Miriam Osorio
I like all of them
Playing with unicorn girl
Jesus Vasquez
kaloerov gippokrat
ASK KEN and i think that the 3rd and 4rt its like my fav so far 😘love you barbie !
Firdaus Belal
The 4th one was glam you should wear that for prom
Brooklyn Holder
Number four
Kathi Ida
Sassie Dallas
Lowkey. Suzzy
GLOW seriously Barbie you SLAY QUEEN!!!
Jeniilee Jarmilo
glow one i love that one
Nanci Reed
Gianna .F
Mallory The gymnast
Number 3
Katelyn Rousseau
1 or 3
I like #1 the ranebow dress
Cathy Price
Brian Kulbaba
Or white
Brian Kulbaba
Rainbow 🌈 one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jelly Bean
can u make makeup challenge with childrens makeup kit?
all dresses r beautiful for u.I am confused
Meow Meow
Ask Ken girl
Nancy Melendez
Number one
Xx PandaScouters xX
Option 3 makes you look like an angel 👼🏼
Carly music and Roblox
Glow pink dress it's adorable and sweet and really stylesh
Alina Madelyn
Syxx Belile
The third
ImSavage AF
Pick glow
Badazz_vIsion 31607
The hi-low dress
Melissa Ledesma
Glow in the dark one
Brianna Cody
Angel Buttler
I lik numbr 3
Sharon Lucero
#4 Glow for sure
Maria Curiel
Logan Souders
Karen Joy
Ann petshops
Rainbow, hirlo and glow
Damie GamerTubeHd
Is glow
Damie GamerTubeHd
The perfect, pretty, gorgeous and AWESOME!!!!
Marcy Rodriguez
Number 3
Silly Girls
Paddles Penguin
Ask ken and the last one
Love Arielle
1and 4
sophie frost
the glow in the dark dress!
Hennessey Prieto
I think 4
Micalyn Scott
i think 3 but you choose witch ever 1 makes you happy
Edna Redd
Pink glow one
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