Miley Cyrus - Malibu (Official Video)

PopRCA Records LabelMalibuMiley Cyrus

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nina serlita
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Julianna Santini
I ❤ this song.😆
hellen daniela duran lizcano
Valentýna Jägerová
Long hair❤❤
Bob Weeks
Going Into 2018 And Still listening To this
A Disney child star, to an attention hog, to an absolute beauty!

We're proud of you Miley!
Camila Mayer
Fico sem psicológico com essa música
Danny Hartwig
I hate your retard atatuituid ,the fact Dolly is your god mother and you think the bible is a fantasy story??? I Love You My Family Loves You ... can you please realise your bloke is ozzy we are okra country music us honest do you really want to be a tramp? kind Regards Danny ( Fair Dinkum Painting)
kojak alaywi
hmmm weird no nudity or bad words is this miley cyrus guys ?
Raffi Rizky
She look sooooo gergouse here 😍
Hyuuga Chan
Omg I love her so much Miley 😭😍🌸
Tais Rios
Ainda não saquei qual é a desse clipe...
love usa
Toby Fox
After watching only a few episodes of Hannah Montana, I knew Miley Cyrus was going to be a star.
Yudi SA
Am i the only dont like this kind of song ? Loll
The Rose

I can be happy, she is back 🙏
Lynette Smith
So cool
Lynette Smith
So cool wonderful background
Maria Ara Rose Espera
This song is so heart soothing ❤
Tyrone Barnaby
Holy fuck the humming at the end just gives me chills
Yessy Jose
Por fin dejo la Droga
Bartek Dmuchała
I am melting :*
Janice Li
Before watching
Me: Hopefully no more twerking!
After watching
Me: THANK U MILEY, ur so much better I love is side of u
Hüseyin Kilinc
Kyla Brumfield
Beautiful song I love it
Armeen Ghet
That doesn't makes me forgetting the previous dumb shit
rubem gama
The climb.
Kamil Šafarčík
Who else from malibu? Me neither..
Leticia Goulart
Sou brasileira
Best summer song of 2017
Cover Song
I'm Crying
Essence Fuentes
I hate miley cyrus
katis katzen welt grebe
I love you🔥💜
katis katzen welt grebe
Ich liebe such so hat😍😍😘
This song just moves me from within. .............So beautiful. I'm so happy for her........😊😊😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
kiki 101
My Birthday is May 10 2009
marissa live
Du bist so hübsch 😍😍❤ veränder dich nicht mehr ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💎🔝
Laura Ouma
I love you miley cyrus
I think One of the best Songs👍
Hailey Da swimmer
We miss you Destiny Hope Cyrus:( but I️ guess it’s time for you to grow;) but I️ want you to know you made my life as a kid listening to Hannah Montana,Remember Nobody’s perfect so be yourself
Thumper bunny0
Everything about Miley reminds me of my ex best friend....😰 (even some of her singing)
Santiago Gomez
This sng is everything😭its so beautiful and peaceful watching this
Iulia Mifsud
I really love this song it makes me feel happy
kat puszz
OMG, your back
Sophie Dubois
I'm sorry she's trying to look coquettish, but she has the most amazing voice. I just wish she'd stop being precocious.
LpsEma {Emma}
I love her hair
What a catchy song
Lucas Zurita
Como siempre una genia mi amor!!!
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