BAD BITE! - K9 Attack

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the Brave Wilderness crew take on the bite from a specially trained K9 Malinois!

While it was all in good fun, these dogs have one seriously powerful bite force and are amazingly intelligent. Trained for various tasks, dogs like Maya do some of the most amazing work in todays law enforcement and are on the front line every day in an effort to keep people safe all across the world.

One thing is for sure, the Brave Wilderness crew have tremendous respect for these incredible dogs and their trainers. Thank you so much for what you do! 

Get ready to witness a seriously Bad Bite from a K9 Attack! 

HUGE THANKS to Makor K9 for making this video possible and for all the amazing work they do to train first class K9’s that help keep our world and our citizens safe. To learn more about their dogs and practices please visit -

Special thanks to Maya for spending the day practicing her amazing skills with us, you’re the best Maya! 

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That was 😃
Sasuke Uchiha
Go buy a 5 lions then. When someone sneak at you're house it will be the worst nightmare to all criminals
Sasuke Uchiha
Can I get atleast 100 likes.😢
Miguel Rios
I got bite by a pit bull with no protection
Thieu Duong
I’ve got bitten by a tick on my head that’s worse than a k9 bite well is it...🤨🤔
Justin M.
This is Caleb I got chased by a dog with my cousin
Nick Crumpet
Scared of dogs? What are you, two years old?
Cole G
5:40-5:50 you spin me right round, baby right round like a record, baby right round round round
Lorraine Wortham
She is a lot stronger then u think!! Spen's around in circles
Lorraine Wortham
Sorry I just had to watch
Why tho?
Kinetik K9
The overdramatic BS just does it for me! If you are going to do it, just do it! The dogs don't play. When its a bite, they just bite!!!
Gonzalo Ortiz
I love the k9 viedo
Coyote peterson sounded like he was about
Beyond... In this episode.
Ryker Ryan
I also got stiches from my German shepherd when I was 4
Ryker Ryan
I have done that will my police dog German shepherd and I am only 10
Viviana Sanchez
It was funny but I also feel bad
Maria Burns
Awww wat a cute dog!
Melissa Pierce
Olivia Powervp
Ifiklatyouoricredbl 😺😺😺😺😺🙉
Megii 355xox
Aniyah M
Actually that's a good name for that dog
clash royalr d
U are soo brave
John Sanchez
Fuss! Sitz! Platz!
Sassie Louise
we have a mix dog his name is gon
Aniyah M
That might hurt if that scary ruff dog go on my arm ima just fly with my fairy tale wings I can't look anymore 😱😵😖😪😭😂😯😥😴😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😴
I was attacked by a dog when I was little, he was a german shepherd, rottweiler mix. I was scared of large black and brown dogs for a long time. Even though I'm not scared of them any more I still dont think I could do that.
U have some balls 😂
Nguyen Kevin
If u are smart enough the speed of the dog is full and move to the side and the dog keeps going forward cause the friction is not strong enough to stop the k9
Jade Fatale
I live in West Virginia 😆😊
Rey Bacle
His hat never fall
That voice break at 5:50 was hilarious
Taylor Foster
i found a yellow jacket nest in my back yard and a banana spider
5:10 dog chase
I'm sorry but this was the funniest thing I've ever seen! Ahahaha
so cute! even more cute at 5:30
Harvey and Grey's Videos
Coyote: "gets eaten by a dinasour"Mark: you ok?
Niamh Cook
That looks painful
Niamh Cook
Mia is si cute
Athia TheCrazy
lily todd
i have got your book and it is amazing
Michelle Bryson
you know how dogs chew on toy foxes well today its a coyote
Its canine not k9 you twat
HighStreet Killers
8:30 same thing happened to me but worse. Rottweiler snatched my leg like that while a white dog and doberman growled and barked at me. I was alone in the country and had to fight them. I luckily stayed standing. Dog teeth in you and tugging on calf muscle hurts alot. I got him free and it lunged for more, i had to stick my foot in and let it bite and whip. After awile i took my chance and biked away hard, all three chased me for 1 km. Biking for life, it was scary. When i finally got away and saw my leg it was bleeding alot from biking away hurt alot. I needed stitches but they didnt stitch it cause of infection, dog didnt have shots. Luckily i didnt get rabie shots. I went to the hospital the next day cause i had gotten to my GF house and recieved extra special attention, haha. I got grounded for telling my parents i was fine, lol. Worth it
Kristian Ashbaugh
Dog looks like she's smiling while latching onto Coyote
Bill Nye The Science Guy
You’re always out here begging for something to bite you so why are you crying about it you wanted to get bitten
Tjok Tjung
Alejandra Serrano
That dog look like a pedophile when it was biting his arm
George Oelke
Shes not gonna pull your arm out of socket... hopefully
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