Dude Perfect: The Most Dangerous Game

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Tyler and camera-man Toby go head to head in a fierce pool face-off - with a twist! 

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COMMENT below to let us know what you want to see!

Lets just say in game 2, tye blew a 3-1 lead
Declan Suru
Tyler you selfish bum, you turn into a raging poor sport when you lose and you get super cocky when you win... sigh
Hawthorn Lapierre
Tyler blew a 4-1 lead
Logan Duncan
i should be contestent number 2
im toby
Ben_famous famous
guys I am trying to reach 50 followers on Instagram. I just created it so please help me and follow me at "bennyboy215"
my name is Toby
Sati YT
Hi :) nice Video bro :D
Anye-Nkwenti Forti
What? He said he was "keeping the pace"
Gracie Williamson
this is so neat.
Shane George
C an cc c nob cn b b
Austin McCullough
U should do a slingshot edition or battle
JoHnFoRcE 1108
did anyone see that tyler shot that ball and the score said he need 2 more what the heck
JoHnFoRcE 1108
i think toby is panda ???

like if you agree
Nathaniel Wood
That game was rigged
Coby pearson
I don't get this
when was the last time Ty got demolished by someone that doesn't do the trick shots? Props to Toby for demolishing Ty and his Tynasty.
New member of the dude perfect:Toby
Eliminator 152
Toby made coby look stupid
declan barbour
TheBlackscroll gaming
Ultimate rage dude ultamate!!!!! #TheBeastMode
Madhawa Dissanayake
are we sure the tyler isent a rage monster
Dang Tyler breaking that stick was impressive
Lorna Dizon
i think Toby is the panda because sometimes Cory is handling the camera
Jean Fuller
Nerfslayer 50
Toby is the panda
clash of epic
u should do dodge ball
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Benjamin Ballard
Ty and coby
Milo Hodge
Tyler you have rage problems
Vincent Lupiano Jr
toothbasics 1998
hey ty bro rage monsert🤣
Rebecca Serna
Go TOBY!!!
Toby Stout
I'm in the game my name is Toby
2 soon to be hilarious announcers (Jon carver and Jim schorts)
Robert Edwards
I'm so annoyed
Ramon Calero
Coby,Toby,Cody,Cory really?...
Eduardo Vega
Tyler blew a 4 1 lead
Rebecca Kent
the first game was not a fluke.
Asher Gillies
its ok
carey song
FINALLY Tyler lost,, and to the camera guy oh the irony 😁
Dan Bachman
Diego Channel
Ty is a dude perfect member. and he lost against. the camera man
Bobby James Enoc
why does tyler gets angry if he lose? isn't he bored always winning?
vaibhav tiwari
i think toby is the PANDA
who is behind the camera
Lucas Repizo
queria saber falar inglês só pra saber o que eles estão falando
Outdoor Adventures With Tanner
I think Cody is panda
Top Hat Joe
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