If Minecraft was Black and White

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Have you ever thought of what Minecraft would be like if there was no color? Imagine everything being black and white... we would run into so many problems from simple things like trying to mine diamonds, to complex things like figuring out which sheep is the real pink sheep. Today we will find out what Minecraft would be like if everything was black and white. It's like we're going back to the 1930's. 

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Yeah... it wouldn't be fun

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Catherine Go
pink sheep is more like grey sheep in this video
Astro K
If Minecraft colours were inverted
plz like so he can see this
Wolf SuperHero
if explodingTNT killed pink sheep pls make it!!!
Low Waifun
why lizzie here?!
Reucraft vlogs
Isabella Bell
If notch added toliets
Add toilets pls
Data Fino
Pink sheep why no body love black and white im angryyyyyy notch kill pink sheep kill hin like if you agree
Julie LaChance
Is everybody was a noob in Minecraft
Mert Bardakcı
If Pink Sheep Had a souldn't eat
yousef f
اللي عربي لايك 😂😂
Ivy Ye
if mincraft only has one colour
Jon the Demon
Tech Express
if minecraft has toilet
Dan X
tnt is a mouse. am a raccoon in real life
diamond of minecraft
kill pink sheep forever!!!!
Kathy Buchsbaum
if a killing bar was added to minecraft. do it or I take your chesse. I will......
Colton Usher
How come the wood with black spots didin't change color???????? PLZ TELL ME WHY!!!!!!!!
the rey playz playz
# mineblow
Gaming With Derin
Pink sheep wouldn't be pink
Zep Into Action
Did you hear PurpleShep talking at the end?
Captain RO
its bendy and the "Mine" Machine AAAAHHAAAAAA
Lona Senn
do plz if you can't join in server in mcpe its laggin
Luciano Yousef
Hey bendy
-pokemon- -geek-
f you pink sheep
Christian Angus
What if minecraft is in negative colours?
Leeng Su
if energy bar were in minecraft
Brandy Williamson
if pink sheep was banned from minecraft
King YouTube
That would be kinda dumb and kinda awesome at the same time!!!
Harlexis Terrado
girrafe fight!
Neikko GTGaming
If crazy bar was added
Violeta Espiritu
do "if pink sheep became a human and pink sheep became LESS ANNOYING WHILE A HUMAN!!'PLS!I HATE YOU PINK SHEEP!
Violeta Espiritu
I hate pink sheep
Wyatt Cool
If the world was Orange
kradar V
If mustashes were added to minecraft

Lizzie! :D
Brady Emmelhainz
When those 100 sheep were talking you could hear PurpleShep in the background
J. F.
that pickaxe didn't break?
Vicky BGamer
If Purple Shep found a cloning machine!
Andy the Emoji
I thought this was a part of the weird comments series
ahmed beta craft
if everyone transforming to diamonds
emile peters
Duckey MoMo
noob game
i m gonna bann pink sheep he is a noob
Cute puppy Lover
Pink sheep should be dead
6:59, anyone else here purple shep's voice?
if there was a break bar
RobLox YoUtUbE
Why Green Villagers REMOVED
Adri The Diamond Gurl
4:30 is all I'm going to say
Its Juztee
If The Pink Sheep Was Creator Of Minecraft
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