Learn Drawing and Colors with Numbers 0 to 20 Colored to Learn

Numbers 0-20Learn Color MarkersLearn Countingnumber from 0 to 20Counting Numbers01234567891012345Gamechildrenbabybabiesteachingteachlearncountlanguagelearninghow to do itcontentSchoolTeacherLessonЧисла 0-20Учитесь цветУрокSaymayı ÖğreninRenk Öğreninसबकरंग जानेंAprender Corúmero de 0 a 20تعرف على اللونالدرسimparare ConteggioImpara a coloriLerne FarbeZahl von 0 bis 20How to drawDrawing numbersDrawingड्राइंगvẽرسم制图

This is one of our learning videos for babies. Check out my channel for more videos.

This is an entertaining way for kindergarten children and the pre-school English course aims to teach the colors to the babies for children with many Coloring Pages! In addition, surprise English learning per egg! Surprising eggs nowadays are happy to see baby, smiling faces, colorful balloons to smile! Better videos from single color balls We have many different styles of different tutorials on the game dough alphabet! A B C! Educating character toys for surprise game kids and counting the number of colored balls with eggs! 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9! Do you really want to challenge yourself to get to know yourself?
How can I teach kids coloring? The answer lies in these color classes (funny!). Children are surprised to learn of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, Black and white eggs and color.

Children and their families are happy and hopeful :)) Video

Thank you for watching!

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Hiep Vu
Surprise Eggs and Play Doh
Learn to Color 0 to 20 Numbers Draw and Color Learn PLAY :)
Wahid Nazari
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