank.
Leeroy Mpumelelo
One Punchman
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