'Moonlight' or 'La La Land'? Best Picture Mix-up at Oscars


There was confusion all around as Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong best picture winner at the 2017 Oscars- saying 'La La Land' had won when Moonlight was the actual winner.

Wow...the most coveted award that you're holding for 3 minutes...then it slips through your fingers...
who is that hot chick at 0:18
Lil What
Blue eyed wife? Wtf man, no one wants to know the color of your wife eyes. Also he was so rude taking the paper of the old man's hand that way.
Azhar Iqbal
Well, in the end better picture won.
Lalo Meza
Polski karakan :/
fuck you
Bitch, i'm Madonna
i like the vast contrast of skin colour between lala land crew and moonlight. lmaooo
Michael Ambrosi
why are film people mostly pretentious and self-absorbed
This should have been called the "black oscars." Racism goes both ways. There are MANY other races that are not represented here, but it shouldn't matter-the only thing that matters is their artistic effort and abilities.
Haven't seen either movies.
But it's funny that the blacker cast won. Because Hollywood.
Irish Warrior
Wow, those nimrods robbed the cast and crew of Moonlight. That was so disappointing.
Farhad Hemat
Did he fail to whistle.
Link Vermilion
I laughed so hard . Am I the only one who didn't watch this year's Oscars 2017 but still googled it to see this moment ?
Green Midori
Jimmy Kimmel sucks lol
this isn't the first time white ppl tried to take things from the blacks
Vincenzina Dettanina La Vagina
Thank god they didn't misread some other movie which hadn't already won a bunch of other oscars. That would have been very gut wrenching.
Michael Marach
7:10 Never gonna come back huh... Well guess who is hosting next year? I think he did a great job, and look forward to an even better show next year.
Thanks, Jay Z
Ellen D
What a major stupid mistake.
Daniel Mart
Can Kimmel just shut the fuck up already, worst Oscar Host by far
"I promise I will never come back".. Oscars 2018 "I'm back...."
Matt Damon is behind this. He had a twin on stage and did this because of his feud with Jimmy...lol
Thank GOD. LaLa Land suuuuuuucked. Moonlight was the only one worth a damn in the whole bunch.
Daisy Shahrk
Nick Papageorgio
Imagine had they accidentally said Manchester By the Sea and Matt Damon came on stage to accept the award and then it was revealed it was a mistake and Moonlight was the real winner. Everyone would have thought for sure Kimmel pulled the ultimate prank on Matt Damon.
Keko Noatia
that might be very embarrasing for la la land casts...
Anyone who thinks Moonlight deserved to win instead of La La Land is a fucking idiot.
One became an instant classic and was an incredibly moving piece while also being entertaining, but the other was just an oscar-bait of a film. Yes it was a revolutionary piece that showed something we don't see in cinema, but it doesn't hold a candle to the masterpiece that La La Land is.
First off, 3 people were at fault - one who handed warren the wrong envelope, warren seeing the mistake and giving it to faye to read the mistake and her misreading it...warren should have spoken up about the mistake before that fiasco happened but call it a award blooper lol still funny and awkward that rarely happens but warren and faye should have apologized for the mistake... The baldy may be embarrassed but he didn't need to be rude to warren with that card snatched and he could have apologized on behalf of la la land for stealing moonlight's thunder and learn to handle it better... They can learn from this, move on and laugh about it in near future... I thought jimmy's joke or comment that everyone deserve a award is insulting but the awards shows are a joke lol it's just business. FYI moonlight did have best picture, it's not an award for best movie so stop the bashing... Here comes the trolls if I'm bashed aha 😑
Sir Darwin
I would be so fucking pissed off. That is just ridiculous
Alena Cadova Being Creative
I feel sooo bad for Warren Beatty, it wasn't his fault at all...
Adwien 5761
The shade....
Nawal Kim
The third dude was like I like to thank my wife and everyone that supported me.... oh yeah we lost but it's ok
Jordan Bahr
I was a director for the weekend newscast at an ABC station. We were ready to go on the air when this happened, and I could see the talent was visibly confused (as was the crew). We all had a decent laugh about it and continued with our show. Everyone was definitely confused and asking questions after the show was over. What a night.
what even is moonlight?
Spurious Flatus
It will be "Blade Runner 2049, the Musical!", featuring the smash hit "Tears in Rain", sung by none other than Ryan Gosling ;-)
Fiona Tan
I love how baffled Cookie was
Fiona Tan
I would be so angry if that ever happened to me
posai somboonfeuang
I'm not surprised. It's just a prank or a fake show with transcript. 👎👎
Caitlin S
Ugh this is so badddd, I can't 🙈😂
Alex Delgado
Can anybody tell me how the hell did that mistake happened? What did the envelope say? And why did they read LaLa Land.
geek- head188
That wanker with the headset though
Pure Fun
Imagine if they did this to Leo.
Earl Grey
leave it to shit suckers to fuck things up.
Aman Deep
I think they should show the cards all the time
the presenter - such an idiot!
Just inagine if the mix up went the other way! They would have just said there was a tie cause they would never take it back from the black gay film. There would have been riots...and I'm only half joking
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