breê -
her voice <3
Darius Lumpkin
That band is so NASTY! I love live music!! And of course, Bebe sounded great!!!
Samanta Herrera
surbakti herisurbakti01
Jacob Ringer
she always looks cracked out
Stupid J39
Is it just me realizing that there's so cute together
Alexis Diosdado
Body goals 👌
Dominic Pollard
She sings so good
anthony verdun
her body ain't not joke
Shashwat Prasad
Who else is here just for Martin Garrix?
Dwy Maya
i think kylie jenner copy her, that curve and beautiful she has naturally
TYG Vlogger
Sorry, guy can you watch Darren Espanto?Is more better.
Wesley 0202
Is it my impression or they changed one note less on the song?
Gonzalo Cueva
wooow q curves...Jlo...jee
Baby girl thicccc as hell
Pudel Blume
Her voice sounds sooo amazing
ashley mclaughlin
one word, WOW
Matthew Reyes
That Body Curve tho !!!!
ardijan kovaci
Proud to be 🇦🇱
Vianey Reyes
que bonito
Her voice is so unique
Leonardo rm
curti aí brasil
Leonardo rm
cade os br
Deanna Lee
Damnnn her live singing improved good job girl ❤️
This is live? holy shit
Arthur Johanson
What a nice curved body, WOW that's a look of the most beautiful girl on the planet. Albanian girls are the prettiest in the whole Universe.Bebe,Bebe, be my babe....
salija lorija saldīte
her both fat ass
Shemira Jones
She looks like Alexa Bliss from WWE
tiberio rodrigues
linda músicas linda bebe rexha sou fã
Bess Krasniqi
amazing song pls Check my cover
nancy patiño patiño
you super cute!
nancy patiño patiño
I am love
Daaam soo many potential in the crowd, get them rufies and get to work!
Jissel Cruz
I love her voice💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
AZUL SIXX marshmello
Rihanna Navy
bebe has a plastic ass like Kardashians 😷👎👎👎
Cynthia çoopon
so jealous of her body!!!! no matter how hard I try I'm just a toothpick
Why does Martin always have the gorgeous chicks?
Did they change the key of the song for this performance ?
Bhavna Pais
It's no fun without that tuff and beautiful high pitch
Kiran Gill
She looks like an Angel!!!
Benjamin Beytekin
Much of potential in her voice! Upcoming great star! Upcoming...? Ups, ok, sorry! She's!!!
Kharin Octavian
omg your voice is awesome💕💞💞
Mariam Chevez
Minuto 3:03 al 3:05 😒😒 y esa que??😒😒😤😠
hola 👋 Mis amigos y amigas
Dark Abyss
Can she walk in that dress?
Shakeyes Shook
She looks a lot like Salma Hayek
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