'Moonlight' or 'La La Land'? Best Picture Mix-up at Oscars


There was confusion all around as Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong best picture winner at the 2017 Oscars- saying 'La La Land' had won when Moonlight was the actual winner.

renegade runner
It would have been funny if they had came back to the stage and said "Manchester By The Sea " won best picture! LOL!
I stopped two minutes in cause I thought I couldn't handle the cringe
fernando andres abril amaya
who is the girl in 4:55?
thomas fletcher fletch
terrible movies anyways
Lazaro Diaz
It just makes me sad that somebody stained this moment.
2:30 What a fucking douchebag. He knew he didn't win and purposefully continued his speech knowing that theres only so much time until the show is over and Moonlight's crew would get a chance to have their speeches. Seriously, fuck that guy.
Junior Salazar
Would if this was staged, I mean how can you get that mixed up
corl 2.0 horl
but la la land was amazing moonlight I didn't even know it was a thing
Alexis Alexander
Wtf is Moonlight though..?
Jay Saenz
Gay (check), Black (check), Ghetto (check)... of course to proof that oscars are not so white they have to win this year. If you want to win 2018 make a movie about a palestine transgender living in an animal shelter bombed by the IDF.
Clarence A. P.
So, why were they playing the music?
Luis Galvez
WTF?... was that produced and organizated in El Salvador?
Kathiravan Ganesh
Matt Damon really enjoyed host Jimmy Kimmel let the mistake happened
Mike S
Hollywood is a joke. La la land should have won
robben van persie
5 months later and it still hurts..i don't think i ever been so furious my entire life!
If you see something wrong you should have raised question to the staff immediately.
All are dumbs
Plutot Crever
Can you imagine a worse movie to be picked as fake winner instead of a low budget indie black community rough drama than mother fricking La La squeeky clean white Land?
I mean, omg. How many feet you have to shoot yourselves in?
Warren Beatty passed the envelope to the lady so she could read it out and she could be the one who made the mistake
Aaron Perry
Should have went to LA LA LAND !!! La La Land is the best picture not moonlight
Sofia SL
NO!! This is too hard to watch馃槼embarrassing and sad. Congrats to Moonlight:D but La la land is my fav movie of 2016
what a shitty way to win. diversity over quality I guess.
This is Faye fault
Arana 1596
Look at Emma looking at Andrew and crying at 1:19
pinklemon pinklemon
lol lol land
Lucas Carlos
LA LA Land deserved best.
Moonlight's Black director got all excited but ultimately since it's Hollywood it's the Jews that win. Always. No matter what if you work in Hollywood in any capacity your boss will be a Jew. Sure the actors and the directors made their money but the top guys, the Jews, are the winners and take most of the money. Oh well.
cathrine millar
how does this happen??? wtf
Michelle Zhao
I personally think La La Land should have won.
this is a joke
Demetri J
Wow, they let the man deliver a whole speech and have the proudest moment of his life in front of millions of people before they told him it was a mistake. That must have been such a painful, embarrassing thing to go through, and he handled it with the utmost respect, holding up the Moonlight card himself. Props to him, but wow I'm sorry he had to go through that
Carlos Alejandro Alvarenga
The heck馃槀
mi o
Yeah... more like a ratings publicity stunt... what a load of shit
Where is Faye
This was Faye fault - how come no one blamed her -not even in the press
Frankie Kyle
at 4:45....dumb niggee said "to hell with dreams"....after winning....what a dumb fucking monkey. this is why I hate niggers. sooooooooooo fucking stupid
Watch Emma at 1:18-1:22 she was looking at Andrew 馃槍
Booger Eater
of course they won, it's a movie about a gay black guy.....next movie will be an anti-Trump movie and they will win too....next movie will be about the oppression of pedophiles.....next movie will be about how terrorists are misunderstood
Cedric Renzler
the mechanic noise with the lifting microphone at 6:57 still kills me everytime :D
Akinde Cassandra
So funny馃榾
The cup Rapmon throws in the Run MV
We lost by the way
Mr. Keyser S枚ze
Just imagine if Warren had pulled out the Suicide Squad card (for Best Makeup and whatnot, SO UNWARRANTED) by accident instead of the La La Land one he had pulled out... Holy moly the theatre would be filled with pandemonium and so would the web.
Joe Whitehead
I feel sorry for next years nominees, cus they're going to be overshadowed by this stupid mistake that people are just not going to get over
Amol Kakde
Best fuck up ever!!!! Karma!
Really love this video 馃槏
Chloe Ann Bessarion
At 3:00 I know the auditors responsible for distributing the cards to presentors (from PriceWaterhouseCoopers - PWC) were in the roller coaster ride, because of the mistake. But it has been corrected, let's move on.
Nadia Beitzel
wow that's unusual ))))
Chloe Ann Bessarion
Been watching this for months. It happens, no perfect in this world. I know its odd, but people make mistakes, its human nature. We just need to learn and move on, think how may we improve it next time.
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