InfoWar's Alex Jones Has Nothing On Tuck Buckford

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Stephen opens the vault for an old clip from 'Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford,' the show that likely inspired fellow performance artist Alex Jones.

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ArticruciA Williams
I do buy their vitamins and I like them a lot xDD
William Heckman
This is not that funny... not because I'm defending Jones, but because it feels like the writers haven't watched enough of his show to make an accurate parody... Trust me, there is plenty to material to make fun of... but they are hitting on basic perceptions of the show for people who never watch it.... For actual comedy though, the writers might have to work a little harder.
A Digital channel.
Nothing makes liberals more happy like broken homes and fatherless children...
scott low
Colbert exposed. He sits down with government to discuss his shows programming
Bill Hicks and Tim Heidecker did it better... Of course.


and many more exclamation points!!!... Manly exclamation points!!!!!!
Catte Adams
This only thing this TL is lacking is common sense. But hell, no less common sense than in days gone by. Not every one has it.
Nor, the skill and power of discernment.
So, that makes this whole subject a big, whateve's.
I love youtuber's man.
The sound of a million voices finally have a place to go and say what's on their minds. No matter how ill informed or idiotic it is, someone will take the bait and run with it and answer them. You gotta love it.
Not like the 70's, where you had to espouse your half brained idea's to actual faces and see the scorn and ridicule in person! LOLOLOL
This ain't your daddy's Elk lodge. (No offense intended to the fine ppl of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.)
Let FREEDOM ring!
You won't find ppl doing this is North Korea.
Fleo Black
Trump is not going to the White House Correspondence Dinner, that's like Alex Jones not accepting an Emmy for an Academy Award!
Jackson Fox
I just realized that I've never even smiled at one of his jokes. After pretty much every pause Stephen makes, the crowd goes wild as if he just told the funniest joke ever. This show is not even funny but they're making it seem funny with the brainwashed crowd clapping like seals at his every movement. Sad!
It amazing how far Stephen has to throw the satire because Alex is already so ridiculous. Our parents would only see him as satire but the world is so stupid now that you have to be even more nonsensical to parody him. Crap like turning the frogs gay - and our president thinks hes legitimate!
Hernan Machado
Stephen Colbert: Snarky ex-political comedian now full time character assassin.
Weldon Gaming
jeez none of you people in these comments could have a debate about politics. All they do is name call and spew redoric they hear on these late night shows and on main stream media.
Rustam Alashrafov
So excited, he lost his button :D
Chris Darling
He lost that right when he blasted the airwaves with his fecal dipshittery!
F**k off Alex!
I løve how the trump Turds get so angry, it is ÅWESOME!!! HA HÅ HA!!! U pussy snow flakes!!!
how do you listen to this fake. Keep drinking kool aid idiots.
I thought he was the right wing guy?sellouts.
Dumb smear like this only shows me that Alex Jones and Infowars is over the target.
This is the totally discredited corporate whore media trying to attack Jones
skepticalface ofpeterthegreat
Tuck Buckford doesn't have half the passion of Alex Jones
Brown Eagle
I am 100% sure the Alex Jones. is going to won the custody of he's children. you Know why. because. the help From President tump. sad !!!
Old Alex sold out around 2011. Easiest comment section to get banned from ever.
Luke Guilfoyle
super male vitality
Thomas Rocco
Not sure why everyone is threatened by Alex Jones. I mean if he's "fake news" and all, why go to this extent to make fun of him. Jones must either be touching a nerve in the media world or something.
This Colbert guy is a Clinton owned government court jester.
Angela Chi
Cobert, you are such a disappointment to the Harvard Lampoon folks. They thought you had more balls. But they were wrong. You are a goyim whore selling out with "Propaganda Comedy." But yer nuthin more than a Southern white boye - looser.
They are lacing kid's capri sun with premarin! WE HAVE THE DOCUMENTS!!!
Holy shiznit that's friggin' funny 😂 👍😎
Alan Velasquez
Colbert is a sellout shill that was only ever famous from pretending to be Bill O'rielly. You are a piece of shit Colbert!
How people watch Alex Jones boggles my mind. Practically everything he says is not only wrong, but disturbing.
Thomas Huffcutt
Alex Jones inspired me to let the President drop me on ISIS.
David Wills
If only he was as funny as he thinks he is.
This show is crap
Lethal Weapon
I watch that clip last night I had a fucking nightmare and Alex was the constipated entity that was scaring me😂😂😂
Leo DaVinci
Hey Step you are a bigger piece of shit than I could ever have imagined. You are lucky that there are so many retarded people around that think you are funny, otherwise you would need a day job. Honestly you are about as funny as a heart attack. Though I'm not one of Mr. Jones's biggest fans I can say that he has done more good than you. That's because you've done nothing in your life that can be considered good. You are obviously a sell out. Reading some of the comments it easy to see that you have a following of retarded zombies that keep you making the bucks. You make my stomach turn and I'm sure that anyone that is awake feels the same. I have to say that the way you talk about pizza gate makes me suspect that you also like to fuck little kids. Your are a very sick fucker.
Anthony Paul Torres
Da boi goood!
Winston Rodney
God I love Alex Jones
Colbert is an unfunny hack, more fake than alex jones
Dae Drix
To suggest that he should lose his kids over his personality is extreme, without taking into account how the children were treated.
Ole Gerko
So the problem is that Alex Johnes is playing a character said by a man who played a character for years on his old show?
"do we really want our children raised by performance artist" No... but the right and the left, religious and irreligious, are all full of shit, and once the kids are old enough and smart enough to understand the world of adults if filled with all the insanity, & manipulations of professional bull shitters, they can view all of you in the proper context, as human exhibits in the online zoo. XD
Kyle Kulinski's Black Son
Well how about this, she's bigly tremendous.
I don't really care what Alex Jones believes

I don't really care how the left feels or how the right feels or how the extreme left feels or how the extreme right says the left feels when it's not looking

I only care about one thing

Laughing my ass off over the shit Jones' lawyers keep putting out! I mean, seriously, I thought PENCE and SPICER were funny trying to spin for Trump... but my GOD that is some funny crap lol
That scene change didn't go so well there, Steve lol
Jesus, how could you not laugh, republican or democrat! Buckford is da shit!!!!
Principle Skinner
Joe Rogan does the best Alex Jones impressions
k- teezy
I miss Colbert back before every episode was about trump
Kevin Riley
Alex Jones is pure poison!!
5/10 at best, you were given such an subject and have years of experience; looks like someone stopped caring. Then again I realized that a while ago; sweet lady Yuengling is just telling me to put myself out there is all. Are you okay? Is this early onset dementia? Please tell me if it is, I don't want to antagonize someone so vulnerable. Cheers faggot.
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