Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha - In The Name of Love Live | New Years Eve 2017

martin garrixbebe rexhain the name of lovelive

Daniela Meneses
my favorite
Leandro Campos
alok is top DJ off the world
megi megg
Bebe looks gorgeous
Joel Parmmar
both r looking and singing sexy
Claudia Reyes
Her guitarist is hella cute. ❤️
Zat Anime
Bebe Rexha is that type of girl who looks more and more beautiful every time you look at her
Shanika Hayward
I love Bebe
Muntaha Shaikh
Rosilda Leyva
it's weard how the say lOva.
Mazvita Dzapasi
I was really hoping the would make out like Megan and Charlie did
Mazvita Dzapasi
Who else suddenly ships Martin and Bebe based on this video
Yazmin Ayelen Reyes
los amos a los dos como cantan los quiero de Argentina
coni perez
sonaba horrible
Flor de Lis
am i the only who thinks she sounds like ellie goulding?
Rebeca Porfirio
Algum br aki
When 90 percent of the comments are about Bebe's big thighs, in a good way though ahah!
Khodor Gaz
bebe rexha has something stuck in her mouth so she speeks through its nose
Mr. Duckface
I just thought to myself... Damn she looks like that Eve from Wall-e with that butt.
Nafiz Uddin
her butt iss soooo bigggggggg
Matheus Gamer
cindy miliani
her voice her body her hair. slaayyyyyyy bebe!! 😍
Omar Ok
0:29 to 0:39 taught it was a forest at her back
Montunrayo Gibson
I love her dress
Martin Garrix X Bebe Rexha ♡♡♡♡
The Web Designer
Martin's magic.. That guitar 2:06
90's Baby 80's Baby Heart
BeBe has always sang beautifully. She was always beautiful ...
dennis 1120
subs me
Sparkle Girl
Chloe Cardenas Ortega
me parece o bebé recarga está gordita??
anonimo olo
por que un comentario en español es chido👌👌
Donald Trump
She sings beautiful!
Florges709 Palma
Why Does That Dress Look Tight As Hell Like Every Time She Sings This Song She Dances To It And The Dress Looks Like It Is Blocking Her To Do That And She Is Hiding Her Anger During The Whole Performance
hardcore Games X
alguém BR?
Kathy King
I love you bebe
Landy Morquecho
I love your sing.😍
Sabi Zehra
I just came here for martin 😘😘😘😘😘
Sophia Kang
1:27 looks like iiisuperwoman
Camila Vazquez
i dont like her body but she has a good voice . she is pretty
Ayushi Rawat
ok martin garrix is rlly something
demasiado auto-tune
rahsheda moss
She look like a whole snack LOL
thesmashclash 2.0
que hermosa
Thuốc Lắc Tivi
0% alcool
0% drugs
0% dancing girls
100% talen
ale T
shes beautiful with a unique voice obssesed with this song so glad to be hearing it in the radio again!
Quem planta maconha colhe cana.
João César
Martin Garrix playing the guitar confirms that a dj behind the dj table is just a scenario
Yaman Malla
she got big butty
ace strike
those who think her ass is original are the one who think rich piana is steroid free...
Matthias Lee
I prefer the lower key version
Jasmine Hawker
I'd one hundred percent go gay for someone like Bebe, I swear
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