Behind The Scenes | Ping Pong Trick Shots

Time to go Behind the Scenes of our Ping Pong Trick Shot video!
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Captain Skills Awesomeness
What a fail
Rob Foley
Ava Henderson
ya'll are awesome my dad and my friends love ya'll to 'm in a all boy family and i watch u guys all the time :) #dabonit!!!
Bauke Yhiita FAN
Fallen Leaves
Biggest dp supporters: Ruffles, Nerf, and Pringles.
Active Swann 26
Who is the panda
First Paradox
i think it's possible that they might be sponsored by Pringles...
Epic diamond guy Diamond
Their fake I'm so mad They are fake
HuskyDonut 11
Joel Gunasekaran
thats so sad!
Catsuki Dash!
I see dat. First op ol ty wasss da Host man at da begining butt in de opisal pinhg pohng it was not ty Wow
Gizmo Jo123
Who else noticed that the ping pong actually did go into the goal and slipped thorough the holes
I wonder how many Pringles Ty ate when they were filming the first trick shot.
Thibyan Vlogs
Why does ty look like an Arabian at the end?
Mitchell Cohen
the beginning was funny
Bellyboy Gaming
That was horrible
Meghan Wyk
1000th comment
Meghan Wyk
Meghan Wyk
Meghan Wyk
Meghan Wyk
Meghan Wyk
Meghan Wyk
Meghan Wyk
Rocket league Legends
I'm wanna know who the panda iss
Feel The Speed
1:00 the most awkward position
Wanda Russell
To quote Joel: "Baby, oh baby. Prepare for disappointment"
Iyonnah Taylor
I could've sworn he broke something when he fell in skates. 😭😂
Nizam Azizul
is the guy in the pringles suit the same as panda?
ZacharyOwen 2010
Thomas Monk
Who is watching this in 2017
happy gaming
fuck i am craving pringles now
Happy Baccon
2:16 world first dab
punch bug red! get rektdddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For all those motherfuckers that watched dont watch no more if your not going to subscribe so fuck you pieces of shit assholes dont fucken click or tap on another fucking video you pieces of shit
Omar Ibrahim
You guys are the best
Peter vlogs and football stuff
We want to see the 🐼 real face
Jeanine Rioux
did any one see that alot of them were ty
Zackscott games
"Put a ball in my hand!"
Florence Stephan
You Gus are savage
Got a Pringle ad
So weird to hear them scream "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!"
Javier Solorio III
Dude almost perfect
Jason Goldenberg
Hi I am a huge fan
Kristie Wzorek
I found one of these balls in the parking lot 2days agow
Kermit ďé frog
where do these guys(dude perfect )live
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