Rorie Beard
OMG, I'm new to your channel. And I LOVE your videos! your sooooooo funny and you always make me laugh! Your an amazing YouTuber! I hope to meet you in the future. Can you please respond to this comment?
Lea Cepeda
ok.. watching this high was the best idea ever ! thx Liza :)
Meif'wa Catasha Kawaii
sniffs I'm crying while watching this sad video... 😭😭😭
Amanda Erskine
i hate puppies
Zoe Zoe
Who else cried... Of laughing while watching this video?
Unicorn Puffs
This made me laugh way too much
ashley rodrigez
This video is so funny
S Dot Gaming
4:05 👈👈👈👈👈 ccccllllllliiiiicccccck iiiiiiittttt
Oliver Leinberger
i have the same cactus shirt !!!!!
George Lussier
whats that violin song?
Piper Cassidy
'I have issues' me too Liza. Me too
Piper Cassidy
The only thing on this list that makes me cry is books.
Rat Bleach
This video should be called Liza on her period
Lily Kawaii
Omg what happens if trump watches this video
Jamie Ware
These are all true but, Lizza just put it in a FUNNY way.😂
Nika Khan-Lau
i have the mindy kalling book too
Kc Gameplayz
I can't when she said she has to have Rabies
Rowayna Riley
I just call this THE PERIOD, when you don't know your own emotions 😂
Gigi Plavci
liza youre to mutch youre just to funny i peed😂😂😂😂😭
I cry when Lizza doesn't upload a video
Shay-lin Rodriguez
omg I wish me and Liza new each other
Ava Spencer
I cry when when I lose something special
Riah W
My life makes me cry lol and yawning makes me cry it never makes senseee
Nilab Taheri
Im crying about the background muzic at the beginning
Type 1 diabetic
I love your shirt!! 🌵🌵
The Ultamate Buttface
2:45 lol (click on the blue numbers)
Lady G. Dark
Did anyone else notice that she didn't shave her armpits? 😂 But she still very beautiful ❤️
Natalie Hock
That video cracked me up
Valerie Vasquez
2:00-2:20 😂
omg she is so funny who cares if women cant be funny at least we got this one right here
Gina The Akward fangirl Otaku
I relate to ! But I cry when I touch a fluffy pillow!
elva zheng
just think what liza would be like watching up
Fřůïţśţřïpēś 04
This is just girls on their periods.
odessa rodriguez
add your dad and mom.
Tae with Suga-Kookie's
Things that make me cry:
-Songs I can relate to
-Looking into a mirror
-Literally everything else
chickens r bacon
I don't cry, I craft
Tae with Suga-Kookie's
That music at the beginning. "And today's transformation of the day is -"
Probably not many will understand this
kawaii bro
😡 You've gotta be kidding me
Ahmed Al yassjeen
You can't spell funeral with out fun
Football _Goal
I cry when my phone's charge reaches 1% and u have to spend ur last couple of minutes hoping it won't power of 😭😂
Parislover1219 Hackworth
Can people stop marking fun if trump?
Abenique Remy
make a second one
Hannah Miles
Liza this is very serious matter.... where'd u get ur shirt? I've been looking for one just like that!!! Does anyone know?
Jade skyler Botha
What about people who cry over music video's
lightupthedark 671
Wtf ew!
Phillip Nicholas
I cry in Undertale :'3
Jordzie •
That violin music reminded me of Sherlock...
Ella Stevens
I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl but I know it's a baby - Liza 2016😂😂😂😂
siena leed
I love it
Yazel Emirtaneoglu
Lol and I am just lugging so much 😂😂😂😂😂
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