Crazy Supersized Hail Storms

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Intense footage of hail storms from around the planet!!!

Music: Echos of time by Kevin MacLeod

mr.kool-aid the kool aid
I would be fucked
James Rogers
The bible book of John, chapter 14, verse 26, gives us the Spirit of God, for a Teacher, and Comforter, Forever...Peace
Guillermo Martinez
super bowl
Pragna Varshini
Do they ha isurance
Sanyi Kiss Lajos
Ez nem semmi
Desiree estrella
OMG 😲 🙈🙈🙈
Rory Craden
I chewed 2 pieces of hail
That can probably bring down a plane.
eri albar
THIS WEATHER WEAPON natural Logic can tell it
Illuminati Kílla
Made by HAARP!
Finn McMahon
I've only saw hail like 1cm big I live in the UK and the there is caused when temperatures reach 0-°C
aj chef
Briyanna Hollifield
2 years ago I was at the pool then it started raining hail, everyone ran out and tumbled over other peoples kids..just to get to their cars screaming tornado and there wasn't even a tornado and the cops had to come and deal with everything...
Call The Midwives - Antenatal Classes - Orpington Area
These are happening everywhere we had one in Kent UK in June this year..Madness mother nature fights back these babies are killers
Bielz Kulsk
This video is the literal definition of what happens when jesus goes to the toilet.
Camo_CreeperGirl Roblox and Minecraft
rip glass
Donald Trump
if you are inside of a hailstorm like this.. best thing:
both arms over your head one over the other and RUN to a better place...!
jessica smith
that happend to me...
Lamar P
wtf is happening
jim apple
That is some wild weather . The winds must have been incredibly strong to keep the hail up in the clouds until that got to be that size . Could you imagine if the hail was watermelon size .
Bene Bürger
wow 😨😨😨
Francisco Pardo
tremendo uff
ThreeBears Sandoval
click bait didn't show the hail on picture
Rick Shaw
The Holy Bible says one hundred pound hailstones are coming. In my best estimation, that is an ice ball between 1.5 to 2 feet in diameter. You ready for that?
Bigdogmax Bigdoghoso
how bout the birds and wildlife no place to hide
RP/ Top 10 Everyday Try Not To Laughs
Man I feel bad for the clouds to poop out those hail balls not for the filthy rich people THEY CAN DIE
eduardo Reyes
Wahid Khatri
where is it place ?
John Bates
Back in the 1960's, near Tipton, Oklahoma, I was in grapefruit size hail. I can tell you is absolutely terrifying !!!!
Maggie Satterfield
The image is very misleading. While intense, these images were of regular hail NOT "Super-sized hail".
Lemon Haze Games
thats what humans diserve for being disrespectful to general life.
cant wait to see us dead.
Vicky Perales
poor people
Golf-ball sized hail will dimple your car and sting like a bastard.
Baseball-sized hail will smash plate glass windows and leave you bruised and bloody (maybe break your nose).
Softball-sized hail will smash your WINDSHIELD and crush your skull.
Pieces Reeses
Wow it looks like grenades are going off in the pool
Some stupid foggat that gets banned by Rem
Isis has gained Cryokinesis
Edward Hernandez
Who lives in ks
Anthony Long
Gotta feel bad for people stuck outside when these massive hailstones come crashing down. That could kill someone
when nature get mad :(
Kalpesh Patel
Hail Hyrda.
The guy driving at the end should have pulled over and put his floor mats on top of his car.
Carsten Klünder
nice vid.....greetings!
UnicornKWO_9077 u
Wow, I feel so sorry for these people. So much property and car damage. I've only seen pea sized hail, but that was years ago.
Derpy Plays101
Hail stones did that!!!!!!! (plane)
Comedyshortsgamer Vlogs
You suuck quit u tube now
Derpy Freddy._.
Maja Zolich
the first one was EPIC!!!!!!
good morning
how big was it
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