Bernie Sanders' BRILLIANT Response To Trump's Speech To Congress

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Bernie Sanders isn't buying what Donald Trump is selling. In his response to the President's first speech before Congress, Sanders calls out Trump for going back on his campaign promises, lying about corporate tax rates, and continues his push for a single-payer healthcare system.

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Robert Watts
Go to hell Sanders
Bernie didn't get a real job till he turned 40 years old and he wants to be president. Tell me if you know anyone like that. Would you trust them to run your business let alone a country?
Nick Alborghetti
With Trump I am embarrassed to be American. If Bernie was president I would be proud.
The College degree I paid 100k for is worthless, because of outsourcing and contracting of jobs. Lets fix the problem first.
Sunny Kim
Sidney Richard
If Bernie genuinely gave a fuck about ANY of the issues he talks about, he wouldn't have rolled over and played dead when Hillary stole the candidacy. Because he knew damn well she's the mouthpiece of Wall Street. To express surprise and anger that a President should renege on his campaign promises (step forward, the man who was going to close Gitmo but never did in the eight years he had the chance) is sad, transparent bullshit.

Why do people like this guy? How dumb do you have to be?
Lucy Splendid
If Hilary had stepped aside I am sure Bernie would have been president.
Bernie-bot: ( /ber-nee, bot/ )

1.) A upright walking hominid who displays exorbitant levels of bedazzlement when Bernie Sanders sprays faux progressive pheromones from his hind quarters.

2.) A person who has the hallmarks of a critical thinker yet displays a unusual blind spot when it comes to Bernie Sanders.

3.) An American voter who willfully accepts Bernie Sanders completely ignoring DNC sponsored Election Fraud while forcefully propagandizing Russian interference.

