InfoWar's Alex Jones Has Nothing On Tuck Buckford

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Stephen opens the vault for an old clip from 'Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford,' the show that likely inspired fellow performance artist Alex Jones.

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Holy shit that voice is on point.
Aaron Reiter
this is a pretty good parody and Alex Jones is kind of crazy but at the same time he does say a lot of Truth. And he has broken news stories long before the mainstream media did. I like Alex Jones but I can appreciate a good joke
Megaman The Second
o_O i just realized this exactly like the hunger games thank god i stopped watching tv 4 years ago
Yiṣḥāq David
Colbert sucks shit out of a dirty sock
Stephen Colbert is the biggest douchebag in the world and isnt funny
That's it? I bet the comedian Steven Colbert would not debate the news journalist Alex Jones.
This is my response to Colbert: "If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; may your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countryman." -Samuel Adams
conan barbarian
disinformation crap. Alex doesn't suckle on the on the teet of your corporate pig bosses
M Warz
lol the EDITiNG , humor and impressions were incredible. Hilarious. He nailed it.
Jim Boe
You are a disgusting waste of flesh, Colbert. A soulless, pathetic reject from real "celebrity" status. You get relegated to the tweakers only fan base. They are pretty much open to anything that has a smile on it, even someone as obviously fake as you. You are a sellout to humanity, and deserve the fate that you have earned. You will receive your dark 'gift' soon enough.. very soon.
Live From The Studio
I enjoy Alex Jones and Stephen Colbert. This was funny.
Alex Lalonde
Stephens Colbert is a complete liar
Sony Kroket
Colbert has changed a lot. He used to make fun of things randomly but now it has personal written all over it and therefore not really funny anymore.
In a "post truth" world, I feel for all of the people that still continue to deny what they see with their own eyes. "Tuck Buckford" is the medium the enemy uses to delude and desensitize Americans before they actually implement the very things Colbert is making fun of. They make it so outrageous, they make it so hilarious, and they total try to discredit him, Jones, actually yells and anunciates his speech to get your attention. But its okay, You will be disheartened, you will be feeling surreal, when your all too weak to fight them them off and you submit to evil of the Illuminati and the Globalists!
Jacob Durant
Garbage impression
Mike Askam
Gabriel Tellier
i can think of some dirty turds more important than this review. ITS CALLED GRAVEL.
Nate Hodges
The damage control is pretty funny. Are you scared yet MSM? Alex Jones is a joke, stephen colbert is a joke.. and everyone on your tv is getting scared. The smug mockery veiled behind fear is pretty amusing. Im laughing, just literally at you.
Neo The Seraph
Colbert is really vile, but this is funny.
Hail Trump! Hail Inforwars! Fuck the elite!
If Alex Jones is such a farce then why are you discussing him? Oh yeah because it's right wing.
YT channel where comedy dies.
Heir Apparent
...proof that in every 2,000,000 views there are 5000 idiots. Colbert is brilliant.
Youtube Channel
Authors of your own destruction
Colbert is a Scumbag.
Stephen Colbert sucks dog dicks and don't you forget it! Alex told me so
Alison MacKenzie
More people watch Alex jones than you DICKHEAD.
Alison MacKenzie
He knows Alex jones is right.Colbert is a NWO puppet.
Alison MacKenzie
Colbert is a shilllll,how can u watch this shit.fools
Andrew Miller
Alex Jones reminds me of a less coherent version of Krieg from Borderlands 2.
Tree Hugger
#PEDOGATE is real Hollywood scum :)
Love Stephen Colbert imitating Alex Jones and Infowars... Love it! Please do more of these! When will you start imitating Mark Dice ? CBS way to go!!
So... this was lame. The potential here for comedy was unbelievable. Pinocchio just isn't funny.
Kyle Harkness
maurice heslep
pos Steven
How horribly scripted and the applause sign kicking in to ramp up the peer pressure to brainwash the zombies. This stephan colber guy is disgusting.
TipoJ M so you can get informed
Franz Farmer
Franz Farmer
JAWL DONT get it. I'm 9 and my name is Fairfield! Until I started listening to Alex every morning, I was living a le. One my parents played me "Obama Deception" and I was like, "I can't believe it". Now Im on truth to powers.
joe kim
I don't like Alex jones but I think it's funny how much of a threat he is to liberals and other media channels. If you don't like him and think he's a joke then why give him free publicity while making him more relevant?
That boy good!
I love InfoWars but this was pretty good
LK Beasty
I hope all of you liberal fucks burn in HELL!!!!!!!!!
Eric Matthias
Alex Jones has been taken way out of context. Don't pay attention to colbert, just swaying to Sumner REDSTONE's beat... he owns COMMERCIAL BROADCASTING SYSTEMS as well as NATIONAL AMUSEMENTS which also produces SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and the LATE connecting the dots yet. Just another washed-up SNL shill as well as JOHN STEWART who produces and writes for the LATE SHOW.
Simple truth is Colbert is attacking Alex Jones because Jones's audience dwarfs Colbert's. Colbert has to attack him to get people to watch his pathetic show.
Christian Monahan
I've never heard of Alex Jones until recently and my first expression was "wow this guy is nuts!" I saw different videos of him like the formaldehyde in water turning the frogs gay, The Clintons being demons, and now this. I couldn't help but to do some research to see who the hell this guy really is and truly see for myself. I went and watched many of his full length shows and past broadcasts and i was actually dumbfounded. My opinion after watching is that Alex Jones is merely just a middle man of these theories. This guy actually has research studies from Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and so forth I even looked at WebMD and found that formaldehyde could actually be a cause of cancer and a lowering of testosterone. I have to admit some of the stunts he's done are quite rediculous but they are merely a metaphor. Only an illiterate couldn't see that, and the media simply chops up scenes to make it funny. After researching ive come to the conclusion that Alex Jones is a provider of information that might not be necessarily true but it's researched theories and simply that. It's information that the main-stream news will not cover or has been ordered not to cover due to risks. I respect jones for that. People cannot just overlook these conspiracies, a lot of science we have today we owe a lot to conspiracy. I am not speaking as a liberal, conservative, or socialist but as a person that believes in research. "Never Judge a book by it's cover" I encourage everyone reading this to their own research and don't just listen to the opinions of others; it can go a long way. Education is the process of going from cocksure ignorance to thoughtfully uncertainty. Thanks for reading.
Marcus Antonius
I had no idea performing satire was being labelled fake, doesn't Steven Colbert do that as well?
Fuck you dick face haaaaaaaaaaa ! what a creepy fucker !
I love alex jones. its his extreme alter ego. its a mix of extreme satire, loony conspiracies, but also the odd truth boom. but dont bring his family into this. your bubble of liberal circle jerks will be popped.
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