Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha - In The Name of Love Live | New Years Eve 2017

martin garrixbebe rexhain the name of lovelive

egriselda maloku
who thinks her and Martin garrix should date ?? like = they will
sub = you will fine your true love❤❤🛇❤✔
eSK.Fanatics.Yellow [eSKLUSIVE Fanatics
sorry but her right boob is bigger than the left one 😅
Annmarie Readman
She's beautiful and talented awsome voice love this song and Martin what a man x
Kesara Kerdchuang
nina ledragon
She looks like a mermaid omg
Bebe doesnt looks good in this dress XD its dont fit to her
avis salmo
How do girls walk in those types of dresses and high heels! It looks very difficult I give props
2:19 ahhhh that voice :OOOO
Misses Queen
Omg i Like this song😘😘😘😘💖💋
Amina Bee
I love her😘
Rahmat Rahardi
lol he is a DJ not a guitarist
Zawwar Mughal
3:02 martin didnt give a fuck!!!!
Roz Alcon
l Love you Bebe
prakash bhamre
Mr Albo
damn she sounds good live
pulkit k
Great song
Ross Lynch
away from their awesomeness , does this booty belong to the same upper body ?
Fabio Augusto
Crowd is amazing
Peyten Scott
she looks so pretty I want to go to a concert to see her she is my favorite singer ever😮😮😮😮😇😇😇😇😇😘
syafiiuchiha Hatake
David Medina
Wall Yoof
Bebe sit on my face. She's so hot
Kaija Pipe
I love her dress
Kaija Pipe
Fleur Priem
Aisha Argolo
Falando sério, cadê os br?
Space Cowgirl
She thicc 👅
Brianna Janas
Bebe is sooo pretty😍😍😍
Arsa Efendija
I loveeeeee
Roblox Linen
in the music vid i think she is Red Hiding Hood
alberto gomez
Q le paso la gyal se le puso y el nada jajaja
Jessica Foley
Wow, I watched other videos of her live and they did not live up to her talent, for a minute I thought that her voice was weak but she had a strong & beautiful voice
Karla B
Heee is so damn cute
Saddam Hussain Shah
i have crush on her ass😂
Ahmed Kamal
wtf her voice is horrible in live shows
Ormonty Thornton
are they a couple
Sebastian Bartolo
Bebe rexha is so hot !!
she's pretty
Nicolas Souza
te amo
farikha ramadhayanti
OMG ! it's such a good performance
Ms. Kadesia
i love her and her voice!!😍😍
Julio Cabrera
i dont usually like white girls cause they too sour when it come to spicy life but damn this one right here the one dr said i could have lol love bebe 😂😉
gary ware
Only For Watching Vids
why is no one else singing I thought it was 2 people suppose to sing
i finally read the lyrics properly. there's so much imagery. its sad and wonderful
Banegr Man
Does anybody know which shirt or Jacket Martin is wearing?
Vlared Li
Bebe is lowkey thick
Herrera Elliam
I love her
Karen Medina
I take that back luna
Karen Medina
time laced your super true
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