Mary Llama
I'm arab and I totally understand. there are over 5 ways to say my name. Maryam= muriam, Miriam, Maryam, Mariam, muryam but I tell people to call me mary coz the struggle is real
Poopy John
I'm surprised the guy didn't blow up
Drunk Unicorn
I'm not Arabic but I spent most of my life living in Dubai (I know that doesn't make me Arabic). But this video is soooo relatable
Cyka Nuggets
Cringe and weird AF.
sola mira
Hhhhhh hhhhhh lol 😂😂😂 don't talk to boys 😂😂
- Shaya -
I'm Persian and I live this everyday
Yemen Awesome
This is so true 😂😂
Andriana Mennel
My teacher said if you say insyallah then it's 99.9% yes and the 1% is if God makes you can't do it (like you suddenly sick or anything). She said you have to take the responsibility because you use the word God.
xXNawfal - PlaysXx
I'm Pakistani and I can relate
can you upload a video about K.S.A anything like the wedding or the school or the food
my Arabic name is Akram but my full name is Akram Mahal Hamdan AL-aneze :)
Savage Sofia
when I ask my mom for something it either ok or inshallah (means Maybe) But in my family it means no 😂😂😂😂 That's every Arabic family joke 😂😂😂😂
Jonah Safern
Any Arabs here who support my country, Israel?
Raneemhabz1637 Msp
Ikr my parents are always like that and me (;
Comrade Avene
Grell is Fabulous
Im not arab but my best friend is, so i get most of these. And im learning arabic
Dima Jounblat
I'm Lebanese so I'm arab and this is so relatable😂😂
I relate so much 😂
I’m carribean and at my school culture doesn’t matter if you’re not Hispanic 😂😂 literally if your black people just assume you’re from Africa 🙄
Ķýłïē Jěñňəř
Well, that "Amro" scene was overplayed.
Maverick 1
Well....I would say "Moments Only Egyptian People Understand" as the cultural layout is mostly Egyptian-related :D
Call me Ræ
Me "baba can I go to this party"
baba "Inshallah"
Anna Wherrems
Trump do something...
He's really attractive
Bella Gutierrez
I'm half iranian but I relate
Lele Osama
I'm Arabian and that's my life story
Anna Janelidze
This is a nice vid, such stuff also happen in my culture , I am happy there are some similarities in our cultures ! :)
Luca Raafat
2:24 accurate!
Luca Raafat
i am also half Egyptian and my sister is also half Egyptian and her name is emma what are the odds
Simon cowell
When I tell people I speak Arabic they don't believe me because I'm black and I explain to them that the main language spoken in Sudan is Arabic and they still won't believe me even if I speak in Arabic. And people always assume that I'm Muslim and ask why I don't wear a hijab or why I'm wearing shorts or short sleeves shirts and so on. Also people don't believe me when I tell them I'm Sudanese because apparently I'm too light and then I tell them my mom is Ethiopian. And if I tell people I'm Ethiopian before I tell them my dad is Sudanese they tell me I'm to dark to be Ethiopian and I tell them my dad is Sudanese and they ask me to speak Arabic and when I do they say it's not Arabic and I tell them it's not the same Arabic spoken in the Middle East but it's similar to the the Egyptian Arabic. Also Arab people who over hear my family speak in Arabic get so shook lmao 😂
Warren K Bell Jr
I am sure not all middle eastern people are as loud as we make them out to be.
ms. woopysmart
The money thing is soo true
Nicole Nino
Please more arab videos i will move down to help for free
Snehal Damor
G-d bless Arabs
Yama3 Gamer
Egyptians are not all arabs dumbasses.
ItsRobloxlife Gaming
Understands all of them cuz iam Arabic and it is so right
Sophie Adelia
Why do they fight of paying the coffee?
Sonia M
I'm a quarter North african and still understood several of these things.
A Jarjis
This is sooooo true!!! My entire family is originally from the Middle East and I relate to every single one of these
Hamo Hamic
I'm not an arab but I understood almost everything :)
Aleyna Kayis
And turkish people😉
Maya Rae
Not arab, but was born and raised in UAE so still totally understood everything :D
abdullah alkhatib
btw i talk arabic مرحبا
Inas Elmellaoui
I lovee BuzzFeed ❤❤❤👏👏 great videos!
Reem Fanous
I'm Arab and my name is Reem it's An Arabic name
Dusk n Dawn
i saw aladdin i know this shiz

that was so funny
safa 3
Omg that sooooo true😹😹😹😹
What does "i run on arab time" means?
"What's your Arabic name"

No one says that, BuzzFeed
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