Gollum recieves an award

gollummtvawardrecievesgetssmeagolandy serkislotrlord of the rings

Gollum gets the MTV award and freaks out about it. 


Allison H
This is incredible
Judge C2
Best thing in my life- Gollem calling Peter Jackson a fucking hack and telling him to fuck off.
Mushroom Head
Dobby likes me! Gollum is a house elf, confirmed! I don't care what you LOTR fans say! XD
Theman Joe
Dobby likes me!
Dobby? Dobby's a f---ing f---!
Devlin the periodic dominator
Dobby: Dobby's sorry, Smeagol. They were out of coffee.
Smeagol: That's quite alright, Dobby.
Gollum: NO!!! We don't drink that shit, Dobby. Bring us the precious. AHHHHHH!!!!!
Dobby: WAHHHH!!! runs away
receive - 'i' before 'e' except after 'c'
Aladdin Dragonson
Aladdin: Uh, Sharpwing, Who's Dobby.

Sharpwing: a House Elf from Harry Potter.
Aladdin Dragonson
Aladdin: hey Sharpwing, when did Gollum start swearing.

Sharpwing: i have no idea
"I'm- I'm not fat."
Cackle Various
Sampo Kemppainen
So That was Andy's way of telling MTV to get fucked. I mean you know that it was Andy all the time.
Jacob Bennett
That white bitch was like Gollum won..🙄 OMG I can't even the kardashains should of won
Spud Brother
The girl when she said Gollum she pissed
Cosmic Drew
Dude FUCK YA so much respect for that level of savage.
Church of the Latter Day Shrek
I wish the 1990's-2000's MTV was still here
childish humor- not funny. Suits for the inferior humans who watch MTV
Castleman Reviews
1:25 Maybe gollums talking about the Hobbit movies.
lps opaleye
DOBBY IS A ******** !!!! I laughed so hard this is great!!!! XD
The Scoundrel's Rebellion Gaming and Toys
MTV SUCKS! WE HATE YOU ALL!!! Good night lol
Jeez, I never realized how little Gollum and Smeagol were payed for their contributions to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
alex jones
" You don't have any friends. Nobody likes you!" What could be said to the law enforcement officers in Can't Pay? We'll take it away! when they talk about 'making new friends.'
lol Gollum talking shit about Dobby from Harry Potter is hilarious.
To be fair, the mtv movie awards was never a legitimate awards show.
David McAninch
Gollum just summed up my feelings about MTV.
CM94 Returns
i thought smaugs interview was bad enough try gollum for example
Why everyone claps when someone says ``Fuck`` or ``Suck``? in every corner of USA they claps
Hpool 777
1:59 he's right
John Petrinolis
1:58 Gollum sounds like Caesar.
Jon Ericson
God I remember seeing this 14...cries...14 years ago and laughing my ass off.
Simone Zenobi
Man.. 2 towers.. I was 12/13 back then.. wtf it seems 5 years ago at best.. it's been 12. Is it time that is wierd? Is it the lord of the rings that is too great to be easily forgotten? was it just the best time of my life with almost no thoughts and no worries? I don't know. i just miss pretending to be Gimli with my best friend who was Aragorn and humming those epic soundtracks all day long.

My impression of gollum was kickass by the way
Blimington Bear
Gollum gives Kanye West a run for his money!
Skylar Britt
This is the funniest I swear I hAve ever seen in my entire life I'm dying this is a masterpiece💓💓💓
Soooo funny. Lol
Angel candy
Sam Winget
Somehow it doesn't seem out of character for Gollum to be so profane.
J Scarlet
And to think we'd all agree with Gollum about Peter Jackson when the Hobbit movies were made. "Shame on you! Shame on you!"
Fax me your wife's fluids
"MTV sucks!!!"

you got that right.
Mr.Happy Player
That's basically me when I'll go to my college reunion
"Dobby likes me!"
Imagine he didnt won lots of useless footage xd
Angry Gollum is angry
Daan Vreugdenhil
What does Smeagol say at the end (after 'We hate you all')?? As I am Dutch, I can hear 'bedankt' (thanks)... Can anyone help me out with this one?
The Fleepo
A shame you can't eat it...
jerusalem Heart
Marc Bedragare
Crazy to think that this was Gollum's worst mental breakdown.
Brick King
uhh why did this appear on my suggestions box? THIS WAS THE BESTS THING I HAVE EVER WATCHED! LMAO
The Star Warrior
This was amazing
quartz Crystal 5612
Wow gollum have respect for the elfe
Michael Kelly
who knew Gollum swearing would be so funny lol
alex jones
Wonder what Dobby receiving an award would be like?!😂😂
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