Marion Kelly Lollipop steal the scene BBC Dad Robert Kelly Family press conference

BBC Dad Robert Kellyproffessor robert kellypress conferenceMarion Kelly

Cute Alert Daughter and Lollipop steal the scene BBC Dad Robert Kelly Family  press conference

cant sheeples see how fake those freaks in the video are,,so much evil going
on there that you want belive,,those kids are under mk ultra mind
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onj tv is not human...all news readers are transgenders and clones some
are even organic robotoids and androids,,some are mk ultra mind controll
slaves and sex slaves,,or just puppets to give you garbage,,they have
no soul,,some of them are witches and wizzards..and some are demons in
disguise..and they love fooling the sheeple slaves with tv entertainment
that can look cute ,,but is really satanic and very evil for those with
eyes to see and who has woken up !! dyslexic ... illuminati ..dyslexic
francisco canales
esa niña hasta podria llegar hacer la primera ministra de corea del sur si ud la educa en politicael coeficiente intelectual de su niña muy por arriba de lo normal,ella a ud ya le dio clases publicidad.
is it really necessary to have a press con. on this? poor parents and kids!
Amazingly cute n awesome family
Thx for uploading the full version (: i can hardly take my eyes off of that adorable little girl XDDD
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