Great Horse Games (Trick Training & Fun) - A GIRL AND A HORSE

Great Horse Horse GamesTrick TrainingFunA Girl and A Horsefunny animalgirl and animalanimal and girlhorsehorse and girlgirl and horsefunnyGreat Horse Games (Trick Training & Fun) - A GIRL AND A HORSE

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Great Horse Games (Trick Training & Fun) - A GIRL AND A HORSE

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Great Horse Games (Trick Training & Fun) | A Girl and A Horse #2
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All the asinine comments from idiots aside, this is a very good lesson on taking care of your horses, and probably something a hopeful horse owner doesn't anticipate they'll need to do. Know what's going to be required of you before you buy an animal!
Good job on a very professionally handled horse bath lesson.
Katty Lucian
Great Horse Games (Trick Training & Fun) - A GIRL AND A HORSE
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