If Tim Burton Directed Disney Movies

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The Nightmare Before Simba

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Nightmare For The Elves
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. 

SFX provided by Audioblocks. 

Footage provided by VideoBlocks

Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam

You can see more of Tarusov’s art at http://www.tarusov.com

Andrew Tarusov



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Lovely Luna32
Lily TheKat
Rose Belcher
Way cooler
Paige Flores
i would so watch these
Paige Flores
i would so watch these
Patrick Fontanilla
Beautiful. More like

Beautifully creepy.
trinity cotton
Han Solo
Pinocchio was my favourite 😍😍😍
limmie 1989
Its just f***ing ruining my childhood's
Fan Girl11
Buzzfeed: wood you watch these
megan gillespie
I love these.....Tim burton is great
Uma Jackson
The Pinochio one, i will watch forever.
Bailey Morgan
i would wach all of thouse
Niutek PL
This is creepy but it's soooooo cool. Love it
Spider-Man Lover
Nathan Lawrence
Ooooo Bambi though!
Chuck Gallagher
Tim Burton Pinochio would be awesome
Yiming Sun
Does everyone have the bgm of this video? thxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Uma garota Bipolar
scary... but cool!
Really Though
I would buy all of these
Am i the only one that thinks this is creepy?
Okay..um imma go cry in a corner.
Kira Cox
it's really creepy but I love it
zoie rutherford
I would watch them,it would be great
Elizabeth Zertuche
I would never stop watching
Bailey Burrell
um, YES.
Stella G.
I would watch those in a heart beat.
love_manga _4ever
0:37 "Spot on!" (Miraculous Ladybug)😂😂😂
*Nickღ Shooting Star*
Maybe I'd watch it... But probably wouldn't like it. xD
Loriel Unicorn
Actually beauty and the beast doesn't look bad it's 😂
peter 117
the crazy artist mamma mia
Lauren vlogs
Jesus Christ
The way the artist drew each movie cover, was so bland and boring, Tim burtons movies usually have pretty cool covers and are not so void, their was nothing wrong with the drawing itself, just there was not a lot of detail that could have made me really want movies in that style. All I can say was that the design were boring and felt lazy.
Night artist Fox
well i would not really mide if tim burton did Disney movie because I❤them so MUCH
Princess Tiana
oml I'm in luv! Tim burton needs to make his own lil remix movie of disney princesses/stories!!!
Grace :D
This is actually so cool lol
Amoya Slime
Louie Girl
I actually really liked the picinno (idk how to spell it ) one
yes i wood
Carmen Topete
the head to ruin Beauty and the Beast that's like what am I favorite old Disney movies
mineman 379
that one with dumbo 😨
little six
i love the Bambi version
little six
i love the Tim Burton movies and the characters version is beutiful
book weirdo
Something tells me that if Tim Burton would've directed this movies I would've actually enjoyed them.
Shaira Maldonado
Love the Pincchio one!
Tiffany April
Omg! This is amazing and pretty accurate!! Love this ❤️
The Other Side Of Me
why do they all look so confused?
Charles Brantner
I love it
Kailyn Farmer
This is a bad thing to watch in the middle of the night
Tom Duncan
they all look like they saw an old lady in bikinis and now have crippling depression
iiRubyGamer :3
It will never be the same ever again....MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

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