If Minecraft was Black and White

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Have you ever thought of what Minecraft would be like if there was no color? Imagine everything being black and white... we would run into so many problems from simple things like trying to mine diamonds, to complex things like figuring out which sheep is the real pink sheep. Today we will find out what Minecraft would be like if everything was black and white. It's like we're going back to the 1930's. 

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Yeah... it wouldn't be fun

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Kayla Davis
pink sheep if the worlds was black and white then we can't call you pink sheep . we would have to call you black or white sheep😲#mind blown
Joseph.negrete23 Negrete
Did anyone else hear purple shep say :HeLl0 DaDdY Im TeLliNg eVeRoNe iM PiNk at 6:55 ?
Guava Jr
Video idea:What if Captain underpants was in minecrarft
Max Bushell
Max Bushell
Max Bushell
Jennywin Rosales
okay, orange puple green red yellow blue pink
Jennywin Rosales
for example i once ate a green apple it wasint green so i didint acually eat a green apple
Foxy TubeHD
Ok I'm a fan of pink sheep but HES THE LOSER!SORRY
If black and white then it's going to be old
Cat girl Pylant
if dimonds had no purpose.
If you couldn't jump
Laura Tyrrell
if you can't use jump boost
Mia Wonderland
if everyone turn into sheeps
Samantha Universal
IF Dogs Rule The World In Minecraft!!
regi varughese
Eva Nandes
Doge GT
if pink sheep has cow
Muhamad Tygie
pink sheep you musk die in minecraft because you crazy
Muhamad Tygie
is bad idea talk pink sheep to die in minecraft because i no like this
Muhamad Tygie
are you crazy black and white minecraft is bad idea talk pink sheep hy gone to die in minecraft
Muhamad Tygie
aer you crazy for this minecraft black and white everything become white and black is bad idea
Christopher Jackson
if everything was pink
Mario Kart Wii Spieler
Cool Fake
Mario Kart Wii Spieler
You Hafe Komments 26 Tsd.
Mario Kart Wii Spieler
DE ENDER Dragon Kan See Aniting
Mario Kart Wii Spieler
Please Turn Ol Back to normal Pink Sheep
Lip Fairilu
If Minecraft was inverted
Basti Curioso
Bryan Ortega
Bryan Ortega
Bryan Ortega
Bryan Ortega
GVG Everything
My phone was in grayscale when I watched this so nothing happened
Ryszarda Mrugacz
you are smelly poop
Angie Chavez
if you had a super power in minecraft
Cameron Larson
plz do subscriber tools and i might unsubscribe
Thanggoulen kipgen
if pink sheep was the king of minecraft
Hannah Grace Willis
what if every thing was made out of water !!!
Sans The Skeleton
if you respawned as a baby
franzyn fontillas
if ther have a animals mode pls
fire vanoss gaming
do it pink sheep lost his mustache!!! plz
Filip Djudurovic
pink sheep you are stupid you make my brother angry sheve your bierd
cool dude man
do if purpul shep was handsome
Blaise Robinson
I agree it would be amazing
If minecraft had voice control.
Jessica Lauback
Only pics were black and white back then
J Vijaykumar
if Pokemon's were added to minecraft
Laura Kobtsev
Ldshadowlady was in this!
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