If Tim Burton Directed Disney Movies

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The Nightmare Before Simba

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Nightmare For The Elves
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. 

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Footage provided by VideoBlocks

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Andrew Tarusov



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Ashley Campos
Ofc! I love Tim burton 😭
morgan morgan
disney is quaking in his grave
Eileen Ramirez
wats the song of this ?
SkyNights Thanks
This ruined my childhood so much I'm upset.
Cry Baby
Tim Burton version is better...
Sasha Mallia bonello
I wish Tim Burton directed the Disney films the I would be in love with them the dumbo and Pinocchio ones hit me
Amruta Patil
OMG!That is creepy 😱
Benjie Gabisan
i don't think
Ingrid Mascareñas
lol the nightmare before simba😂
Amy Rangel
If Disney characters took cocaine
Juan Guillen
if Tim Burton did all these they would of been a little creepy and intersting
Juan Guillen
1:24 I want to watch
Alex Rush
This is so beautiful omg
I like these better than the original ones
Owaru Chan
I love how The beauty and the beast looks!
Sean Drew
no i would not wach it!!
nicole jones
I give him director of the year. I like this version as well.
fuck my fangirl heart
I assume in the tim Burton little Mermaid pic if that were a movie they would keep the original little Mermaid story (for those who don't know the original involves mermaids not being able to go to the after life and her dieing and turning into sea foam because she didn't want to kill her lover to return to the water but then wakes up in a strange place where they tell her that because of her self sacrifice she is accepted into the after life.)
i think we can agree that bambi was terrifying.
James Blyth
It's hard to believe how accurate these are I'm impressed
Mina plays PS 4 GAMES
I think the CREEPYEST disney character in tim burton style is pinochio
Jogusia TV
"I can shoow you the underwoooorld" I need the Tim Burton movie versions in my LIFE 😍
Newish Jigger
I wood watch them all
Nayim Itanaif Mateo Pelaez

My Favorites (in my opinion!)

Aaliyah Juarez
No I will not watch these
Black out
is it bad that I like the Bambi one
Alexia faith star
That last one was spooky 😐
Wengie Hugs!!!!,get ya free Wengie hugs!!!!!! !
I love night mare before Christmas
Brandon Chavez
lowers saturation and makes the pupils the size of a nipple Tim Burton movie complete
regular name 123
they all look the same just like the poker face
Urszula Sitkiewicz
Pas is not sciery😀😉😎😂
Caitlin kirwan
this is scary I gave a 👎
Lucy Martin
i feel like if Tim Burton directed the movies instead they'd be even more like the original stories with the twisted endings. which would be flipping awesome.
Ocelota A
Am I the only one who believes that some of these didn't capture the Burton aesthetic at all? For instance, The Little Mermaid could have shown something about how modern day fishing would have affected her. Instead we just got a blank stare. Same with Aladdin, which in my opinion captured it even worse. The dumbo and 101 Dalmatian versions didn't really satisfy me, but they were decent. The Bambi and Pinocchio one were absolutely wonderful, they captured the Burton aesthetic the best. This is just my opinion, but what about you guys? What do you think?
cali Logsdon
dumbo more like scary dumbo
asoul _ soula
the theme of these is " THE STARE"
tim burton is amazing he likes to make different kind of movies some like you know..... love is boring nowaday
Collecting My Thoughts
Funny because as mentioned Burton is not only supposed to direct the Dumbo remake, but he also directed the Aladdin episode of Faire Tale Theatre.
Sup Nachos
lol I would watch sleeping beauty
Candice Hughes
never ever watch them
yes i wood watch this
ii WaterMelon
I feel like Tim makes Disney cartoons more creepier on front?
I really want to watch the sleeping beauty one
Tora Jacysyn
kitty cat lollipop
I actually want to watch them wait what will frozen look like in Tim Burton's theme
Marii kanaziah
The puns though
I thought the dumbo one was pretty scary!
Tonie Lin
they look creepy!
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