'Moonlight' or 'La La Land'? Best Picture Mix-up at Oscars


There was confusion all around as Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong best picture winner at the 2017 Oscars- saying 'La La Land' had won when Moonlight was the actual winner.

Monse Ahumada
This always cheers me up, ALWAYS
Julio Mateo
3:35 Charlize Theron’s face while applauding... Priceless. Like, “for Chrissake!!”
Moonlight was the better film
X-Files A
Does anyone actually think this was an accident???
Ali Al-ziyadi
The look on Damion chazelle’s face I feel really bad for him and the rest of the crew on the movie
Moses Prakasham
Gotta learn from Steve Harvey how to lay off the heat that you accidentally get
And the winner is moonlight, the film nobody still knows.
Giovana Magalhaes
Isso foi um ultraje
James Ozz
Who can possibly fuck up this bad?
Graham McEneaney
Fuck you "Moonlight"! "La La Land" should've won for best picture! It was the best musical movie for the first time in years, but why "Moonlight"? That movie was boring as fuck! It wasn't that entertaining, and it had not much of a plot! Because all it ever told about is basically a black guy's troubled life from a boy to a man, and the early experience of homosexuality! WHAT THE FUCK!!!
Stephen Musquiz
It's all about blacks these days
Daviid Zlota
Damn Jordan took it as a champ. Props
Omg you put two elderly people to read such small lettered envelope, which was handed wrongly in the first place
Pablo Krenz
4:18 Ben Affleck ni se embuta
Tanyah Anderson
Honestly I was sooo excited to see La La Land...was sooo disappointed. I would go into details, but there’s a lot. Never saw Moonlight so can’t really say anything about it other then this was handled so badly...but was so funny and mind blowing! I wish I had 🍿!!!!
M. Daizen
Not only have the films for the Oscars gotten worse lately, but so has the management.
nfltrrr qwsa
good. lalaland was overindulgent bullshit
At 2:31 Emma Stone in the back clearly mouths "oh my god" you couldn't make up this stuff.
Don't blame Warren Beatty it was Faye Dunaway who screwed it up by misreading the card but everyone threw Beatty under the bus. The real actual screw up was that Price Waterhouse guy. He didn't man up to take the blame or announce it. Omg what a little coward.
S. Herondale
This is the longest i've cringed in my entire life...LOL
Paul James
That was awkward for Jimmy because he was not prepared for these things. You don't know what to do, but still you know you're the host and need to manage the situation.
It's not his fault but obviously it will affect his performance.
The presenters really could’ve just said “hey this doesn’t look right, can someone check this out?” Instead they looked at each other and giggled
Josey Bojangles
Oh Warren, oh sad, addled, senile old Warren. They should have used the vaudeville hook on him like in the old cartoons and just yanked him right off the stage
Josey Bojangles
Stroop Waffles
The comments on here are hilarious lol. “OMG WHITE PEOPLE TRYING TO TAKE OUR AWARDS TOO. IF IT WAS UP TO THEM WE WOULD STILL BE SLAVES NOT OSCAR WINNERS” lmfao give it a rest, shit is pathetic
Tim Kiely
La La Land people: Never stop dreaming!

Moonlight people: To hell with dreams, I'm done with it

Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°)
Alex Little
did warren beatty make faye dunaway read the card??
mariah solis
I reaamber I was tired as fuck and I wanted to stay up and hear who won best picture I was so glad I did
Nonaya Bidness
Why did that dude snatch the card out of Warren Beatty's hands like somebody's weave?
Feggo Leon
little color boys dam
Black Simpson
We stuck in La La Land, even when we win we gone lose
I looked away after they won and was even thinking that I was surprised it wasn't Moonlight...Then when I heard "We lost by the way" I was like "WHAAAA"
Lmao, so was there any lawsuits against the academy? They let those guys think they had won the biggest award in the business that most don't see in a lifetime, humiliated them in front of millions. Just a mistake? Come on now... dude makes a mistake whilst driving and kills someone, he does fucking time. "A mistake" ain't gonna cut it. If that was me i'd want compensation.
Hector Castellanos
Yeah is like are you worthy.. . dam is shady . who ever did this . because monlight was the greatest movie
Karla Angela Gumanao
Another "Steve Harvey moment" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mohammad Rafqy Jamal Chair
Dawne Provost
Booooooooooo oscars they have should have give it la la land not moon light.
Kristiina Grönroos
And how to make being black a number. Again. Yes we all know. Your ancestors were slaves. You have no rights in the white world... blaa blaa blaa
Why do we even judge art, it's the most ridiculous shit. How can you judge art, it's literally impossible.
Andi Katona
good, blablaland didn't deserve it anyway
Paul Warrior
rahul chaudhary
La la land is the best thooughhh
M Cf
Ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!!!!!!
White people dont want competition that's why they oppress and lie. White people if y'all was truly superior why is it that shit like this still go on ? Why still have a system that only allows people that look like you to excel and if you don't look like them and they let you in mf you better bow to me and listen to everything I tell you or your ass is gone 😂😂
Oscar Mombert
Lalaland deserve best picture not the disgusting Moonlight
Literally all the paper said was MOONLIGHT 😂😂😂 even when we win we lose we stuck in LA LA land
badal saibo
All trouble because of the stupid typography design. See the vox video on how this should have been easily been prevented.
Rachna Makhija
2:04 when it all started in the background!
He says he was okay with sending off the oscars yeah right he was heated
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