Giant Gummy Gators - Giant Gummy Worm VS Gross Real Food Candy Challenge! - Kids React!

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Hi friends:)
Were are back with the real food vs gummy food candy challenge and this time Makenzie has come to the restaurant to try out some dishes lol,my mum and dad are the chefs today GROSS but so much fun:)

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Karmyn Carter
Tiana how did what will you ever do a painting video on Halloween you do that baby at🤑🤑🤑😘😘😘😘😘😎😎😎😎😎
bunny chan
shewana vann
how do you make the gummy food? to be honest and curious.
Omarion Martir
Hahahahahahah gummy vs real
นันท์นภัส ธรรมวิชัย
Leighton Twigg
Hes not poor he gets all the good ones
Keith Bedeau
Makenzi is so cute
Nyla Ben
Love you tiana
Jacqueline Nesbitt
Agnieszka Kus
Pablo Soto B.
Tatiana Garcia
I loveyoutiana
Remus vlog,s YHB game vlog
Kedibone Makgalo
Nxoooo i love McKenzie he is so cute and tiana i love you all💖 like if you like🙆
Cheddad Mouad
Shreya Gurung
I miss you tina I am from nepal tina
Anita Kishor
Name ur channel as cavities and me
Eliron Ben yosef
I love cookies
Unique Castro
I'm sorry but the boys name is a girls name
SinKhung Channel
SinKhung Channel
vladimir avila
sumarti sumsum
the eg
Pham Tua
Andre van der Merwe
Cedric Spain
Cedric Spain
I don't think you should get a gummy girl chance to gummy bears
Stephen Thorn
Por bot
مجيد نفيدي
Seyed Bahrololoumi
Vcb n n.
سحر الدروبي
الي يتابع هاذي القناه و هوا عربي لايك
Marcelinha Estrela
large mouth
I watched all your videos and you are so cute
Luniva Shrestha
Love you tiana
Raquel Silva
Donica Bryan
Julie Mills
Can o have at least 20 likes because both of my dogs died and my cat if your nice enghe
Gimena Presidente
Sos de fea y encima no hablas en español
Leonelis Ramirez
Like si hablas español
The games kings 33
Ashley Vargas
Wow so cool
Tilly and toys
Blue Tiger
You videos very good
Phyllis Taylor
I love you so much
Nikola Ring
jesteś naj gorsza bo nawet kanapki nie zjesz
gupia ty
hacker late master latic
U should make a new intro
angel sexy
กน่แยาาดจ่ด รดน่ดต่เย
neem tamang
neem tamang
Hydrjiojoh br
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