Ej Boy
Who came from game grumps
dj dumbass
Game grumps sent me here...and I am pleased.
liam barron
Thank you for blessing me with this video Dan
Jack Bowelz
So...anyone here from game grumps?
CreepyDoll 17
Thank u Danny sexbang for suggesting this!!! I literally am in tears right now!
0:07 i've been laughing at that part for 5minutes now
You should have just kept that last one in.
Lofty Smalls
Dion Bhara
Game Grumps sent me ;)
McGeester 25
Thanks Dan
Amir Elkassed
Somehow, a minute-long clip of a polar bear slipping is more entertaining than Norm of the North.
thank you so much danny for this XD
Boss Umbra
Who came here because of Danny?
werewolf beastly
this is the funniest thing ive ever seen
Directional Gaming
Thank you Daniel Avidan for this...
Brianna Sanderlin
I literally could not breathe 😂
Ex gf: I´ll never fall for him again!
Me: Hey
Here: 1:10
Reddit 50/50 anyone?
Jake Santiago
the last fall.. i think the reason its so funny to me is because after he face plants.. he just stays there for a couple of seconds
MLG Chelsea
Who else is here because of the 50/50 Reddit challenge
Israel antwine
LOLOL😂😂 I'm crying
AC Learned
This commercial is 10 times more amazing because I'm from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, where that bear is EVERYWHERE 😂
Israel antwine
LOLOL😂😂 I'm crying
Emo Martian
This is beyond funny. Every time the guy speaks, the bear falls down! It's like he can't walk and listen to a conversation at the same time. The face plant at the end made me laugh so hard a little bit of wee came out!!
RaetheLittle Pikachu
game grumps you are my heroes without you i never would have found this
lil_r033zy Gaming
Cute and funny at the same time.!
This is too great omg
Jordan Cooper
game grumps anyone?
Cesar Lucero
Anyone here from the reddit 50/50 challenge
A Helping Hand
came from 50 50 challenge. wheh
Purple Pringle
Best part about the video to me, I live in Minneapolis.
Sunray the skeleton
Came here from reddit 50/50
Yasmin Guzon
at 1:12 he was like "I give up"
They should've used that last shot in the ad. Amazing.
Adolf Hitler
Joseph M.
This was way funnier before you added the shitty soundtrack.
I'm legit crying what a good laugh XD
That poor bear! I can't stop laughing!
Te De
Je pleure
Claire McDermott
Me in gym class during our heated dodge ball unit
Jens 95
They don't pay that polar bear enough.
Tyler Green
The damn Game Grumps strike again!
Primary Simcha Felder
this is a metaphor for Mitsubishi cars everywhere
Each time the polar bear falls I crack up, lost my shit at the end this is hilarious. Amazing what you randomly find on youtube.
Krombopulos Michael
This is like something from Better Call Saul but without looking tragic
Casual Quin
my face when the only thing my home town is known for is outtakes on a Mitsubishi commercial
Some Cunt
Lovelies where you at?!
Logan Holtgrave
Holy fuck that slight gasp at the beginning
Lexi probably needs a nap
I had to keep rewatching because I was smiling so hard my cheeks were blocking my vision
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