Bernie Sanders' BRILLIANT Response To Trump's Speech To Congress

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Bernie Sanders isn't buying what Donald Trump is selling. In his response to the President's first speech before Congress, Sanders calls out Trump for going back on his campaign promises, lying about corporate tax rates, and continues his push for a single-payer healthcare system.

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how much you guys think Hillary paid to tell ol Bernie to back off and let her run for pres
lord damianos
fuck you communist sanders!!!!!!
Larry Pulliam
Pity Bill Clinton could not "resist" have sex with a 22 year old White House employee on multiple occasions--in the White House. How old was he? (49) ... Then he lied about it to a grand jury ... Look it up ... Go Ahead ... Look It Up and Please Quit Trying To Rewrite Clinton History ... Are we suppose to vote for them and send Bill back to the White House ???
Lee Bee
This is so lame. What terrible logic: Trump doesn't mention an issue and that means he has no policy on it? This is utterly absurd logic. Why focus on the issues that weren't mentioned? He's criticizing the President for views he didn't even express. In what sense is this a "brilliant response" to the speech? It's not even about the speech.

Besides which, I have little interest in the opinions of a man who doesn't even seem to respect the President and has nothing good to say about him. Who would listen to such an unpatriotic man? He may be 100% right about everything, but if he doesn't respect the President, he's bad news.

As for the scientific "consensus" that global warming is real, that consensus "was reached before the research had begun" - that's according to Dr. Richard Lindzen, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT, former lead author of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC).

Global warming and Evolution go hand in hand, both are atheistic fiction. However, the Bible is real, and Jesus is real, and that is scientifically provable, and there's an awful lot of nominal scientists who are going to find themselves in very big trouble when they meet Him, for proclaiming fiction as fact.
Maria Angelova
Bernie, you need to be our president asap!!!!
king snowflake needs to calm down he's like 90
Lord Cthulhu
alt wrong dislikes
Dotted Line
The so called education must be made free, why? Because it's not worth much to begin with. After all, there seems to be only one buyer for your skills in "protesting" in the streets.
Prism Phoenix
I use to support Bernie. I still like him, but it's hard to support many of his ideas.
I think Bernie should form the Labor Party of America on social democracy and liberalism, and take over Congress, to improve this country.
Prins van Oranje
I'm a Trump supporter, but if I had to be honest, he is not in any way perfect. I definitely do support reduced illegal immigration and immigration en masse, but smaller amounts of immigrants who can blend in with society. Also, I do believe in Capitalism, but benefits for the homeless. Capitalism has shown its work in my country, the Netherlands, and we call it the 'Golden Age.' Capitalism benefits the nation as a whole, while mercantilism just allows traders and factory owners to make more money. It won't help the extremely poor, but that can be sorted by using a fraction of the American military budget to aid them and allow their children, eventually, to benefit society. Of course it might not work as good as it sounds on paper, but the Dutch turned a small peasant revolt into a great European power.

