Andrew Andrerson
Floyd and his song amazing))) Gregor-chicken)))
Antonov Online
Deny Pail
Mcgregor winner
Mr Nobody
That moment Floyd never even got submission
danisimo mola
yeah yeah... The black guy can not speak? ????
danisimo mola
What make the nigger that is dance :-D :-D :-D go back in africa :-D
José Montez
21 years 40 fights? Lol so bad xD. He made his own cave xD
José Montez
21 years 40 fights? Lol so bad xD. He made his own cave xD
Floyd looked at the crowd in shock after they booed him for saying Toronto flag lol
thats what i like for connor , a verry heat man hahaha go connor ckick the ass of floyd
Conor is one handsome man. Unlike those apes in team mayweather.
speed kills
McGrager 0:07 seconds of the first round Flying Knee to the head! Every day of the week
Fuck this stupid Monkey Floyd send him to the Jungleee👊
Charles Smith
Surprised the IRA didnt kill anyone
These guys need to get a room.
What the fuck are you on about..the best of?The first 3 mins is music you prick.
Dean Pickering
I really hope Conor rocks Floyd Mayweather and knocks him out cold. I've always loved boxing, but I hate the ignorance of Floyd's team about MMA. Floyd's looks nervous and scared.
Mariano Raul Alonso
Why Broner isn't there? He would contribute..
Dustin Huckabee
Listening to mayweather try to out talk mcgregor on a mic is like comparing a mule to a race horse, mayweather says the same shit every conference
Tweezy Vaughan
that pussy cracker gone get fucked up tapout tapout tapout pussy
Dustin Huckabee
Mayweather should be called a professional runner cause that's all his ass does in a fight.
Happening Videos
“But do they not know that I am half black? I’m half-black from the bellybutton down.”
Mayweather is one stupid motherfucker. YYEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!
Freddy Brainy
Floyd threw some ones on his bitch ass in NYC lol that stripping bitch
This is all fake. Omg they can't hide it. It's so obvious
Darren Jones
Floyd's a liar, a fraud, and a cheat. Never knocked down my arse. The footage is there for all to see yet still he lies about it to your faces. He controls the environment so as to maximally suit himself, which includes paying off referees and judges. Look at how he even dictated to Hatton how he could and couldn't fight him through the use of the ever-overly-interfering referee for fuck's sake! Real champs do not need to set up and disadvantage their opponents like that! Real boxing champions took on all comers and defeated them through their superior fight craft. REAL legends such as Ali and Marciano. All of this corruption and underhandedness has no place in sport, and certainly makes for the ruination of boxing. "Greatest of all time"? What a fucking joke! Let's hope that such advantages are not afforded him in August. A fair fight is what we all want to see, are paying good money for, and deserve. Why wouldn't everyone, boxing, and MMA alike, want to see THE true fighter win, as opposed to the conniving, lying, deceitful, boastful, Sammy Davis jnr lookalike skinny loud-mouthed empty rattling can, lying cheating fraud? Corruption is endemic in our societies and ruins the lives of millions, whilst furnishing disgustingly bourgeoisie lifestyles for the selfish, greedy bastard perpetrators. One two tree, Fook da Maywederz!, and the slimy bastard snakes that they represent. May the true warrior overcome such adversity
who knows mayweather entrance song?
floyd thinks its a game......bad idea baldy
Ishmam Huq
What’s the name of the song playing at 7:37 ?
Alex Sander
Floyd: being weird
Conor: being funny
Both are completely valid, not talking shit about neither.
When it comes to body language, Connor is winning by a mile
Trash talking Connor is champ, but Floyd is about to own him. For Connor to think that someone who has fought 49 different boxers who dedicate their lives to ONLY boxing is going to lose to a him is crazy. If this was MMA a whole different story. This is goingto be rough.
It's funny, no one's scared, especially not Floyd, but Connor and his fans are clinging to this TRASH TALK so hard trying to make it seem like Floyd's scared. This man been boxing for 2 decades OH MY FUCKING GOD. McGregor fans literally saying anything to make themselves think Connor has a chance. McGregor fans are clinging to their one white hope. LMAO
he reminds me of jason statham. Anyone else?
Shaka Lion Zulu
white cunt
Shaka Lion Zulu
white cunt
lol during the face off they smiling and saying " damn boy we getitng so much money , we gonna be rich"
- Vee -
Does anyone know what they're saying at 7:07? looks like Conor is talking some good shit lol
Nick Harley
Conor said all he needs is one shot? lol the best boxers couldn't land 1 shot..
araña pucusela
boxing at its lowest...
chad thomason
Damn these two are selling this fight!!!!! LOVE IT!!
Rivedell Osgiliath
what an entrance by Floyd!!!
Y.R. Soul
I like Conor. And I'm black saying he's not a racist he just hates the fuck out of Flloyd
Hickory hillside Company
Just when he thought that his weather is always sunny... he just found that his forecast is cloudy with one chance of Conor punch!!
Collin Callahan
What song is Floyd jamming to!
Matt Spencer
It was so poignant when Conor entered to The Foggy Dew and then so disgraceful to see this poetic and whimsical warrior roll about in the gutter with an X-rated barf fest. The only thing that will suck more is when "Showtime" finally arrives.. Let's face it. He wouldn't b ranked in the top ten middleweight boxers in Ireland. He wouldn't even win the NYC Golden Gloves. (Just check out the sparring videos.Watch how gassed out with Diaz.) If they wanted a true test, it should have been nothing on the ground, and anything goes on the feet, like Sanshou . They should have made it like the ultimate combat movie. Hard Times, with the great Charles Bronson, who wouldn't back down against all those tough talking sidekicks on the stage. McGregor would have an edge, but at least it would be an intriguing test of two legends. Maybe they should just make it a Battle Royal and let all those goons pose around the ring like a WWE farce and throw F bombs instead of combinations. Maybe they will do some monkey business when this junkyard joke finally rolls out and have some screwy ending. Then maybe they will have a Sanshou rematch and a true test for the warriors these guys really are, instead of wading through their pissing contest. Then it truly would be worth a gazillion dollars.
A.J. Eisenberg
McGregor is all talk. Floyd Is gonna whip his ass
Juan Fooley
Floyd can't dance
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