"Feminists" Outraged, Bad Hombres Rejoice, and EVERYTHING IS RIGGED!

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HAPPY THURSDAY, NATION! My brain hurts after last night...
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... Why would people be offended, by that? I mean I'm born in a country where sometimes women are called our equivalent of "female" but no one gets offended. I'm serious. We just laugh at it because it's weird and the word itself is weird. Also, "grab her by the brain" actually sounds positive? Why is that such a bad thing???
Jennifer Ruballos
Isn't female and male the terms used for sex?
Like, girl and boy are used for gender, female and male are used for the genitalia a person has. It's the scientific term, right?
I personally don't mind, but it would be weird if someone said it to me or in front of me. Usually I just hear girls or ladies or women.
"Fact checking" from Breitbart?!?!?! That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

I get that defranco wants to appear neutral and unbiased, but come the fuck on. What he's doing is no better than those in the MSM who play the game of false equivalence, giving both parties in a story equal coverage and leaving it up to the viewer to decide, when the facts actually show that one of those sides is completely full of shit. The job of the media isn't to say, "hey here's A, here's B, who's telling the truth? We don't know!" If side A is obviously wrong or lying, it's the medias job to tell us that! Present all the facts, of course, but facts aren't always fair. Neutrality or impartiality shouldn't take precedence over the truth.
So conflicted about defranco... a lot of the time I really agree with what he says, but for him to commend trumps performance at this (or any) debate, and say that he did a "very, very good job", and that he handled himself "pretty fantastically" merely because he didn't spend the whole debate yelling?! Jesus, it makes me sick just how low the bar is for trump... i was never a fan of hillary's but you can't deny that she was always (and continues to be) held to a much higher standard than most other candidates - trump especially. It's pretty disgusting how even rational people like defranco find he selves applauding and showering praise upon trump for simply "not yelling" for most of the debate. Lol, nevermind all the lies trump told, misinformation he spread, his low-blows and nasty personal attacks - he refrained from yelling at Hillary and thus was acting "presidential" ?? Gah, barf.
Lol, i identify as a feminist (but I do not identify with certain sects of "feminism" that are, in my opinion, regressive and self-defeating AF), but the whole being upset about being called a female ?? thing makes literally no sense whatsoever. I hate shit like that. Perfect example of people overreacting and over-policing people's language for a very petty reason, and ultimately hurting whatever cause you're trying to defend. Ugh. So fucking annoying.

Also, the grab her by the brain thing isn't offensive, chill tf out peeps. If you wanna get all bogged down in the mire of whether or not "grabbing her" anything is a reinforcement of the patriarchy/dehumanizing/objectifying/etc, I can't stop you, but, though I can sorta see where you might be coming from, I think there are much bigger fish to fry and this particular fish should probably be tossed back in the ocean (which I'm sure it has been since this is an old vid that I'm commenting on lol).
As a lady, i actually hate being called a female. I don't care about the hats at all though, it seems like a good counter to donald trump's sexist comments
Michael Sanders
Men are??? Where's my money? It's funny what kind of people usually generalize..... and also I don't get offended when people call me a male. As I am one.
Ashlyn Molinaro
The female thing can be disrespectful depending on how its used and its context, like most words in the english language.
"I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election... IF I WIN!"
Bitch you didn't even do that.
Alex Coal
It's the way people use female. Not the word itself.
Tylow Star
I don't get offended if someone calls me "brit". BECAUSE IT IS WHAT I AM. So, forgive me for not understanding why calling you what you are is offensive.
Drew Mull
And how prominent will the AutoSave feature be amidst these new games, as Nintendo games are notorious for losing hours of progress when the battery dies abruptly.
Might buy a switch just for plane rides
Aiden Mccafferty
I'm a sis white male sum so what do I know but I don't see the problem with calling someone a female. I don't get offended when somebody calls me male or white or even ginger
TheOwlMan666 Gamer
Even if they donated 100 percent to the money the cause would probably only get about 10% anyways. Because most charities just take the money for themselves unfortunately (not all charities).
Correction: We don't "believe" the DNC was trying to sabotage Bernie, the DNC came and outright admitted they rigged it against him.
what? no? i am female? i like this hat!? pc culture going too far
Snippy Snowflake
"We need to empower women and make them more visible."

"Yes, show the world how great it is to be female."


:::Gives up on feminism forever:::
Kamion Klarion
Feminists have their brains where their buttholes are.
I hope the Switch won't have as bad a launch as the Nintendo Wii U did...
Stacy H.
My hubby is salivating heavily about the Nintendo Switch. Looking forward to more info as well.
lewis moore
loved the trailer for Logan didn't pay attention to anything but johnny cash
Natalie Fraehlich
In a strange reverse of being unsubscribe for no reason I am now receiving iPhone push notifications for your videos despite never having been subscribed to you? Not mad, just saying.
Levi Olive
Trump has no filter... we knew this!
Chris Romanowski
But Phil..... What about the Hamilton Casting Call Ad that they put out?
Hillary supporters owning the phrase "nasty woman," Trump supporters owning the word "deplorables," White country people owning the phrase "red neck," New Yorkers/Northerners/Americans owning the word "Yankee," Blacks owning the word "nigga."
Kylie Stackalis
The only time I've ever been offended by the word femalewas in a particular context. It was at a lecture where the audience was predominantly Muslim and they decided that they wanted a gender segregated audience. A woman stood up to defend her position and referred to the Muslim women as ladies and the other women as females, with a tinge of disgust in her voice. The fact that she felt we were less than because we were not Muslim women was connoted in the word females as opposed to referring to both groups as ladies.
Rachel King
female is a perfectly acceptable word. I think you try to hard to please people. Get rid of political correctness.
I'm so happy about the Switch, it's exactly what I needed cause I play mobile way more than at home and now I'll have time to play BotW. I love it cause it's diverse in all the ways you can play it, they're really trying to expand their audience again after the Wii did such a fantastic job of it.
Oh god Mario is watching!!
Tabia Crumbley
I really don't understand why some women hate being called "Female"...I honestly don't get it
howismyname long
really they get mad because they are called "female"?
Kendra Melesky
i dont understand why female would be an offensive term
Bob Flibber
Ok I am going to line this out for those of you who slept thru Biology and Sex ED in School. If you have a PENIS you are a Male of the Human Species. If you have a VAGINA you are a female of the Human Species. and if both sexual organs you are a Hermaphrodite... It does not matter what clothing you put on or what name you call yourself. Unless you get Gender Reassignment surgery you are what you are. Doesn't matter who or what you fuck. Its Biology plain and simple.
Who I s voting trump
Andrew Clastic
9:46 "Is he trolling?" - Philip DeFranco 2016

