'Moonlight' or 'La La Land'? Best Picture Mix-up at Oscars


There was confusion all around as Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong best picture winner at the 2017 Oscars- saying 'La La Land' had won when Moonlight was the actual winner.

0:21, you can hear "what?".
bilal khan
hurt locker and moonlight most undeserved movies to ever win oscars
damn you academy
Daovone Soukkhavong
I watched the beginning of la la land, dumbest movie ever, moonlight was gay as fuk but I did watch the whole thing, scarred for life. Good movie but if u told me it was a gay movie from the beginning I would have never watched it.
420 No scope
He pulled a Steve Harvey
Oh my god when this happened the living room exploded.. parents were crying, cat flew off the couch dogs were barking sister was broke her phone against the wall...
the producers of la la land look visibly pissed off about the mistake. Understandably so
Wayward Edward
Well that's awkward
Dylan Martino
They just knew how much the Steve Harvey mess up got great ratings so they said let's do that it's all set up but I feel bad for the la la la land people lol
Dylan Martino
It's all rigged in setup poor la la la land people give there heart warming speeches that's embarrassing man lol
Narim Detruth
At 2:34 the guy to blame for the mix up is clearly seen on stage (left side of the screen). About 2 minutes later at 4:33 he's in the audience applauding moonlight?? What a cunt!!
Deefex dB
You can CLEARLY see that there are two cards!!!
Unicorn Lover
Good Job for Trump too :D
America..... Good Jooob!
call me crazy, but I don't think this was an "accident", I think someone was trying to intentionally take the thunder away from Moonlight...
Akshay Sharma
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂mistake 😉😉😉😉😉😉regret
Jessica Nguyen
jimmel kimmel is a prick
Nekdo Nekje
This was so embarrassing I couldn't even watch :)
Станислав Адамов
For real nobody gives a fuck (maby USA only) who won this stupid prize. How good film is only matters.
samuel muiruri
did Noah, Colbert and bill Maher make fun of this? imagine if trump did something like this, ha ha ha! they would kill him.
Jiovanny Bruno
is any investigation how she readed LA LA LAND instead of MOONLIGHT ??
Wasp 209
Faye's fault way before Warren
Bald guy is so salty he didn't win
brittany hawkins
smokey 3616
its because they were.....BLAAAAAACK....
Vebito Tetseo
I don't buy the bullshit.. smells like some intended stunt here... how much were they paid to do it?
Ray Cocker
This should be on a "If you laugh you lose" compilation.
Ryan Nicholl
this is actually fucking tragic
Alex Stan
Moonlight is a piece of shit!! Of niggaz shit, unfortunatly.
Samah Sparkfly
Poor jimny lol
Kassidy Millo
Cecil Morgan
I watched this live and when La La Land was announced as winner I thought, That's strange, the past two years it's been some Bullshit low - budget "serious" piece of crap that nobody's ever watched. Kind of funny after all those heartfelt, Thank you mom and dad speeches....
5:31 "And I think I hope even more than that that it's inspiring to people, little black boys and brown girls and other folks watching at home who feel marginalized"
Why the fuck does she assume that if you're black or brown that you feel like a victim?? The moment they get up to accept the award she makes a comment about their skin color, as if they're different.
Racism is a healing wound that these idiot liberals keep poking with a stick.
of all the actors on the stage and in the audience, the most incredible, sincerest of all expressions, and most deserving of ANY award from the academy, who should be demonstrative for every other person/actor in that theater, DEV PATEL who deserved an award, but also can act like a real human being.
there does come a moment when the comedian has to get really really serious.
Academy, why don't the cards read word for word the announcement, "and the academy award for best picture goes to...."??????????????????? at least then you can blame the accountants for the fail, and actors for being stupid and comedians for confusing it all when everyone wonders if the fail is yet another joke.
Tyler Durden
I thought Manchester by the Sea should've won
William Gardanis
William Gardanis
Prakash Prasad
Dmitriy P
And of course this ceremony was as counterweight to the Oscar 2016, when there were no negro nominies.
Dmitriy P
It was the silliest ceremony ever. Such a shame!
Michael Rooney
The Oscars are a joke anyway.
Anthony H
piece of shit
Nick Bowman
how the fuck do you read that wrong??! it doesent even have la la land anywhere on the paper
DON'T BLAME DICK TRACY!!! There was a simple mix up of the cards and he even explained how it happened. Further note, I really think they should do a remake of Dick Tracy or at least a reboot of one. Warren should've worn a yellow jacket to the Oscars.
huffle puff
deanplayer69 metalplayer
What's the best way to prove the OSCARS aren't racist? By nominating a cheesy black movie with a bunch of no name actors nobody has seen!! LMFAO!!!!!
christopher gardiner
where is jiminy glick ?
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