Ron and Hermione BTS Kiss / HP Wizards Collection

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Ron and Hermione BTS Kiss / HP Wizards Collection 
Part 2 (Ending)
Copyright Warner Bros

Sanghrsh Dake
i want emmas kiss i love you emma
Michael Kornfeld
God I wish it was me
Kitty Cat O.
I wish in the movie it had this side of them, I never realised it was so intense
Sorin Zugravu
I'm with Romione.
Shadow !
Yonah Moral
ron and hermione are ugly
julia sundberg
In the book, Ron wants to save the house elfs... and then just Hermione kisses him
zye ni,k
Lillian Le
"it was kind of a natural thing" I SHIP SO HARDD 💜💜
PyroPiizza Roblox
Ron: once we did it, I thought it was really nice
Gary Sear
Was I the only one that nearly puked
Jay Harris
11m views 11m perverts
Who is Benjamin Bennett
I would stay with her forever
Who is Benjamin Bennett
Kiarash Aalaei
Ron is a goat
Just Daniella
This is soo cutee
Joes Tummers
Nice video
Isabel Salgado
0:20 ... i could repeat this part over and over again, it's so cute 😍
Everlasting Tree
Did they truly kiss???
Gryffindor player 104
If I was Emma I just kiss Ron
Joshua Rage
Wait until my father hears about this!
Leopard Girl
I literally luv the movie because of their imagery Sences there like I'm actually in there and I feel magical
Luyolo Sabata
Don't worry. Before Galen Marek died on the Death Star. he and Juno Eclipse kissed for the only time.
Savannah 8D
if i were ron i would screw up so i can get more kisses
Francesca Maria Tensi
Saga Harry Potter
que beijo cheio de vontade ,ai queria um beijo desses
Deck of Cardtricks
Same here
Deck of Cardtricks
Same here
Le réalisateur Tristan
Il a de la chance ron
Ivan Chan Wen-Le
I dreamed to be Ron when I was just a lil kid
Ania Nguyen
rupert say it's was nice
Hanne van der Goot
kusje kusje kusje 💏
Hari Balaji!!
After the kissed

Elizabeth Robinson
Did anyone else hear the end
" it's quite romantic really "
Viviana Rickert
Love this vid!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shaikh Ali
<3 noice
Jafar Hussain
Lucky son of an bitch
I want be Emma, please. 😭
MaxSIMus 101
See that's why I think Hermione was way better with Ron then Harry
Only if they still talked

They all still talk Emma said in a whatsup group except Rupert
draconia malfoy
It's so cute ! I love Harry Potter, It's my life !
I thought they would hurt their mouths when they try to kiss.
Linas Zaronskis
can we replay the scene and i have to be ron?
Liam Sapochnick
Don't they have like backup actors kinda like stunt actors that do the kiss and S@X scenes for them ???
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