Top 10 Most HILARIOUS Bad Lip Reading Videos

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The best of Bad Lip Reading is sure to make you laugh. Whether it’s bad lip reading the NFL, Inauguration Day of President Donald Trump, or Edward and Bella of Twilight, BLR puts words into other people’s mouths. WatchMojo counts down ten of the funniest Bad Lip Reading videos on YouTube.

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00:34 #10: “Peter & Gwen”
01:27 #9: “High School Musical”
02:29 #8: “Russian Unicorn”
03:28 #7: “Debate Night!”
04:19 #6: "Edward and Bella”
05:12 #5: “Inauguration Day”
06:03 #4: “NFL 2015”
06:56 #3, #2 & #1???

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Banco De South
I thought I'd see starwars
Mazz S
How about actually letting us listen without you constantly talking?
Kingston Clayton
the worst video ever
jazzi's here
Carl poppa
'Hiding in the bushes of love'...No? Anyone?
Meghan McAllister
Where's CARL POPPA?!
Lindsay Cary
too much talking, just play the clips dammit
fuck you
Creating a video describing what is good about a bad lip reading video with more narration than the actual original content completely strips any entertainment value. Good lord.
Luke Butler
Where is Mayweather vs McGregor
Daniel Azevedo
Can you stop talking... so annoying. to the girl that doesn't stop talking the whole video. So annoying!!!
The narration kills it! And not in a good way.
Jonathan Curtis
Yeah. I don't think number 1 could be anything else. I also love Black Umbrella and Rockin All Night.
Coril_ Currie
no La Fway? what the hell?!
Tim Allen
WHAT!?!! No Bushes of Love!?!?!?!
2024 Mason, Alissa
this is the funniest thing ever! just so you know HATERS, i typed this before i watched it.
WHat's the point of watching this
Adam Stamford
run run run jump i can be your backpack while you run
Paranoid Android
how bout stfu and quit with the lame ass commentary wtf??
bushes of love?
Ross Howieson
Jumbo penis
Jackson G
Where's bushes of love
spider homes
man i thought stop it now starwars will be the nuber one
Number 1- I must watch!!
Question is, Why hasn't HBO gotten in on this?! Its pure gold
Vlado Buster
best bad lip reading is from STSanders.
CO 68
Seems like those BLR videos would get old fairly quickly.
What about "seagulls stop it now"
reese rad
what about star wats1
Rachel M.
I loooove Bad Lip Readings. XD
this video made me cringe and laugh....xD
The legend 27
What's next top 10 types of dust
Brandon Sittler
The best BLR is "Rockin' All Nite Long", but they had to remove it because Taylor Swift has no sense of humor.
Ok Seagulls was their best video in my opinion
matt rios
1 should have been carl poppa
Brandon Binder
#1 bushes of love
shawn herrick
Rebekah Reno
how are none of the Star Wars videos on this list?!?
Emmm....Original NFL BLR...Carl Poppa, I mean come on !
Zshock soda
Aro from 'More Twilight': "I do like a nithe egg," he gulps, blood-red irises staring wide at Bella, "and you baked me a cookie."
Adalberto Rojas
nice!! I like
49 times...
David J boar
they forgot to add "everybody poops"
Majin Buu
Hadookin! Hadookin to your face. Where is it?

Also seagulls and bushes of love are better than half of these.
If you don't like their videos, why are you watching them? Are you are a subscriber? Then unsubscribe. Their views are dropping, yet you're still viewing? Let's see... "...this sucks, but I continue to watch it..." Why?

You got better ideas, why don't you suggest them on their link above? Or better yet, post them here.
K.I.G. GamerGirl
Anyone else a little offended that they didn't mention Carl Poppa? 😂😂
I feel kind of bad for you that you aren't german in this case! The synchronisations from Coldmirror are legendary here!
Maria Mahoney
I hard-core agree with your number 1. XD
"Now Run run Run Jump! I can be your back pack while you run! Swing from that Hairy vine! I can be your back pack while you climb!"
uhhh Black screen?
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