Women Make Their Own Clothes β€’ Ladylike


We made our own clothes from scratch. It was hard.

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Michael Levine Fabrics
June Saito
Chelsea Martens

Ashton Michael

Am I the only one paying only attention to scissor girl she creepy πŸ’‡πŸ»πŸ’‡πŸ»
Kate O'Leary
Arianator Touluse
The guy looks like Mac Miller
Website MaKer
6:02 thats what she said ! :P
Nikki Lia
β€œThe cat gon see it” #1 priority
Taryn Lea
The girl needs to stop with the "Marshas." I have bigger boobs than her and I'm like seven years younger than her
Hannah Kim
did anyone else notice the banana suit at ashtons studio
Its Zoe!
these are amazing dresses
Amanda Sundby
Ashton's laugh was definitely my favorite part of this video. I kept backtracking/rewinding just to hear his laugh over and over again. Contagious. :)
Mia Sunshine
I'm a big sewer and I once got the sewing machine needle in my finger.
kimmie gilmour
the end products of all of there's is grate!!!!!
Final Loobster
Who else noticed the banana costume? XD
multifandom memearooni
"ashton michael" wow only at least a minute or something in and i'm already screaming bc of a fandom reference !
Suzanna Malinowski
you all look so pretty
Hannah Armstrong
chantels one looks slay !
Jasmen Smith
Freddie is the best
Audrey Mahoney
7:37 I love Freddie's dress
Paris Mundi
I would actually love to buy all three of those "dresses" πŸ‘—πŸ‘ŒπŸΌthere so cute all 3.πŸ€‘πŸ˜Š
Maybe Myriad
I sew and watching this was so funny but almost as painful as forgetting to backstitch in the beginning of a seam....
Adley Dire
Did you guys see how the dude was looking at all their butts?
unisandres 01
that guy was so sweet to them
Leslie Park
Ashton has such a great personality
It's Just Life
lol. saf with those scissorsπŸ˜‚
Kaylee Moerenhout
I wanna do this tooo ❀
5:12 omg I have that pattern!! I ordered it two years ago, and made the long skirt with the nonsleeve top as a "prom"dress :') I live in the netherlands, so how big's the chance?
Caroline Jacobsen
I liked how Ashton was so friendly to the girls. πŸ˜€
LolliPop's SecondAccount
I miss saf😩😩😩😩
Lillian Fraidenburg
hey ladylike! I jus wanted to tell you guys thank you, because for almost 15 years I've been wanting to be a fashion designer, but lately I've been doubting that part of me. but watching this brought back that love and passion I have for designing clothes, and you guys have definitely inspired me to chase my dreams once again, so thank you so much for helping me focus on what I love. love you guys, and stay girly!❀
Elissa Powell
all of them were awesome!
Jennifer Navarrethe
these womans
C.C. Tinsley
Who else knew what Saf's choice of fabric would be?
Charli Marsh
"hooded swirly cape" I want one
Become a cosplayer and you will HAVE to learn how to sew. I still don't know how to use a sewing machine but I actually hand sewed my own leather skirt, well fake leather, vinyl in fact, but man the time you put into hand-sewing each piece together and then sewing it all together really makes you appreciate your craft.
Dark Lord Of The Universe
rock on girls
Meghana Pasumarti
livlife 10
Aspen Scott
I think the girl in the black dress won sorry just started to watch them and I never caught her name
Natalie Schlagel
Somebody count all the times Ashton said truthfully omfg
Bimsa 04
I was 8 when i learned to sewπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sunflower Princess
Honestly Saf is my spirit animal
Flowers and a Thank You? So Ladylike!
Echo 9970
Definitely made a good job, I started sewing last year but only making cushions to order but I make each one very different and know two the same. I am also making throws, I am hoping to start doing other things slowly? YouTube is great as that's we're I have learned how to sew and thread my new machine I got. I started on a old singer 99k and now have a top of the range singer which is amazing. Keep it up guys great job.
Margie Van Petten
Saf should add a ribbon around the waste.
Paolina Francheska Gaddi
Chantel's dress was bomb af
Emalee Hagen
I'm 11 and I can sew but this was awesome
Imogen Platt
Wow I thought you they were going to have bad cuts and messy edges but no they were amazing!
Ana Terra Santos
Saf, dont worry i feel the same way about bobbins. They are the devil and i hate them all...
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