What I don't agree about Trump is raising the military budget and de-funding social services which are essential to society. This is coming from a Dutch-British point of view, so it may not be fully accurate, but it's what I believe.
Bernie sanders and the word brilliant do not go together.
Melody Lady Melody
God bless you Sanders
lola g
Sellout chump, who was a controlled opposition, before Trump came along, you are a Globalist; who is corrupt, and still spout crap, for the New World Order agenda.
Ralph alcudia
I used to like Bernie, but now he's such a sellout.
Ma Sha
The Likud party gave him their approval and our tax money we gave them to stay strong & become even stronger so they can freely govern us ...and the Wise is afraid of their longer reach... the USS Liberty was spread with napalm after was bombed by our friends the Jewish brotherhood state... wake up America... this leader is right...
Berine everyone knows you were in the Communist party in the sixties .
Bitter Bernie. You not the President, so dont expect another person to write your agenda and deliver it as a speech. Bernie you hate successful people and thats why you hate Trump. Bernie you think you know best. Get a life. Retire into a retirement home and stop straining your billion year old heart with getting worked up.
Lucy Alaluf
In order to create, you have to invest, some money needs to be use, what about Osama doubling the national debt, is all hypocrisy, everyone claim to tell the true, but they all cover each other, Bernie was attacking Killary for corruption, then he comes out saying she is good, WTF?
Lucy Alaluf
not so brilliant, first to end the corruption, Trump needs to drain the swamp, and Bernie is a sold out, what is he talking about. Bernie has 50 years in government and what he has done, walk with Martin Luther King? good for him.
to be fair, nothing that has ever came out of this old bags mouth has been "brilliant"
MIke K
Sanders is a white knight. He thinks talking about things that make him seem caring is what a good person does. Trump knows you only need social security if your country is falling apart. A strong nation is successful and all it's citizens are taken care of. You don't get a strong country with social services, that has been proven countless of times.
Habib Farah
he is not the right person to became the US president because he is a Jewish minority and extremist in Jewish and Israel affairs so he can not be a US president
Rahera Willliams
trumps comments yesterda
Cléis Perez
free the people, free education, freedom is education
Robby Zinchak
I love you bernie give me your cummies daddy
Michaelangelo Raphaelo
Popular POTUS @realDonaldTrump &
Popular xPOTUS Candidate @SenSanders
Must Form #Medicare4All Coalition
END Pharma/DEM/GOP Corruption
Do It B4 NOV2018 Election
J Dee
Venezuela. Sanders. Venezuela. Sanders. Venezuela. Sanders. Venezuela.
Andrew Neuland
I voted for this guy
Ralph Johnsom
Years ago, there were state colleges that were free
Dennis Phippen
As we all know Trump lie about everything that got his elected.
שלומי טהרני
Berni as a jew to jew u one of the most stupid ppl in Earth
Keith Byrd
ONE MONTH AGO IT WAS 9,288 dislikes now it is 25,790 as of 4/1/16. Democrats are anti country. It seems that way. Bernie is for spreading the wealth. Free college. Ha Ha. Higher taxes. I don't to pay for someones schooling. SPREAD THE WEALTH. Hell No. Thank God that Donald Trump is president. After eight years of that last president and Hillary coming into office our country would have been forever changed. Donald Trump is pro country.
Gwen Revels
it's wrong for people to not have health care, especially for poor, elders, and kids. we need to stand up to help our law makers. some people depends on their meals on wheels to take that away is not showing any compassion.
Donald Kosse
not one word where was the demcat the last 8yeres
Donald Kosse
you are full of s----t
Clarice Sessanna
Listen, I love Bernie
jjj brtn
Do they prop this guy up in order for him to speak. To think some people tried to compare Sanders to Trump this guy couldn't even take down Clinton mind you trying a go at Trump.
Maria Callous
actually he did talk about medicare and soc sec when he spoke about jobs. People working fund both Bernie and the unemployed fund nothing. Ya have to read between the lines, Burnie. just a thot...
Bernie's right, the corrupt Democrats and Republicans are wrong. Trump's one of them.
Just accept the truth and stop living in denial.
isreal reyes
Bernie sanders for president but not in 20/20 righ now lets impeach trump come on America wake up we stell on time before gets worths
Mauro Nobili
bernie: 46th President.
Ballard Edwards
Trump has been and continues to be a ignorant self service piece of excrement, why does he surprise you? lying is his only way to deal with issues. Why didn't Hillary pick you as a running mate. Thanks brother.
Claudena Lehr
Republicans have been trying to sell the trickle down economics lie for decades. They raise the debt and screw the country every damn time.
The only reason billionaires can buy elections is because the elections are buy-able in the first place... If we truly embraced capitalism and the constitution the government would be anti-corruption because the government would have no influence on anything other than our protection and human rights. Fuck the federal reserve, fuck socialism, fuck communism.
kdkd dkdkd
Bernie again telling the truth. Join a chapter of Our Revolution in your area. Check out Our Revolution South Jersey on Facebook.
Bernie everything is fee world LMFAO dont exist everybody pulls his weight or go live in the gutter
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