4.) A bewildered person who insist upon remaining unflinchingly loyal to Bernie Sanders despite the fact that he threw them under the bus during the primaries.
Khan Yugul
He talks about justice when the policies of socialists and communists have only led to death, suffering and despair.
Khan Yugul
There's nothing brilliant about Bernie the Commie's remarks!
jake smith
lol climate change wasnt mentioned. boo hoo. is climate change cutting heads up?
we were clearly unworthy of this beautiful man
Julian Sage
Retired Early 53
P. S. Bernie always looks like he just finished chasing a bus down the street ! His hair is always a mess !!!
Retired Early 53
Hello, You gotta die sooner or later , why not sooner ! It is the American way! Pay up or shut up ! ANY QUESTIONS???
Some Dude
Trump is better than Bernie.
The majority of Americans agree with every one of Bernie's policies. You can confirm that for yourself. Just google "do Americans agree with Bernie Sanders policies".
Latest Fox News poll finds that Bernie is THE most popular politician, and far more popular than Trump. You will have to goggle "Fox poll shows Bernie most popular" to get the details, because naturally Fox will never bother telling it's idiot fans about THAT poll.
iam whitebox
when will this guy quit
G-Fox Gaming
There is nothing "brilliant" about this response at all. Every thing Bernie is talking about are things he ran on during his campaign. Why would Trump who is now president talk about Bernie's campaign promises during his state of the union speech? It would be like if Bernie was president and instead of covering his agenda during his speech he covered Ted Cruz's campaign agenda. This entire response makes no sense.
Dan Davis
Bernie's brilliant speech synopsis: I should be President! Give me your money! I should be spending your money to help my illegal alien constituency! GIVE ME YOUR MONEY! I never realized that this guy was nuts before. Elect him and you'll have killing fields like Cambodia.
Dan Davis
A free education is worth every penny!
Sanders: I want free health care, free college and I want my pudding cup!!
Walter Higo
Please say at least "One Word" on the fact that you pay less taxes than the man you so harshly criticised for not paying taxes.
I don't even like to watch this slimy guy, he is own by the same people that own hillary .
Aaron Bridgers-Carlos
ggooooo bernie!!!!! poo dump
Bernie should've ran for senator of California..
Loreene C
I agree with nearly everything Bernie Sanders said except climate change
Kurt Sandy Peiper
...just another old fart...just another defunct politician. Talk about 'selective memory-loss'.
well said bernie, i voted for you and you are my president !! not mr 666.
never never never vote republiecon !!!!
people will now see what republicans really are !!! they dont call them conservative for nothing.. corrupt,,stingy,, selfish,, REPUBLIECONS!!!EVIL.
Denny Logan
Please run again in 2020 Mr. Sanders. trump will lose and you WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
veroniika Perez
25k trump dick suckers dislike this video
Jessica Craycraft
honestly have to say thank you for waking us all of the way up, bernie. i campaigned door to door with my grandma growing up, i did the same for you. i've listened to alternative radio for over a decade, but your run this past cycle exposed me to truths that i take much more seriously now. thank you.
Christina Randall
Come to think of it, what does Trump want to do besides building the wall and cutting budgets?
Where on earth does Bernie Sanders expect all the money to come from to pay for everything he says we need? Socialism works well as long as you have other people's money to spend. Socialists do not care about their constituents, only about staying in power. Doling out handouts is actually bribe money to keep citizens voting for socialists to stay in power. Benjamin Franklin once said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”
If socialists really cared about the people they represent, America’s citizens should be seeing a steadily rising standard of living, greater economic opportunities, economic growth, and plenty of good paying jobs. Instead they are seeing burdensome regulations hampering economic growth and job creation, high taxes, low returns on investments, a stagnant economy and high paying jobs leaving the country.Handing out free money only creates dependency and discourages people from working. Working men and woman made America the wealthiest country in the world. God's word is very clear on the subject of able bodied men deliberately not working. "If a man does not
work, neither should he eat."
The primary role of government is to keep the citizens safe, not provide for their economic security. Human beings have an infinite number of wants and needs, but there is only a finite supply of money to pay for them all. At the rate we are going in debt to pay for
everything, we are heading toward a complete collapse of the dollar and our economy. When that happens, that will be the end of America as we know it.ere on earth does Bernie Sanders expect all
the money to come from to pay for everything he says we need. Socialism works
well as long as you have other people's money to spend. At the rate we are
going to debt, we are heading toward the complete collapse of the dollar and
our economy. Benjamin Franklin once said, “When the people find that they can
vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.” The primary
role of government is to keep the citizens safe, not provide for their economic
Tabish Syed
THIS is the President America needs.
Hillary Clinton had the support of the establishment. Trump had the support of only a minority of Americans. Bernie has the support of the world.
NUYorklady Leonardo
Bernie should have finished with "Are you Trump supporters still drinking the Kool-Aid?
Orwell's Hood
This muppet has ZERO credibility. When he says the 1% don't pay enough taxes, he's only talking about himself and other heads of state. Turns out Trump has been paying 26% while Bernie takes advantage of loopholes for politicians and only pays 13%, both Trump and Sanders are in the 1% yet it is Trump who pays twice as much....Leftists really can't do ANYTHING without being disgustingly hypocritical...
frida vazquez
Where did he pronounce these words?
Mitt Obama
This video became a looney toon when I heard "climate change". Climate change has been with us since the dawn of time. In America, we call it Four Seasons.
Mitt Obama
I'm more favorable to gradually scraping out and returning the SSS and Medicare contributions. Let the people put their supposed SSS contribution into IRA and the Medicare into HSA.
As 3 term Mayor of Burlington Bernie brought in balanced budgets without raising taxes, increased affordable housing (his affordable housing model is now used world wide), revitalized the waterfront and downtown, championed arts, youth, and women’s programs, and the Queen City was named one of the three best cities to live in while the U.S. New and World Report named him one of the top 20 best mayors in America.

He is a visionary that has been on the right side of history throughout his career, making the right decisions even before
they were politically popular. He was fighting for civil rights in the 60's, fighting for the right to gay marriage in the 80's. He fought against involvement in the Iraq war. He fought the free trade agreements that gutted the manufacturing sector and sent millions of jobs overseas. He fought the de-regulation of wall street that resulted in near collapse of our economy.

He has consistently fought for the middle class and the vulnerable against the big money special interests for over a quarter of a century, never changing his message based on polls.

He is the only candidate that didn’t accept donations from corporations.

As Senator and as Congressman, he has been successful in getting bi-partisan bills drafted and passed. One recent example is his collaboration with John McCain on a veteran’s benefits bill. And he has authored more successful amendments to legislation than any other senator or congressman.

The majority of American's agree with every one of Bernie's policies, and they are policies that the U.S., and especially the middle class, desperately need.

And by the way, he's not a socialist. "Socialist" is just the incorrect term that the media, esp Fox News, uses for sensationalism and to smear him. Look up the difference between socialism and social democracy.
Bill Ralens
I didn't hear President Trump talk about free rocky road ice cream for all. It's an important issue to me. Unbelievable!
Corinne Yaworski
People who are for him have voted yes or no to his speech. If half of the country is poor the numbers are correct.
Augustine Chavez
its amazing how you can trick people into voting against their own benefits bernie could help all Americans nahhh lets vote for a reality tv star instead trump????
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