Giant Gummy Gators - Giant Gummy Worm VS Gross Real Food Candy Challenge! - Kids React!

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Hi friends:)
Were are back with the real food vs gummy food candy challenge and this time Makenzie has come to the restaurant to try out some dishes lol,my mum and dad are the chefs today GROSS but so much fun:)

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carmen rodriguez luna
todidu putas
Oliver Robertson
Yeah I'm Oliver and you are my favourite so make a school at your house
Sawanas Danica Jersey
Даша Милаша
Toys AndMe
Gaby Ella
why dont you like bugers
Bia Costa
Lauren Kreativ
Sorry but those worms are not real they are just spaghetti noodles with chocolate sear-up on top
DudePurrfect's Kitty
YUR dad broke your camera.
Emïlse Valentina duarte
la niña negra no a probado el gusano gigante de gelatina like si lo notaste 👍👍
Fayez Clash
Mckinzie very cute
Lion girl21
I'm 4 years old
Denetra Brown
How old are u tiania
احمد هاني هاني فجر
Jasmine Sonnenberg
Ugh some are so gross I can vomit
Craig Sims
I wish I could be there with you guys ☹️🙁😕
Jeanette Gee
is McKenzie your cousin
Brother 3lut
I love it
Joao Rocha
Hope your health insurance has a nice dental coverage. Xoxo
Nicole Lambert
Are they even in the kitchen?????
Nicholia Swaby
what happen to the the little boy
Helen Elizabeth
The white girl is a wimp
Gomez Sanchez
i like gummys but it is so good
bredislife 23
$$$ devin
Amne Drabki
انا عربي من الجزاير
GoodGaming Gamer
Hi if your interested in horses , please go follow sootyandsmartie troycaandwallie
Cyrille flamme
Bonjour je😇€
gerald mueller
ziv j
Please do a video on your gymnastics scils but with Isla and Summer.
Grace Daugaard-Hansen
Love you so much and always remember to smile and giggle love yah dab time😎😍🐶🙈
Soumia Bouita
ses supérieurs
Julie Bloggs
she needs some milk!!!
ธรรชนก เชิดไชย
Aurelia Keyla Julian Putri Edward
Demaalbardawel Al Bardawel
the worm dish is not reall worms it's a macaroni with dark chocolate
Whitney Weir
with big lips Tiana looks like Miranda
Mohammed Raji
Sara have no friends
1 like =1 friend

How do u not like bacon 😕
حياتي عذاب
حياتي عذاب
BunnyJumpqauts 62
Your videos are sooooo cute
Vlogging with Madi and nick
The little boys voice is so cute😭
Sunny Nahar
hi bad baby
Camryn S.
I like this show 🦄🦋🐚🐳🐬🐶
NateDereee .
Tiana Really Did need milk, SHE NEEDS SOME MILK! 😂
rohi rico
tiana grenn cicaw v
Josefina Javiera Zuñiga Soto
why don't you have a real food vs gummy food with Jordan
Kathalina González Delgadillo
como le la a los niños pica pica , Ají o chile
Tiyetta Daughter of a King
you are the best😄😇😨😍😪😘😭🙋🙌
Leslie Canales
Tiana is funny she screams
joy liu
i really want to take a big bite out of there gummys. there taking little ant bites
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