White Bear Mitsubishi - Gopher Hockey Outtakes - White Bear On Ice

white bear on ice'white bearwhite bear mitsubishibear mascotice skatinggophers hockey

How many takes to have a White Bear not slip on the ice during a commercial shoot? Let us count the times!! Enjoy the outtakes from our latest commercial shoot showing our venerable mascot doing its best to stay upright!

White Bear Mitsubishi is honored to be your dealership of choice when it comes to sales, service, parts and overall ownership enjoyment!

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my stomach hurts now
Don't believe everything you see. This is made on purpose to get more views and to go viral. A normal video would've never had this much coverage.

99% of the viral videos have a huge advertisement team behind them.
Rob Lambert
PLEASE make that your commercial. It's hilarious. I do hope the guy was ok. But man your name will stick with me now.
Selena Corvinus
I was laughing hard until the last fall, then I was crying :D
Sarah 027
0:42 when the bear gets angry, love that moment
Zach Winchester
That poorlar bear.
I'm laughing so hard I'm actually crying
When the Polar Bear Face Planted, i Laughed Myself out of My Computer Chair, i was fucking crying.
Garian “Gamevinsto” Metatron
Very nice! Now in HD than best video of jan/17
Sharon Zamarka
omg cannot stop giggling!! The funniest bear costume; that face; the wipe outs.....
I love these outtakes, i always wanted to see what Monster's Inc outtakes would look like IRl. I think I just found it. LOL
Viktor Hierta Gustafsson
Screw the commercial they were trying to shoot, just broadcast this with a couple of more lines added. this is probably much more memorable than the thing they were trying to shoot :D
Robin Bates
You can order a stuffed animal bear from their parts department!
Hilarious how he lay motionless, momentarily simulating death, on that last fall.
Appalled ByFurries
The face plant at the end is the best.
m. yui
fiona hunter
The Logical
1:03 should've been the final advert.
Jenny Kluth
Das beste Video 😂😂
the last one where the salesman slaps him on the back and he hits the ground face first LMFAO
Kel McCulley
I haven't laughed this hard in a very long time! 😂
M Libiak
could anybody plz post a link to the origi (finished) commercial? thx ;)
The Greatest Show On Earth
The way the bear just looks up at you after the face plant......:'-)
SJ Gaming
HAHAH! saw this video on Romanian news show
any romanians?
Eric Macksoud
I almost passed out from laughing! That last fall was pure slapstick.
Chiasa “Chia ᶘ oᴥoᶅ” Takahashi
LOL epic!
Tracie T
Thank you White Bear, thank you.
Amy rose5545
I'm literally crying
I am crying I am laughing so hard!!! I love White Bear!!
Emily Grace
This is the best video I've seen this year
Judah TheOracle
This guy is complaining about wearing the wrong socks while the poor bear can't stay on his feet.
Nobody even feigns an attempt to help that bear from falling. Darwinism!
Nina Z
You should use this as the formal CM:Look at these great cars, even the bear is falling over but they are still fine.
Oh my stomach hurts im laughing so much!!
The bear was sponsored by TOYOTA ;-)
James Gotsulias
Every time I watch it I'm in tears, brilliant!
Why hasn't someone glued sandpaper to the soles of that polar bear suit?
Oh, I feel SO bad for laughing!
Tyler Norton
nice lol
That last face plant had me dyingg lol He's so had it he just lays there motionless for a while
HAHAHA! Poor guy! He stayed in character the entire time! Never made a peep. :'D
Cole Max
this will never get old lol
Dasom Tu
Where's the link to the full commercial?
Jennifer Coots
For the love of god!- tape some sandpaper on the soles of the costume!!!!
Peter Thomas
When he saves himself from falling, restarts scene and falls. I've cried with laughter many times with this clip.
Victoria Paul Pinchbeck
142 people broke their noses on the ice!
mathue taxion
I love this video, but I wish it was more than 240p resolution.

(Former Minnesotan, but still forever a Minnesotan)
I just hope that polar bear suit was as padded as it looked XD
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