iPhone 8 Accessories Wishlist

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I talk primarily about cases, which I feel have a lot of potential! 

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Chronic Town
From what I've seen, you don't need a case. What about your NutSac?

Ok, that's it. I'm done. Sheeps' honor.
I want less ports too... Or a case to cover them up. Everyone complaining about the loss of the headphone jack have probably never used or don't own Bluetooth headphones. Once you cut the cord..there's no going back. I haven't missed my headphone jack once! Wireless over ear Beats and my Airpods are the most convenient thing I've ever used. I will never go back to wired. Same thing with wireless charging. I went from the Note 5 to the Iphone 7+ and the biggest issue I've had is getting used to plugging my phone in to charge it. I say take all the ports away... Which will make all the slow folk go buy wireless headphones and chargers finally and then they'll realize how much easier it is. We have to force em lol
I would like to use my phone while it's charging since my phones battery doesn't last all day. So, until Apple can somehow let me charge my phone wirelessly without putting it on a pad, I would like to be able to plug in my phone.
Jacob Gleason
The only problem about a charging pad is you can't use your phone when it's charging unless u want to use it while it's sitting on the charging pad
Snoop Cat
That's why I love Apple, they look into the future, and get ready for it
Mario Padron
thank you
Anthony Garber
I wish they could put wireless charging under the display it would be easier and it would be different than the Samsung wireless charging
Firas •
im an apple cheap but you are a stupid one
Had to pause the video.
Drew, why would you want to have a bumper on the most durable part of the phone, and not on the biggest, most visible and delicate parts of the phone? Huh? Now I get the wireless charging (stopped at that point) but still.....this is why I'm not for a glass back. They tried twice, and both times it was on of (if not) the biggest complaint for both iPhones. Let's stay with the aluminum, of hell, go with ceramic. We need to wait for better materials before we go all glass. Screw wireless charging; it's not even hat Apple wanted in the first place. Anyway.....continuing....
Safiul Hoda
I you should be the CEO of Apple somedays or head of the designer department, what!!
I can imagine that right 😃😃
Safiul Hoda
awesome bro
Android iPhone case.
Alex Paffenroth
I think Apple should merge the iPod and the Apple Watch.
Darcer's Tech
I hope wireless charging will work through the official cases.

One of my friends has an iPhone 6S and Apple Pay doesn't work for him, if he doesn't take the official Leather Apple case off of the phone.
Noble Obodum
keep up the iPhone 8 videos!! I love everything apple pro, but now he doesn't do as many iPhone 8 update videos as he did in the past for rumored future iPhones. Everytime a new rumor comes out, I look forward to seeing your hilarious Apple sheep take on it, because while I am not an Apple sheep, I am a true Apple fan. :) keep up the good work!
Apple covers actually sucks, they get destroyied in a month
Geni Lila
Why put LEDs at the battery case, when you can put them on the charger itself, and the charger shows the percentage for both the iPhone and the case. And while your case is on your iphone you don't really need LEDs because you can see your battery percentage at the iPhone itself. This way you have a better looking product, and a simple one.
Sneh Mazomdar
I don't want wireless charging in iPhone X since 1. It would be copying Samsung and 2. You can't use your phone while in bed AND charge.... #Uncomfortable
AGAIN, that is not how wireless charging works.
Talk about Apple dropping the 'S' model of phones.
Mm no ports
annu rajeev
we are not at all sick of your videos !!! absolutely love it
If future phones have no ports at all, how would users sync to their PC's? The PC won't be wireless. I can't see it happening. 👍
How would I put movies on my phone without a port??? Huh??
Chris S
if you're dropping it on a pad with a wire, it's not wireless charging.
I hope they have completely wireless charging. No cables, no pads. That would be a dream.
ketpong r.
Idea of no port is great! Love it
sanil gosavi
Brian Liebau
The charging case should be charged from the iPhone when it reaches full charge from the lightning (or USB C hopefully) Also, it would be cool if Apple would put 64 (or more) gigabytes of memory into the case itself that the iPhone can access. It would be complicated if the user would remove the case though...
You are holding on to your S8 just in case apple doesn't come thru for you?
Papa Beto
I have an iPhone 7 Plus and I wished that Apple sold a battery case for the 7 Plus
Jaylen Rowe
What there be no iPhone 8 and it's just the iPhone 7s with a new color 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Gotta love that light jab at Samsung ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
jordan carter
Wireless charging so ass 🤦🏿‍♂️
Bro Gameplay
What about the camera hump
Mr Random
VId on Tim cook saying gluecose monitor pls
If the case had no ports how would we plug in our new lightning earbuds lmfao
Paul Keating
It can't be just me that sees the current version of wireless charging as being useless, it's certainly not a game changer! I very rarely put my phone down long enough (sleeping aside) for it to get any significant amount of charge, I don't want to have to use my phone while it's sat on the charger, I'll just plug it in and use it as usual. Make wireless truly wireless and you've got something to shout about (over the air charging).
Wireless charging is underwelming and over estimated
Lautaro Castro
And what is most important, how it's gonna be the iPhone 8 in rose gold, gold, or white? all the people make it in the leaks just black. Srry 4my bad english
I love your IPhone 8 Vids. You are my favorite tech Youtuber and your ideas are superb!
Matthew Guthrie
Bring back the headphone jack!
You Thought
There's been great bumper cases for iPhones for years, Rhinoshield...
DrewZilla Kill-a
I understand you want no ports on the charging case, but wouldn't that make charging take forever! Because you have to the case and the phone, plus wireless is slower
Ido B.
You are thinking very big, just hope that apple gonna make the iPhone 8 will truly wirelessly charge but apple gonna have a big hubs that transmit power wirelessly on every country and you never need to charge it. And it have only display and a small wifi chip that connects to apple super computers and gives you full desktop pc (or mac) performance on your iPhone. Kinda like what nvidia. It not gonna happen but it will be cool as a consent for the iPhone 20...
Average Brad
pin me please 😎
zoheb meghji
Umm that curly strands of hair popping out on his head. SO tempted to put it down XD
Brian Ayres
apple can't match it anymore with Samsung. apple are going down in a big way. so many people are switching to android.
Ice Casasola
if you cover the port? how do you connect to itunes?
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