'Moonlight' or 'La La Land'? Best Picture Mix-up at Oscars


There was confusion all around as Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong best picture winner at the 2017 Oscars- saying 'La La Land' had won when Moonlight was the actual winner.

Kuckoo Karen
Jamie Vorne
So the original ball bags who said Lala Land were given the wrong card yeah ?
Blue Moon
maybe they shouldn't put the words "best picture" in size 8 font at the bottom of the card
Whitie Powers
Are the blacks that stupid not to know they are being patronized by the Jews running the business? Last year after not winning any awards and blacks crying racism, the Jews threw them a bone but still had to steal the thunder.
Sir Sumumabitch
Oh...never knew the Winner for la la land was the one stating it was mistake,always thought it was a votecounter or Academy spokesperson or something. Well, Good for him not being a total Dick about it.
Sir Sumumabitch
Just imagine if the mix-up had been reverse,if Moonlight was...Robbed. Dude,the entire nation would grind to a halt! The whole Academy would be dubbed cheating,racist,sadistic assholes! Even more than they are...
Ray Saunders
Always trying to take everything from black people. Damn.
istayhighnbarredout oof
how the fuck do you get lala land from a card like that
Dameron Dude
Did they have to give the Oscar back ? Or was it ok even though it was a mix up ??
Dameron Dude
2:59 "MOON LIGHT BEST PICTURE" He was more overly aggressive then when the manger in a restaurant asks "IS THE FOOD OK"
Maria D. Ts.
Oh the cringe!
Cailey Edwards
Emma Stone looks crushed.
Lalaland be boasting about having diversity even though there's only one black dude on stage with them, and their competitor (moonlight) has a much more diverse cast
Gabriel Bryant
Warren Beatty will never be invited to another Hollywood function again.
Kingboody Ibrahim
6:57 ghost
laco maco
blacks and homosexuals are happy now in Hollywood :D what a political timing to opposite last year byocott :D
Jeremy Stubbs
MARC PLATT: Here's to the fools who made me dream.

angel omar soto
Strange moments

I don't care. It's not like it's the nobel peace price! It's the oscars, shit happens.
Aditi bhardwaj
this is so insane but la la Land took it with such a grace.
Ser verma
Haha so fucked up
BRG 0001
Faye Dunaway made the mistake then bails. Should have called her Faye Runaway.
Aaaaaawkwaaaaard :\ hehe
soul elcock
"little black boys and brown girls" ?Did i here that right?
soul elcock
I wonder how many times over these past years they purposely tried to cheat artist from their glory? Hhmmmm.._
Mustapha Jennane
" LA LA LA land "

She didn't bother to take a look on what's written in the card !!! Just a normal day for a BLONDE LADY
Michele Schettino
4:55 - everyone was talking about Nicole Kidman's funny clap that they overlooked Charlize Theron, who appears to clap like a five-year-old.
Harry Boyd
Someone gave bonnie and Clyde the wrong thing
Pega Doodle
Karma for Emma Stone's undeserving Best Actress win :P
capsblc627 Caps627
the nigg3rs
This never gets old.
Derik Martinez13
Ok I love Emma Stone but she was so full of shit because I've seen this video 50 times and she clearly did not have her card on stage
felicia dwi
So unprofessional
I dunno why warren Beatty got so much shit. He took responsibility even though it wasn't his fault. He clearly was confused too when he looked at the envelope and when he showed it to Faye and she decided to read out the wrong winner.
Rob Warner
Bunch of stuck up liberal Hollywood twats droning on in their empty robotic rhetoric, suddenly brought crashing down into the real world. What's not to like?
Scottish metal nerd
it's nice to see they are all still good friends and the makers of la la land didn't take it personally.
Luke MacWhirter
2:56 give me dat you idiot lolz
Daniel Clark
2:08 As someone who has worked in television for over a decade, I can safely tell you that that floor manager is uber-pissed!
I don't know the director's name for La La Land, but it takes a lot of heart to say something when there is a mistake, ESPECIALLY if it is something you spent your career working toward. They would've said something anyway, but he did the right thing. Major respect to him.
Chandler Askoff
This is proof why Twitter and all other social networks need to die. If the guy handling envelopes wasn't so distracted using Twitter on his phone, he would've given them the right envelope. If I were Warren, after I read the envelope, I would've immediately called for the stage help to ask them about it, no matter how weird it would've seemed. Also, if you ask me, this was one of the biggest robberies in Oscar history. Over some much more deserving films, they went with a film all about fagots. Further proof that homo loving is alive and well in this country. Pathetic. Count me out next year
Just Me
It's awkward how when LaLa Land won everyone's speech was about following your dreams, then Moonlight gets up and says "to hell with dreams, i'm done with it".
Patrick Azevedo
um tocou a folha por outro pq os 2 não sabiam ler
Beau Bowers
pishy caca
Scott K
He should have known. It's 2017. He should have known it's IMPOSSIBLE for a primarily white cast to win an oscar. He should have just said Moonlight without opening the envelope.
daisy tupuolla
That was not okay
GeeCeeZ Gamer
Next year I REALLY hope they make a joke of this and start saying "oh wait, we read the wrong card. Blah blah blah come up please, you won."
GeeCeeZ Gamer
She was like "your awful." Takes it, and reads wrong name. INSTANT KARMA
jayson biggs
For those who think La La Land was better. Here's a challenge: I dare you to sing the lyrics and melody to ANY of the songs in La La Land. You can't. And you know why? Because the music is forgettable. Unlike the music in Sound of Music and Cabaret, for example.

I saw those movies, or parts of them, in the case of Sound of Music, many years ago and I STILL remember the lyrics and melodies to a number of the songs! And I don't like musicals!

After seeing Moonlight, I could not get it out of my mind all weekend and I had to see again two nights later. I saw La La Land and about 2/3 of the way through I found myself looking at my watch, hoping it would end soon. I kept thinking, OK, another thirty mins., Another 10 mins.
I dont get it, why did that guy read the wrong name????
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