Real Madrid vs Sevilla 4-1 - All Goals & Extended Highlights - La Liga 14/05/2017 HD

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La Liga Santander, Season 2016-17.
High Definition.

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Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 400th goal for Real Madrid to help his side beat Sevilla 4-1 and move within four points of the La Liga title.
Enjoy this moment!
soccer life
nice video................... :)
Shikhar Dahal
I'm a Real Madrid fan but the first goal is absolute robbery
the first goal did not count
Yannick Ndjike Fotso
Liga+ UCL+ Ronaldo goal in UCL final => Ronaldo 5th ballon d'or
Olivier Zamble
tres belle performence de cr7 chapeau
on i va pour le 5 ieme ballon d or
Ricardo Cunanan
nice 1st goal ref said was a freekick lmao
leo uchuya
vamos madril
Andrew Sigthorsson
Jovetic loves to score against Real Madrdi 3 games 3 goals
Ayoub Iva
that 1st gol is allowed? eventhough i am madrid fan but i think that 1st isn't good. the enemy team still argued with the referee and asensio still on the ground too even referee still didn't blow the whistle yet. just imagined if somthing like this would happen to madrid i will go rage for sure
David Tudor/Wehr
Ronaldo 5 star weak foot
mikeltoner54 HD
vivaaaaaaa ronaldo
On the Pitch
Why didn't Bale, Modric, or Benzema not start?
Random Guy
Oh wow!What a crisp finish by Nacho!

Ok i'll leave...
Josue Vicente
Primeiro gol foi roubado, juiz fdp
Marko Šuša
that 1st goal thou, kill referee
တိုက္ စစ္
Man that goal from Nacho was lame, 0 respect for his opponent
Brooke Desnaty
Ronaldo it's legend!
Shaheen Alvi
Barca is nothing but a small part of real's history ...we respect messi n barca just for the sake of football from all madristas ...our blood is white n we know we r the best club in the world..HALAMADRID!!!!!!! Ronaldo is the best in todays days..
Eric Catalin
#HalaMadrid ❤
#Ronaldo ❤
fifa gruff
sub to fifa gruff
Sammy Gwin
That 1st goal was just dirty
Sammy Gwin
Ahahahaha Look at the referee 7:03
Ernest Ly
Beautiful Ronaldo goal... just enjoy it!
surffrere kesner
juve i need
Ivan Raketits
Celta will win it for Barca!
first goal ist the MAGIC😂😂
Idrees Sajid
Ronaldo is hated by his own teammates. He is calling his teammates to come and celebrate with him 😂
Řoyally Bäddđ
the keeper didn't even bother to move😂😂
Melk stubstich
Nacho! What a smart boy! Lmao
Win Oo
los HDP del R madrid no saben q es el fariplay
Roman Bellic
If Barcelona and Real is draw at points who will win La Liga?
Matews Cardoso
Hala madrid♔
MoMo avb
Alika Adriananda
Kiril Anastasov
WOW "First goal is fantastic"
Djordje Milutinovic
8:05 Serbian coment
Shaykha Aman
That score of Toni Kroos was amazing
Shaykha Aman
Navas 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
Shaykha Aman
Naval 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Shaykha Aman
Nacho and Ronaldo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ducasse Studio™
Ronaldo is glorious and rly talented football player but... never was a deft athlete (2:13) xD
Ahsinam Stha
whats the refree doing
cheat goal.
Noti Mundo
jovetich crack like
Sanket Waghmare
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I'm sure you'll like it.
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