Moments Only Arab People Understand


“What’s your Arabic name?"

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Proud to be Arab!!
Nisreen Bilal
ان شاء الله = That's means he is not coming 😂😂😂
Mir Nor
Proud to be arabic and muslim proud to be with you guys
Fadi Nakhle
You do know that Leonardo From vinci was half Iranian so got none of his wealthy dad's money
Family does too much of the paying thing 😂
Gilbert Beilschmidt
"I think what you are trying to say you are a doctor?" -also asian parents
Aya Chekrouni
The food part is soooo true 😂😂
just ramiz
omegagames isawesome
the one with you be a docter is Indian
Mohamed Abdulatief
she is egyption.. these are not the true arabs :)
Do you mean Egypt ppl can understand
All Muslim are Terrorists #banmuslims
Ben Mogensen
What about "please don't blow up my house"
Ahd Abdel Kayoum
I'm Egyptian and Arab 😄 and all these things are so true
ازيكوا يا ولاد الكلاب.
Alex Sage
fighting to pay for stuff ahahahhhh XDD that's totally a chinese thing tooo yoooo. 10/10 the struggle is real XDDD
samia eldomy
I am half eyptain so I anderstand
Kaue Pereira
Fake! They didnt blow up
R.J. A
With regards to hospitality I think it applies to all Asians too. They literally force feed you during functions hahahhahaha
Sharif Al Humaid
Name Amro عمرو is read as Amr not amm-roo
Maya Baltaji
all arabs like this one (i am one seriously)احبابي
pro drive
thx im not arabe im algerien amazighe and atheist
rohit yadav
where is the bomb part?
Godess Of Weirdness
I'm not Arab but I still get this. 😂
GOGOman Gaming
i am egyptian
I'm Arab and I can confirm this never happens.
Abishek Sundarraj
Don't talk to boys
Cup Cakes
They forgot one thing!! Arab moms would get a flip flop or a belt and start beating us 😂💔
wiam emily
Im Arab and I can assure you that arabs are smart kind people we are not weirdos
Daksha Jajodia
sain kassab
the paying part is just to damn accurate!!!
Ali Mamesh
you dont have to add the headings for me i am arab i can understand this
Mels Mels
spurdo sparde
"moments only Arab people will understand" what? blowing up? you're not a special snowflake you're human like the rest of us your religion doesn't make you any different
Pavel Berov
lujain samarkandi
Egyptians XD, but pretty much right in everything. Can't say much in Saudi.
Alex Andreas
I am of Iraqi background born and raised in Canada. Are Iraqis considered Arab???
Ava Cawthon
I think he Arabic girls are so sexy:3
Emily McMahon
So, all Arab people fight over the coffee bill? Good to know
DiamondGirlMC PirenaBigFan
im half arabic and filipino
S Writer
S Writer
Every other Arab person in my family is ashamed for it and don't like fellow arabs. It's not even because of western discrimination. I'm the only person that wants to embrace our culture
nezar mahmoud farghaly
I'm Arab myself
Esraa Alhayek
i am Arabic
why didn't I understand anything?
Ella Malfoy
So accurate!!!
Happy Thinking Is Healthy
People dont belive that i am from israel just beacause i am blonde and blue eyed...😒🇮🇱
Hamda Alshamsi
The part of paying and part of making food for 2 people is so true omg
Oaha Almn9ori
Arabs have beautiful hair, im arabian i have very long hair
Im so white that I destroy screen brightness on phones from my pictures. why am I here?
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