Bronwyn Russell
I want safs dress
Ally Cat95
Saf with those scissors is the reason why my friends don't trust me. My friends are always backing away even when I have a paper clip😂😂😂
Alex Ayala
I want all of their outfits
ajxoxo hello
I'm like dying to see more but its 2:01 where I am right now.
Snow Ale
Safiya came back to BuzzFeed??
Camille McHenry
This is funny because I actually sew 😭
Mariela Cruz
wow I'm impressed
Olivia Cookie
From my experience of sewing I made a pillow as the first thing it was epic it looked like a panda the I had a sleepover with my feiend and she kept stretching it ON PURPOSE!I was so mad I litterally made her sleep on the couch my mom was mad too because that was the first thing i sewed and it was so cuuuuuuute lol
I don't want to make anyone mad with this comment it's just my rant
I started sewing at 6 and I got my own sewing machine at 10
Olivia Coleman
Can we please just talk about how great Chantel's dress was?!
Julia Manstar
When you've made a clothing line for your cat already 😂
the tube
I miss safiya
Annora Riyanto
what i cant wear to school :
-crop tops
-skirts that are higher than your knee
-non collared shirt
-no sleeve tops

what i can :
-long pants (jeans)
-button up shirts
lyla lol16
How come it takes them a whole week to make a dress when I'm 12 and can make a dress in 6 hours
Sasha Purple
Morgan RB
i have the same sewing machine
Grey Wolf
I related to Chantel so much, in 7th grade I had all A's but in home ec I got a B in the sewing unit
Meow Simmer
Pause at 3:31, 4:21,4:52, 5:08 and 5:09 and then look at the bottom part at ,11:36, 10:58 not the video the part where the red line moves
Reese SD
I had to learn how to hand sew and use a sewing machine in about four months, with approximately twenty days each month, which equals eighty days, which let me tell you, is not a lot with my teacher.
Britney B
That looks so much fun!!!!!!!
Live Laugh Leave me alone
Saf I want your dress soo bad
Isabella The Kawaii Potato
I make my own cosplay clothes because it is hard to find a freaking mituna captor body suit anywhere that is not somewhere sketchy like online. You try finding a helmet with blue and red visors you can see through (look up an image of Mituna cosplay from homestuck if you want to see what I mean)
Sasha Wambui
The fact that my name is Sasha.
regan manning
ok I know how to sew and I was cringing when they cut the pattern out with fabric scissors.
Janee Freeman
Hi plz hire me. This would literally be the best job ever
Sid Bobby
Was anyone else a bit creeped out at 6:49 saf with the scissors
Zoe Jaine
I want Saf's dress
Julia Smith
I am obsessed with Safiya's dress. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
julia ulia73
Can we all just appreciate Chantal and her hot bodycon dress❤️👌
Itz Melinda
They made it look harder than it really is 😂❤️
Kawaii Cookies
Saf looks kinda scary with the hood
Banana Club
Freddie's hair is so pretty
Talia Stojchevski
6:42 Saf in the backround
Helena Krieger
I love to sew and experiment with different patterns. if I met Ashton, we could compare designs! one time I made a four-in-one dress, the long skirt could turn into a cape and underneath was a shorter skirt. I am working on a six-in-one dress now (with a strapless dress pattern) I added sleeves to it.
Ana Rodriguez
Middle school dress code? Basically nothing in fashion. No crop tops. No ripped jeans. No toe revealing shoes. No hats. No purses. R.I.P
Taylor Marieee
Saf legit a baddie in the thumbnail 😍😍😍😍
Its funny to watch people older than me not really know how to sew with a sewing machine and here I am 12 year old who knowhow to sew with a machine and by hand
DiscoDolly AVH
of course safiya chose black!!
Hayley Wuschke
I love Ashton
Dat One Fan Girl
The shop is called Ashton Michael... MASHTON FOREVER 😂😂😂
Carlly O.
❤ Chantel's dress, ❤ Fred's model walk even more
Carlly O.
Besides his voice, he's pretty masc which I think is cool. Sorry if that sounds bad.
WolfWarpz Wolf
Madi and Alyssa
Chantelle did so good it looked like you bought it from a store
as a cosplayer, I enjoyed watching this so much. I miss saf with them though. I felt like those three had just great chemistry and felt like a true girl squad
marshmellow *•o•*
6:41 I am dead
K Southers
I have the same sewing machine that they used.
Who else is watching after saf left :(
Melanie Ojeda
6:43-6:51 LOL 😂😂😂😂😂
Jazmin A
Ok so now if I was walking that "fashion runaway" i would be the one that face plants midway
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