InfoWar's Alex Jones Has Nothing On Tuck Buckford

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Stephen opens the vault for an old clip from 'Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford,' the show that likely inspired fellow performance artist Alex Jones.

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Colbert protects pedos
Hidden Ninja
TV watchers wouldnt understand what reality is anyway. Alex does do performance art style things on his show to make it more entertaining but he is the real deal. He believes what he says and he can often back it up with sources. He does long interviews with guests from government, business, science and technology. He isnt a 5 min clip like in mainstream media. Easy to make fun of him because of how emotional he gets.

its a really low blow to attack someone going through a custody battle. You can tell that the writers of this show are scared of his message. Anti-trump I can understand, but if you are against Jones without actually watching his show and fact checking his claims then arent you just being brainwashed too?
Meta Self
"We will be back with more of us ridiculing Jones for selling his own products after this NBC commercial break."
This isn't that funny. Regular Alex Jones is much funnier than Stephens impression
I love Alex Jones, but i think this is hilarious, we need more satire like this!
Chelsea Eiben
Colbert is a cuck. If a real man was needed, Colbert would run away with his tail between his legs.
Matt Stone
Colbert isn't funny anymore.
What . . . a creep. And I'm not talking about Alex Jones.
Home Runner
Why do you have Alex Jones on your show? Are you afraid of the Piers Morgan effect? ­čść
Soros and the globalists give Colbert his talking points.
Henry Uzhca
I want that jacket
I'm impressed he can do that voice for so long.
Deplorable Liberal
* * * *
If you're still a Liberal Progressive after the 2016 election, then there is no argument that can persuade you as to which side is lying. You're just going to have to sit back and watch as your side looses over and over, and as the Right continues to surprise you.

* * * *
Tim Skarin
I'd love to see "Watch Alex Jones react"
Aaron Withers
Simple sanity test:
1) Do you believe anything Alex Jones has ever said?
This would have been better if it was at all funny, but in all honesty its just creating more Listeners for Infowars... Alex is A pioneer in the game, and like Joe Rogan said is probably one of the most entertaining people I've ever seen. Steven Colbert Is a Hack who made a name impersonating Bill O'reily He is the only made up character here, who does not come close in comparison to Jones. Go Alex!!!
Colbert is a pathetic libtard shill.
I accidentally clicked on an Alex Jones channel video. There was an ad for a fucking FART aid agent. And one for cuck. Just needed to tell everyone.
fuck this pussy liberal, Alex Jones is 1000x more human than this dirt bag!!! alex jones will tell you the truth! this stephen coldturd guy is a fucking snake
Rob Belial
Jones is way more Entertaining than Stephen Colbert lol
saw a dude with an info wars t shirt on in the gas station, I could barely hold back from bursting out laughing. I think all Alex Jones' supporters should wear their info wars t shirts every day, so everyone else is aware that a moron is near.
I haven't been saying wow since day one I've been screaming WHAT THE FUCK while downing bottles of jack while praying every day that it was all just a dream
Hmm..? For me the original is more interesting (and in the end not so suave as all the mainstream comedians). Maybe Stephen should try some "super male vitality"!? ;-)
Only difference is Alex is funny
Ric Vicious
Johnny Agregaard
I hope the guy from Infowars this is his children to his wife
Dustin thehouse
You joke on his custody battle?? What a POS!!
colbert: makes fun of one conservative radio host
every conservative in the area: TRIGGERED
N─Ťjakej 'Chlap'
We need to talk about that lying piece of shit Paul Joseph Watson.
He is bigger thread than Alex.
WE MUST KILL HI- no, no, we need to stop his lies...
Bill Wilson
What character is Poopy Pants Stevie playing all the time??? A damaged snowflake SJW libtard with a full diaper???
Savage Banana
Alex jones is a crackhead
when you lack shit tons of testosterone so you go out of your way to make your own formula. and then sell it.
Rene Uriel Ortiz
I remember cuckbert pretty much downplayed what snowden and wikileaks have done for this country and has been proven a hillary shill
hey, it's not nice to make fun of a retarded guy
Ryan Cook
Stephen Colbert = Fragile egotistical moron & A valued member of the LGBT community.
Marty Kilian
alex Jones is right.
Donald Trump & V. Putin MWGA
What an idiot this Steven Colbhert is people please stop watch him for your own good !!!!
Stobart Martyr
LOL - Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
alex jones is bae
Art Girl
Who the hell is Steven Colbert??? Never seen this guy before. Probably because there are better shows to watch!
Roster # 222 PePe
I wonder if the cock holster. No pun intended. Colbert is French. Kind of like the weak treasonous losers like the French who bent over and took it up the ass to the NAZI's!!! Educate your dumb ass before you follow a loser like this. Idiots!!
Eric Korn
I think alex's tuck buckford is much more entertaining
Archie Ellis
Liberal trendies who suck Stephens dick and his poor humour ,lol fuckin losers
alex jones ftw
Colbert is a Super BETA-MALE and a Cuck... but he is funny... thats why other beta males find comfort in him. they are so unsatisfied with their lives they have to make fun of other peoples points of view
James Bond
Alex Jones did Tuck Buckford, better. FACTS!
Dre Anza
So this is where all the liberals come to jerk each other off. This floor is quite sticky.
Frederic Parent
MJ I need more pop corn here libtards are at their best in the comment section !
Bart D
Libtards can't handle the truth so they just turn everything into a joke.
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