'Moonlight' or 'La La Land'? Best Picture Mix-up at Oscars


There was confusion all around as Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong best picture winner at the 2017 Oscars- saying 'La La Land' had won when Moonlight was the actual winner.

Spent Lizard
You people do realize that this was intentional, right? It was no accident. They made it LOOK like an accident, but it wasn't.
Fabio Lorusso
Joey tribiani's speech
dmc 96
La La Land should have won. Moonlight was great too but La La Land was a cinematic masterpiece. When I saw it in the cinema everyone was cheering and applauding afterwards. I saw Moonlight and it barely got a reaction. La La Land got robbed
Jaim Gutzi
Quang Do
moonlight was such a cringe movie. lala land shouldve won it
Khalid Mustafa
Oscar awards is a yearly occurrence awaited by millions around the world and has gone on for decades and nothing on this scale has ever happened before and to my mind however brief this was it meant nothing but stealing a peak of happiness from those who endeavoured a real effort waiting for this very moment and is truly upsetting and can't be amended by yellow smiles of dickheads once again.. conscious
Martin Major
moonlight was a piece of crap. we all know it won because of 3 reasons: black, gay and oscar so white. fack off wankers!
ill make a movie about a black gay muslim who becomes a transexual abused by white husband to become feminist militant. Making it virtually impossible not to win an oscar.
Casey James
gotta say if anyone handled themselves with dignity and class it was the first speaker from la la land making sure to say what he did and be as gracious and respectful as he was. Absolute class act and definitely much more composed then I would have been. I hope people remember how cool he acted and not how big of a blunder this was. Kind of strange how we put the speeches on a teleprompter and cant just use that to show winner. give em a blank envelope to open for traditions sake but jesus.
Olivia Mcdowell
"To the hell with dreams" to the fools that dream
I bet Trump had the last laugh after the Oscars for bashing him all night
Sarah Liljestrand
Kinda sucks that the Moonlight people didn't get to properly celebrate.. it's awkward because everyone's confused an ugh
But I'm glad they won instead 😀
The Steve Harvey Syndrome is spreading.
harvey than that... take a older guy next time..

than hitler and the telephone are the next winners...
awa jamir
At least it was not twilight again lol
Firaq Zafar
La la land was like a hindi Bollywood movie. i couldn't watch that movie for more than 30 mins. moonlight was better, i liked Fences too.
FirstTime ISawJupiter
This is not a football match! It's about two film of great quality, and let me remind you that there were other films just as brilliant as well, so just show a decent amount of respect for each film if you have in you to do so
James Smith
Jordan Horowitz is younger than me son! Got it!! and by the way you are carrying on this conversation I am assuming you are too. Do me a favour and don't answer back..
Rupert Madge
Moonlight is much better movie the La La land!!!! Fortunately mistake!!!! 🙌🙏
Alexa Sanchez
Baha "we lost by the way " ...poor guy!!
illya Rostambegi
Who is the woman hugging the man at 0:19?
Yeah, not gonna lie, I was hoping la la land would win, but then again, I haven't seen moonlight. Not yet at least.
Aleesha Truman
If you listen real carefully at about 0:18 Warren Beatty says "it says the wrong thing" and Faye Dunaway replies "what?"
Rock Brown
See that show you how evil and fucked up these white people is they knew who won from the jump they tried to switch the envelope at the end and the bald dude looked and seen it say moonlight then the old edomite gone say let me explain what happened and gone lie about it fuck y'all edomites only let Moonlight win because it was promoting black homosexuality two negroid races being gay thats what they want to show the younger blacks making it seem ok
Andrew Hall
0:20 "It says the wrong thing..." "What?"
bianca rodrigues
KKKKKK que dó
Shirley Teresa O'Neill
the bald guy looked pissed off and snapping the card of Warren beatty... it shows money doesn't buy manners... asshole!!
lol at taraji filming the whole thing
In 20 years time we should look back and rate these two movies and see which one can stand the test of time.
This is what happens when you give such a responsibility to bank robbers.
Richard Cleveland
The accounting firm should be held responsible for the mess up. The 2 jackass responsible for the mess up are barred from ever coming back to the Oscars forever
Elizabeth Cummins
Muhd Hafiz
that is so funny man...
doja cat
soo cool coming from the super boring la la land speech to this beautiful and emotional speech from the amazing cast from moonlight
ps: i love the diversity in moonlight's cast, full of black & white women and men
No-Scope Gamer
Yayyyyyyy, the academy is so scared of being called out as racist again that they give the boring pile of shit about gay black dudes the award that Lal La land deserved.
Faye Dunaway is all like....you deal with it Warren, I'm outta here!
Chris Workman
The Jews gave them the award because it is the black version of Broke Back mountain 😂😂😂 jews run Hollywood and got all ya'll selling out lmao
4:39 that nigga be like "how can this be??"
Parra Painting
did crazyrussianhacker start directing movies and speak proper english.....??
Robert Swinda
People fucking suck, and who gives a fuck if the other guys won.
Robert Swinda
Kill yourself
ivan pc
look matt damon at 4:33
Black Fox
And the academy award for most crazy picture goes to "American Dyke" from "Michael Moore" starring Rosie o'Donne.
Cynari Is Here
Emma's reaction and the bald guy is the funniest thing
Lisa Chlastawa
It is nice to know that they took it well unlike Miss Universe who had a break down and started crying
Tesfalem Mngsteab
WTF that's not funny
Hari haran
Cringeworthy !
thats what you get for trashing Trump...!
Dingle Barry
I remember the one year they accidentally opened up the envelope with Anthrax in it...... awkwaaaaard!
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