COCO Teaser Trailer (2017) Disney Pixar Movie

COCO Teaser Trailer (2017) Pixar Movie HD

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Super Sonic Fan Bennet
This Reminds Me So Much Of The Book Of Life
I love watching a coco is los Nïño nos pesden no la los
Connor Peterson
I was really hoping for something original, I mean, the Book of Life already did this, c'mon pixar
zerorisk1 -_-
this movie is a copy and past of the book of life movie
Small minded people.. see another movie about Dia de los muertos and think they all will be a book of life copy cat... yeah cuz there is just ONE christmas movie out there.. and what about that only movie about Halloowen right? lol
markell tyrus
did book of life already do this stuff?
didnt The Book of Life did this kind of Story already? Coco looks really similar to that
Will Burn
let's hope it won't be another good dinosaur or cars 2
J Duth
Book Of Life 2 Coming soon
Dan Rigsley
Book of Life should learn from Pixar...create emotion and people follow.
Connor Thomas
Still have no idea what it's about 😂
Pin t
repent to christ
Seergio Gomez
Iluminati claramente..
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