'Moonlight' or 'La La Land'? Best Picture Mix-up at Oscars


There was confusion all around as Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong best picture winner at the 2017 Oscars- saying 'La La Land' had won when Moonlight was the actual winner.

Kedeidra Dupree
I still cannot stomach the fact that they did not rightfully get to enjoy this experience due to this mistake
Jester 501
Should have said, "tough shit you gave it to us first".
Denzel TheBright
And the only reason why Moonlight won best picture well.......the film is all about sexuality and racism.
Jacques-Jacob Sylla
Who watching this after the videoclip of Jayz ? ;)
siuol sivad
I can feel so much hate in there from over here
I cried.
Roberto Rodriguezz
Very racist
Ms K Jones
sam pulled a dang tear out of my eye. I am way too sensitive.
Ian Ameling
Heh ... old people...
i luvvvvv this night im still laughing. fuck la la land bullshit movie
Stephen Palmer
#PwC https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-16/pwc-fined-6-6-million-in-largest-ever-sanction-from-regulator
Braylon Albert
Jay Z - Moonlight There You Go😂😂😂
La La Land deserved to win more.
Lucky Eddy
This sucks on so many levels.
ajj 8
this was awful.... I felt bad for Warren Beatty and want to go on about how Mahershala Ali is absolutely incredible beyond words... this was just just so embarrassing/disgusting to watch and all got out of it is learning that bald aryan-race speech guy is a cunt? .. reminder i guess, that not all pain is gain..
NERD Incorporated
Here's me waiting for it to go wrong
Kaily Mermelstein
the funny things is that while making the speech thinking he won the director of la la land was like "... and Hollywood which I am so glad to be a part of..." and then they were like you didn't win...
Alyssa Brown
That old fool knew better and her..
Alyssa Brown
Yeah sure... A mix up.
Jasmit Saini
Awards are stupid, people get so emotional, it doesn't matter who won NK and USA are nuking each other WW3 IS BREAKING OUT
y'all stuck in la la Land
Didn't anybody besides me think that it would either La La Land or Hidden Figures that would be the winner for best picture, and here is Moonlight that came out of nowhere to win the award. I have to imagine that when the 2017 Oscars are presented next year, that the producers are going to do everything in their power to make sure that the presenter(s) of each award is given the correct envelope no matter which award they are presenting. Even through they blamed it on Steve Harvey, he wasn't a presenter at the Oscars, I don't know does anybody know if he was there?
ridose riri
Omg I feel bad😂 he gave his long as speech but they didn't even win.
The first time I was sooo wrong in Academy I was like yeah they will give it to La La Land..... but ofcourse they gave it to Moonlight and now I'm not wondering amymore.... but man.... I was totally satisfied when I found out the day after the Oscars. I've only seen a few minutes of the movie but I was like.... what Hollywood thinks sometimes... sorry not sorry.
Daniel Rauch
I have to apologize
Carp Etlick
There's to the Fools who dream
rj broussard
"We're stuck in La la land, even when we win we gone lose".
RosiePosie C
I feel so sorry for the La la land cast and crew because they were so excited to win that oscar
the Voun
Edgar Trejo
welcome to la la land even if we win we gonna lose
Anybody here after seeing Jay Z's "Moonlight" music video?
Unruly FPV
Jay-Z moonlight brought me here.
Fka Twigsdaughter
"We stuck in La La Land"....
Tashelle Ok
is it bad I was laughing?
eric kane
Thats there way of saying Moonlight doesn't deserve the Oscars DICKHEADS
How she even read the wrong name la la land not even on the envelope
Memo C
Ayoub Abid
Jay-Z anyone ?
Nat B
Who else is here after watch the JAY Z moonlight music video ?
He snatched that envelop so fast, the old mans weave almost flew off.
Nathan Cutter
😹😂😹 at 2:57 when he snatched the card out of that guys' hands!!!!!
i just watched jay-z moonlight and came to this
to be honest i didnt notice this mix up that happend in the oscars (not from america btw)
but what i cant understand is how they could mix that up
isnt there just one envelope with that card jordan horowitz showed at 3:00
wich clearly just only shows moonlight written on the card

and props to jordan horowitz even if he acted kinda impulsive
he enlighted the situation quickly
Folks Bell
Anybody here bcuz of Jay -Z' s reference?
Solo Ello
Listen at 3:07... That bastard mad😂...
Moonlight sucked ass. Affirmative action got them the award.
Young Bajan
Jay Z sent me here
Louis Vuitton Von
Smh fucking idiots!!! I know there embarrassed
Domi N
3:08 - "I think you guys should keep it anyway"
& that semi bald guy trying to be the saver of the day, how sweet..
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