Ron and Hermione BTS Kiss / HP Wizards Collection

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Ron and Hermione BTS Kiss / HP Wizards Collection 
Part 2 (Ending)
Copyright Warner Bros

Alan Acuña
Orleans BeGole
God the music at the kiss, I jumped out of my fucking I'm a to help me earn my skin back! Lol
cute little girl
do they just kiss?
i thought they hated each other
I only told the moon
Rupert Grint, the luckiest man alive.
Евгения Лыкосова
Россия ктотут от сю
it's nice how 10 million people viewed this
Denis Bran
I don'r want to say that
EMMA WANTSON is a hooker but i think that evryone knows that EMMA wanted MORE!! If you know what i mean....
PolarBear Animations N More
they actually kissed I thought that was edited
なんとか OKB
Auleea D. Sabila
why theyre not together in real life
Kristay Kate Legeonshire
They're like best friends in real life and yet.....hahahaha well, it's part of their job and I love this movie, so nevermind!!! hahaha Forever HP
Kristay Kate Legeonshire
Because they've been friends since little for goodness sake!!!
Park Baekhyun
i came here because they wrote 'BTS'
Joester gaming
im Ron
Heloá Sincera
oh i love how they looked at eachother, i wish they were a couple in rl
Amy Elwood
did they kiss in the book?? sorry I'm only on book 5
Reed Daniel Cuevas
If a was ron I would screw over and over the since up and I will said.
Ohhhh man we will kiss again
Miriam Petrillo
L'avró visto 5190274819 di volte questo video😍😍
So their kissing in this are real OMFG
"Once we got it, it was nice."
Subtle. Very subtle.
Rupert messes up the kiss on purpose

Rupert: Sorry everyone! Guess we'll have to do the scene again!
Laura Arledge
I ship them so hard
Wesley Jean
Ron is ugly but cool but Hermione is so fuckin hot
kdawg cool man
hermione is somtimes cute
upbeat music reaches climax when they kiss
but I'm just sat here quietly laughing at the cringeyness of it all
Once we did was nice? One that's classic Rupart and
I Search For Depression
If u pause on 0:53, you can see that Rupert is eating Emma.
xime munoz
I remember when Emma not wanting to kiss Rupert when she said"No, no way. That's not going to be in my contract" lol
xime munoz
i would have preferred it to be harry and hermione but yeah cute
Cao Kỳ Huỳnh
analiza barba
do they realy kiss?
Polynesian Warrior
Ron , the only man who got out of friend zone.
Gamer Girl
Marek Hornicek
i love you harry potre
Silver_Bell 1240
Ron is so freakin cute
Sukie Wakeham
where is daniel and what harry potter film is that in
Robert Erlandson
Rupert enjoyed it but he was too much a gentleman to say so
The Great Grape Grape
I think it should have been herry
phuongchi nguyen
I always love their kissing scenes about Hermione and Ron and I don't know why=)))
Violeta 10000000000
I always loved Ron and Hermoine like a copple, but i dont know they are, but tis is the cuttest moment of my hole live, i like then realy!!!
Azarias Anyek
If you're were Rupert,what will you do?Do you want to mess up the scene a quite few times on purpose just to kiss Emma for many times?Respond to my comment and thumbs up to this comment!
マキ「makyi」 ちゃんねる
Rishit's Dazz
Lol on the first harry potter movie during the interview, the interviewer asked "how would you feel after kissing rupert or dan, she said "no i cant even imagine kissing them that would be gross" 5 years later kissing dan and rupert
Rachelle Trinidad
ya did they kiss for real I think they kissed for real
Julie A
I read the book kiss so many times, and seeing it in the movie made my heart burst <3 even if the pairing wasn't meant to be (in Rowling's mind), it was still beautiful.
Xochitl Ramirez
damn rupert is sexy...
xLoRD-_- Channel
She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life 😩
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