Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha - In The Name of Love Live | New Years Eve 2017

martin garrixbebe rexhain the name of lovelive

Ivan Santos
so eu acho a bebe gostosa?
dulce karol
al principio creí que era playback
wow the audience looks so fake.
Lee Beal
Thick ass fuck oh my God 😍😍😍😍😍😍
SamPook 207
sem nome
De um lado um mito, do outro é só a Rexha!!
Jairo Arriaga Cervantes
Minuto 3.01 cógeme martin garrix
Tej Dalwadi
love her
sr pesadelo
kd os br
Angela Ricciardi
Garianav Iraheta Villalobos
Missing you🖤✨
Polar Express 7
shes so beautiful
Polar Express 7
DJ playing guittar?! wow nice
Alexandra Hernandez
yo solo quiero ver a Martín Garrix y casi nunca lo pasan a el 😭😭😭💔
José Manuel Prosperto
She sounds absolutely amazing in this live performance! Great Bebe!
The top half of her is perfect, but that azz!!
Baltazar Martinez
Haha Martin garrix is so cute, the way he shyly enters the stage 😂
chloe sala
Her hips though
LaTreace Wheeler
June 2017?
LaTreace Wheeler
2017 anybody?
TeSi Son
She thic but the good kind of thic #bodygoals #Rexhars
Fajr Hatim
I love you
My Bird And I
That butt is photoshopped fake!!!
Usama Tube
OMG i didn't know it his ass is so fat
Lucky Girl
Ok I thought it was all computerized but omg was wrong! It's soooo damn good
Jenna Mattson
JESUS CHRIST she absolutely perfect
why you cappin' so hard?
Dreadnought Graphics
So sad that many famous singer who don't have stunning vocals as her are more popular such a shame... She truly deserved to be on top... Luv ya! so so much bebe Rexha!!! xxxxx
sam goetmaekers
Alma Trewartha
Ya pasaron 6 meses y no superó esto
breê -
her voice <3
Darius Lumpkin
That band is so NASTY! I love live music!! And of course, Bebe sounded great!!!
Samanta Herrera
surbakti herisurbakti01
Jacob Ringer
she always looks cracked out
Stupid J39
Is it just me realizing that there's so cute together
Alexis Diosdado
Body goals 👌
Dominic Pollard
She sings so good
anthony verdun
her body ain't not joke
Shashwat Prasad
Who else is here just for Martin Garrix?
Dwy Maya
i think kylie jenner copy her, that curve and beautiful she has naturally
TYG Vlogger
Sorry, guy can you watch Darren Espanto?Is more better.
Wesley 0202
Is it my impression or they changed one note less on the song?
Gonzalo Cueva
wooow q curves...Jlo...jee
Baby girl thicccc as hell
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