Sachin A Billion Dreams | Official Trailer | Sachin Tendulkar

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Dreams. Dedication. Inspiration. Presenting the official trailer of ‘Sachin A Billion Dreams’.

Directed by: James Erskine
Music by: A.R.Rahman
Produced By: Ravi Bhagchandka & Carnival Motion Pictures

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sai naresh
After baahubali fever ended.... eagerly waiting for this movie...can't wait till 26th may....sachin !! sachin!!
Lucky to have witnessed the legend play..he's near perfect human being. Awesome..i like 2 ppl the most one is sachin n another is rahman..2 wonders of 90's
Tanmey Saraiya
Cricket is a religion in India and Sachin is the god.
Danny Keriyan
sachin the god of gods...
i will watch in theater sachin tendulkar what a player
Ashok Parmar
how anybody can give dislike to this video???
Dhruv Sharma
this film will be the second most viewed file after bahubali. we love u sachin
kirti sharma
my name is mudit and sachin is master blaster
Mahima Royal
Love you sachin
Subhajit Dutta
11k fuckistani and beggerdeshi disliked this
Vaibhav Kabra
For the past 8 years no one in our DBPC School Cricket Team is allowed to where a no.10 Jersey coz that is how we show respect to our God. No one capable enough to wear a jersey bearing the God's Number. Sachinist Forever!!
Arnav Zaveri
V Sreenivasa Pai
sachin means cricket
sachin sachin
Niharika Reddy
how many got tears after hearing the chant SACHIN SACHIN.....
Basil Diya
No matter how many times i watch this..those sachin chants give me goosebumps
Vijay Khair
i am proud of you sachin bro...jay Maharashtra
m setty
dhoni fans like ut
deepanshu bhatt
its documentary movie not a proper movie.....
Kon kon jaa rha hai movie dekhne
sandipsinh rajput007
i am big fen of sachin
Ankit Kadraka_AKK
seriously I got goosebumps...
biswabhusan jena
sir cricket per film banate ho thick hai.. par ek bar hamare MOHAN scientists ke life ke upara vi film banao........kyuin ki cricket is not our game it's a foreign game
Shubham Gupta
11 thousand are pokis

disappointed from all wars they fought
disappointed from all match in world cup

Samar Kumar
I love Sachin Tendulkar very much. I am waiting for the movie. I think this movie will be very good.
mayank chaturvedi
exceptional :'(
Yadunandan.R yadu
Those 11k people who disliked this video plzzz plant a nuclear bomb in ur a*****e n die
Shaurya Bahl
this is going to be an epic movie
Vijay Chavan
how many rupees do you got for this video???
Rachel Kandukuri
I feel honoured and blessed that I lived seen and heard Sachin playing for the Indian team!!!
neeraj mehra
sachin sachin...
neeraj mehra
sachin sachin...
Ram yadav
Sachin Tendulkar the great!!!
Our god is Sachin 😇❤️
laura kha
Wow... who is this actor he really look like a sachin.. great vfx effect man
umesh andurlekar
sachin is my hero
Nikhilesh Siddanthi
abe bas kar rulayega kya...
Anand Satsangi
Anubhav Jain
I like it
Kowshik D
back ground music super
Ayush Handa
The God
Rohan Raghunath
He had inspired me to choose the Cricket as My profession
Rohan Raghunath
No one can replace him .. I'm Speechless ..... I have no words to describe about him.... just one word GOD. if someone asks me have ever seen God really ??? I will say yeah I saw that's is "Sachin Tendulkar"
Naeem Patel
Sachin is Indian diamond
Rajput Juhi
when movie will come in theaters plz any one tell
Krishnaa Thakkar
I literally got goosebumps at the end, when the crowd was chanting his name. I wonder how charged up he must be feeling at that moment.
Geeta Zagade
All of us should watch this movie in theatre as many times we can see.This is a good opportunity to prove to Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar that how much we love him.
Geeta Zagade
For Hindus: God Shankar For Muslim: Allah or khuda. For Christians: God Jesus. For cricket:Only Sachin.
waiting for 1 billion.
Nur Alam
sachin was a great player....and also a gentle u sachin
Aman Jaiswal
we love u sachin
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