Conor McGregor Reacts to LA Presser, Says Floyd Mayweather Told Him 'MMA Next'

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Conor McGregor discussed what he said to Floyd Mayweather during Tuesday's press conference faceoff, his thoughts on the festivities, whether his mic was cut, the stipulations put on him by Team Mayweather, and much more.


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Eoin Smith
Conor will destroy MayWeather
Readers Studio
I don't trust his gloves he is tapping these men and they are falling down
Ammar Bet
I love conor mcgregor
i love listening to mcgregor speak lmao, the accent + broken english is phenomenal
Nathan Cook
I'm the crazy person to pay $100 to watch the fight on paper view
Benny Gonzalez
lmao @ 1:40
Igor Bragato
McGregor's confidence - 100%
Floyd's confidence - 50%
Owen Beans
bob axe
Conor says "if he dies, he dies" then floyd dresses up like apollo creed...... talk about manifestation...
They cut the Mic becAuse they couldn't handle the roast
props to Ariel, as usual.
nobushi raider
People hating on conor cause of his training videos, lol those are fake so he looks weak and floyd underestimates him
MR. 359
This guy is talking to so much well both of them are lol, Floyd will retire 50-0 just like Peyton won his last Super Bowl ring
Dead Head 102
00:37 "Rolled up and started talking Stweet"
Chris Bags
3:24 That's gangster.
Which tour did they cut off the mic ?
Rahim LaQuica
Can someone tell me what exactly Conor answer was at 4:48 ? "Will you make a 100million with this fight?"
JET LI & JACKY CHAN predict FLOYD will be KO in the first round and TKO in the second round BING BANG BOUM
Wes A
bruh said if it clears the pacio numbers he make 100 mil....that's not even taking the win or lose....
David Smith
Conor seems very comfortable with ariel!
LOL He cant even beat his sparring partner let alone the king of boxing. 50-0 we all know the outcome. it's like a shark coming to the land trying to fight a lion? does that make sense no!!!! use that beautiful brains, you retards.
Conor might be able to steal a win from a 40yr old Mayweather who hasn't boxed in a yr or 2 but he'd get killed by GGG or Canelo. So if he somehow manages to win then he better go back to ufc cuz his next boxing match would easily be a loss
david palmer
youre Dreaming if you Think youre going tö win!!! the Money man's going tö turn youre Face into Tomato Sauce and Spaghetti!!😁😁🤣🤣
Theatres Des Rose
Man, I want his accent ugh. I'm proud of my New Orleans accent but man, that's a banging ass accent lol
TYB Lateras you will not be disappointed
Connor may be talking a lot of stuff now, but he is going to take a beating.
Javon Alston
ufc fans are delusional him winning is like a cow running faster then a cheetah
Mr. Smith
He's so damn confident in himself!! I really want him to win but I highly doubt he will. Mayweather is the best unfortunately. But damn, you gotta give it to McGregor for how confident he is with himself. He honestly thinks he will win! lol
Conor knows damn well Floyd can pay and has paid his taxes, Floyd has made nearly a billion dollars if not a billion dollars, dumbest rumor I've ever heard🤦🏾‍♂️
29 years of age to be in the position he is in it's an astonishing phenomenal accomplishment that no one can take that away from Conor McGregor.
Mcgregor is un estimating how tough the sport of boxing is. He thinks he's just gonna go in there and smash mayweather and it's not gonna go like that
Shane Leone
as far as his training videos... he is trolling everyone... down playing his skill
Shane Leone
Connor is a straight up warrior
Michael S.
This whole promo tour has been distasteful. Just bring on the fight already.
The Philianist
You'll do nutin
Andy Evans
Hes more stupid than he looks..
Nick De Las Alas
Best part about the fight is if he does lose, he still gets the money and it doesn't even count on his mma record
remain Korshn
EZ 49-1
Tavus Brown
I love coner his confidence is unparalleled but you guys are dumb if you think he's gonna step into a champions own ring and beat him. I don't think he'll get destroyed but a couple months is not enough to be able to compare to 20+ years. take it from a person who wants coner to win. I'm just being realistic besides mayweather is too relaxed he know what he's doing
If u missed Floyd's banter he said "hard work" about 37 times and "yeahhh" about 59 times. Top bantz not
I'm hoping Conor forgets where he is in the ring and kicks him.....hard....😂
Paul Caunter
MARIO ..... such a cool, calm, focused interviewer ..... just flows and Con Mc loves him too .... great dialog between the 2 ... listen to the others ask questions ... NOT AT THIS LEVEL ... and Cons replies .... TEAM CMcG ... like that, its got a ring, ding ding (pml) - lol
awesome interviewer. More in depth talks with Conor please
Michal Uchal
guy doing this interview is a superclass
He looks a bit tired
Arthur Wall
I'm celebrating straight people today
mcgregor is only doing this for money... i hate mayweather but he has been boxing his entire life and never lost, he can easily take a noob who has never done pro boxing before
Who do you fear most, the man who knows 6,000 punches or the man who practiced one punch 6,000 times.
James Ellison
Conner does not stand a chance. Bollocks floyd is in for the shock of his life
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