Assassin Charmander
Assassin Charmander
joseph balderas
man memories
What is a music in 1:40
jay calghan
here we r in 2017 waiting for infinity war lol
Marta Bolivar
your are fockingsπŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•
sevan grigoryan
What is the song at 1:34?! It gave me chills with the suit up
The Silent Hero
The influence of this movie on Hollywood can't be overstated. The superhero phase going on 9 years now, the "shared universe" every studio is gunning for, the dominance of Marvel, all started with Iron Man.
what song in 1:40 ?
I was waiting for the song to go "I am Iron Man" and then I just realized.... that's what Tony says as the last like I LOVE THIS MOVIE SM
Gamer'z Nation
Why do trailers give away story
Lorena Sofia
What is the song at the beginning?
Yuvi Rathore
whats song is used
Mr. Mercury
1:23 holy shit I didn't realize this was the music used in one of the trailers for the first Spider-Man movie
Quit riding on Robert Downey Jr, he's not the best actor in the world. Don't ever compare Iron Man to TDK, this movie is heaping pile of horse shit compared to Nolan's trilogy and you know better now when I tell you TDK will be a timeless masterpiece.
Christian Hernandez

You can be cool, but you will never be iron man shooting a tank missile out of his arm and dramatically walking away from the ensuing explosion, cool.
Geek Wars
2018, the moment that every marvel movie has been bulting on.. everything started with this... the bet of the "avengers" movie was really high... screw one movie... doom the franchise. Even with a few misteps the saga could continue its work. 2018 will mark the 10 year anniversary for the MCU. That small bet that said... if we make a movie that gains a lot of money we can make a new film, and then again... and then again... And if it is extremely succesful we can even make the Avengers... imagine how many people must have laughed at their face when that small company said that... And this plan of the avengers would only work if the first film was a bomb, I mean A BOMB!!! AN INCREDIBLE MOVIE!!! Congrats Marvel! For punching hollywoods face!
damn, luscious was even friends with Tony Stark.
Tiffany Thomas
Damn, this takes me back. God bless Marvel and Robert Downey Jr.
Martin Naranjo
This is before they fucked up the character
Jacob Cervantes
Imagine if this starts a universe of movies and tv shows πŸ˜‚ that would be funny
Who knew what was coming!
J Rod13
Best MCU movie to this day!
Piers Groube
This is where the MCU all started. Where in almost 10 years of build up, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will make Cinematic History with Avengers Infinity War. With over 60 characters set to appear. This. Will. Be. Amazing. And this is where it all started.
Hiccstrid ghoul
And thanks to Kevin Jesus Feige we have one of the biggest cinematic universes ever. With only 10 month until Infinity War which will make cinematic history.

What a fucking time to be alive.
Enzo Mondo
This is how to make a superhero movie trailer. Take the best parts about the film, excluding the story, show the motivation of the hero, and introduce the journey.
Murat Demirtaş
8 yΔ±l wow!!!!!
And to think this is where it all started. Man I'm gonna miss iron man after infinity war. I wish Robert Downy Jr. wouldn't quit.
ThunderSpartan 1028
I am iron man!
Patryk Czyz
1:05 where was it in film ?
The song in the end is "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath. Seems appropriate.
Arc Parker
The beginning of one of the greatest cinematographic universes
Every so often I just come and watch it. Gives me feels everytime
I honestrly loved this movie... and this comes from a hardcore DC fan...
Raka IndoGamer
boo trying to ripoff a "Metal man" movie!
Shark trooper 6
This proves why you shouldn't give up
Iron Man! The one that started it all!πŸ˜πŸ€“
Parker Pshebnisky
One of my all time favorite super hero movies!!
Oliver Lee
First marvel movie that introduce.... The Avenger Initiative, weaponized technology
Sophie The Autobot
Woo I'm in this movie lol
Can't Wait
Mitchell Studios
Whos binge watching all of the MCU trailers after the Black Panther teaser dropped? I am.
Tywin Lannister.
Gabriel Q. D'Angelo
Lol, Myspace.
remember having that "oh shit we're seeing this" moment when this trailer played in the theater in 08 once black sabbath's iron man hit and at the end
Gilbert Merino, Jr
Back then we we're all like, Boooo this movie is gonna blow! But after we watched the movie, This is one the best Superhero movies ever made. That is until The Dark Knight came out 2 months later.
Syropek 555
1:37 GTA V Michael?
Carmen Solis
the best from trailer??? AC/DC..AUDIOSLAVE AND SABBATH!!!
Whose watching may 2017
Ali Yaghi
People talk about trailers spoiling everything nowadays... I think everyone can admit that this trailer spoiled everything, for exemple that Stane is a bad guy.
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