8 Kitchen Life Hacks

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Maria Lazarescu
Έλεος άμα δεν έχουν τι να κάμουν οι αθρωποι
Dan Pintea
this are not hacks are just stupid thinks meant to complicate the life of a man. THE MOST USELESS VIDE0
Sadia Shaikh
montadhar majid
XX Xtroc
sugi pula
Terence Preston
buy 2 water melons cut 1 in half scoop it out throw away melon, keep the 2 halves. peel the other throw away peel clean it with a washing up pad, then put it in the 1st water melons halves
Merkur Play
Super video
B Jayanna
B Jayanna
new idea is there wowwwwwwwwwwwwww
Chunnu Kumar
Ganga Wadhwa
Ganga Wadhwa
Abel Stavrow
Did anyone else notice 4.54 seconds in theres a certain shape than 4 seconds later its been spread yet the rest is pretty much the same
Dj Raztah
Jason Olivarez
what was the point of the egg in a bag???? thumbs down.
Ethan Wagner
lol that wasn't nutella that he was pumping out. Hershey's syrup n nutella r not that same thing
inocencia Balbuena
Kerricua. waooooooo
this sucks
Michele bo
ma perchè ?
Bhima Kharel
Francis Raposo
Kill Yourself
Luky G
Ideas for spasteks
Piyush Goswami
Mr gear plzz tell me background sound name
Dora Nuñez
Dora Nuñez
Kiero ber apepa
Sk Singh
x XTheNeonWolfX x
What do any of these have to do with “CHANGING YOUR LIFE” AND MAKING IT “EASIER”
Andre Barnwell
The egg in the bread is safe and delicious :D
Andre Barnwell
THe chemicals in most plastic wrap will absorb into the egg. Please do not make eating plastic wrapped eggs a habit.
Ben Ruth
This is called diy
Phuong Tran gia khang
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Cory Alfaro
The pump on the Nutella was a huge waste of time. You ended up using a knife in the end anyway, just spread it. Also, why are you using a Santoku knife to spread anything?
El fez
Aren't hacks meant to save time ?
Stefan Czarniecki
I always wonder how people are able to invent such stupid "life hacks"...
I just imagine the times people walked into his kitchen wondering WTH he's doing. Lmao!
Ярков Саша
музыка клёвая
Like si te dio hambre
Awesome great
Mohammed Alsalmy
sweet verry
Callum Armistead
these are all kinda dumb.
alan game play
sou o unico Br😂😂😂
Сабыр Маметкулыева
Индиский кино
Сабыр Маметкулыева
Индиский кино
Md Nipu
Md Nipu
Pedro Chirinos
Ya me dio hambre :´(
Pedro Chirinos
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