PnB Rock - Selfish [Official Music Video]

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PnB Rock - Selfish from PnB Rock's Debut Album Goin Thru The Motions

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love this song OOOMMMGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordan Loehr
My soul escapes my body when he switches his voice at 2:52. Oh lord!
just discovered this in 2017
Naidelyn Angelito
#PNB SQUAD where you at
Vans M3LL0
pnb look like will smith lmao
He's jealous of the girl being with other guys but at the end he's with another girl that makes no sense
Brynden Whitten
This song and everyday we lit is my shit!
Sebastian H.
i swear im high as kek right now and i love this kek
Layluush Abdulle
(i want you all to my self i swear )
favorite song
Marius Stoica
Vamsi Chandra
whats that mercedes car in the end?
Princess Clarissa
every hoe on snapchat sing this song . even tho they the side 🙂
Chelsey Nelson
dopest song out right now
Stephanie Henderson
I feel like this about somebody right now 😏
who has instagram here
RetroMania 10,000_
who produced this?????
Amia Love
be a good ass titties baby i wanna suck on that pussy
Amber Stowe
The girls voice in background OMG
Latanya Ball
love this song
yo hahahahahahzha
Andy Moreno
is it just me or dose that girl he's dating in the video look like Alessia Cara😱😱😱👌👌😉
THis SHit Slapps
Carmella Love
Beast Brook
This song😍😍😍😍😍
Wow and the bar keeps getting lower. I blame dumb white kids trying to be hood instead of good.
RayQuan Valentine
my fav song nohomo
Justin the gamer 1
this song make me think about my girlfriend 😌😌😌
Joe Bands
can somebody tell me the song at the end
I'm legally blind
chick with fat ass and playing basketball made search this song
anthony andrade
Though it was Ty when I first heard this lol
j b
love this song
3:38 is that my nigga ABoogie???
Charisse Williams
My jam!!
nysha sullivan
Best song
Its Foxify
the end made me laugh so hard
Moreno Papi
When he say niggas all on your dick...he's clearly talking about a transsexual 😂
jay dunn
yo did anyone notice that the apartments in the beginning are from gta4😕
This video hard af , then pnb featured a boogie 🔥
Beatriz Briseno
anyone else notice he was throwing dollar bills the whole time 😂💁
Janique Keyes
my sog
Mornett Newton
my baby getting famous and making bandz😢😘😘
Jonathan Padilla
i didnt know Will Smith came out with this banger
"dont you know you're fucking with a winner"
owen lagasse
was that a boogie
David Collins
1:37-1:41 my favorite line💯😈
dis the song go
Tatianna Myles
😍😍😍 I like he ain't judge her bc she a stripper but they made it happen
Vincent Green
when u love a girl wit all ur ❤
kasapa kasapa
2017 cant get any wierder niggas falling in love with strippers and thots but dawg regular faithful and loyal bitches...i say all that to say this song is lit🔥🔥🔥
Chris Hughes
A boogie in here
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