Also yes. Yes he is.
Liz Rogers
I don't find the whole "grab her by the brains" offensive AT ALL. people bashing them need to chill a bit
gee gee
dont give in to the pronoun shit. it's like saying it's ok to have a mental disorder
As a member of the trans* community, I've gotten ripped on for "tone policing" by asking my community to take a beat when someone uses the wrong pronouns, or makes a stupid assumption, or whatever simply because let's be honest here: It's only been about 25 years since being gay became something that wasn't stuffed in a back alley in the mainstream world. Now, let's be honest, we didn't see shows until Will & Grace until the early 2000's. Trans people have had WAAAY less representation than that. It's simply a fact: The mainstream world at large, IE: folks not in the GLBT community, are freakin' clueless and most slips are from ignorance and just plain confusion than being cruel or mean. It's one thing to shred someone for calling you a shemale or a tranny. It's another to shred them because they say "She, I mean he, I'm so sorry," because they're getting used to something, or they use an offensive term out of ignorance. You're right: LET'S HAVE A CONVERSATION! Trans people are dying at alarming rates for how little of the population we make up and I understand their anger but the reality is that in day to day life in non-threatening situations, those trans people who are lashing out are NOT helping a damn thing by jumping into aggro mode. I wills say, though, that in my experience it is mostly younger trans people who've grown up in a world where their existence is acknowledged and in many cases accepted and they literally don't know how to cope with basic mildly offensive shit like those of us who are adults (or at least older adults) do, because they've never had to deal with the absolutely horrific, evil shit we have. They see something moderately offensive and it's like they NEED to go batshit to prove their credibility or something or to feel like they're being oppressed when these kids have NO fucking clue what real oppression looks like a lot of the time. Are we being oppressed on the overall by certain laws and people?Absolutely. But someone slipping on your pronouns is a mistake, not an attack.
Emily Hutchinson
Saying "female" is not a bad word. It's a description. Like yes, I am a female. but I just don't like it when people use it as a negative or a stereotype. Ex. "Females be like" (usually says something bad about them) or like "why do females act like that" but obviously it's just how you use it. but that's the same with every word, like when you see pics of girls with mugs that say "male tears". It's not feminism it's hatred of men. people are people and they use words wrong. that's doesn't mean its a bad word.
Alex Ace
On The topic of accidentally misgendering someone (wrong pronouns etc) I go by they them and a lot of my friends who used to know me as female would slip up now and then but I would always politely correct them and be super chill about it because I know how confusing it gets. I honestly dont understand why some people get so offended when someone accidentally slips up and says the wrong pronouns it's no big deal just correct them and get over it.
Alex Ace
On The topic of accidentally misgendering someone (wrong pronouns etc) I go by they them and a lot of my friends who used to know me as female would slip up now and then but I would always politely correct them and be super chill about it because I know how confusing it gets. I honestly dont understand why some people get so offended when someone accidentally slips up and says the wrong pronouns it's no big deal just correct them and get over it.
I don't get insulted if I am called a female. Unless somehow theyre using it as a negative thing towards me then ya anyone would. Also, not all feminists r like this lmao educate yourselves ppl
Also thanks for the quotations for feminist in the title . ppl claim to be a feminist and they ain't... gives us a bad name.
Grab her by the brains lmao !! I just think it's funny.......
I can get why ppl would be concerned b/c of the wording but lmao it just sounds stupid BSJSNDSKDMMD lmao
Doug Jr.
if you get offended by being called a female which is what you are scientifically than something is very wrong with you
I see hot actor, I click. Simple logic
The Tempestuous
Feminists are the reason I hate being a woman.
Trumps trying to start the 2nd civil war
I don't think it's so much about being called "females," because that's obviously what we are. It's more about the fact that when women are hurt or hated on it's just "more women getting hurt or hated on, as usual," instead of more than half the human beings on the planet being hurt or hated on because they don't have dicks. It's become too normal for this stuff to happen because "it always happens to women." I guess if people's genders weren't focused on when describing actions or words of hate it might help more people hearing those descriptions see women less as "other" and more as people, same as them, and then maybe stuff like this would be on the decline. :(
ratherbenapping 10
Everything is destroyed by justice warriors it's just a hat and they were at least trying to be progressive. Also you can't say her anymore? Wtf stop with this pronoun shit people are her or he the the end. Yes I said it apparently everyone is too afraid to for some reason
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