iPhone X Drop Test!

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iPhone X Brutal DROP Test. How Durable Is The Expensive iPhone X With Stainless Steel Borders & OLED Display? Super Impressive!

iPhone X Water Test: https://youtu.be/dYCEPRCZCk8
iPhone X Unboxing: https://youtu.be/d_Z1Ze4ewj0

Chris S
Wow the drop test is very different than others.... jerryrigeverything and techrax had the same results compared to this video....🤔
Kayla Louise
This whole thing gave me anxiety
Studio V
Hey I was wondering if you could get me a iPhone 5s and how much... Would there be a discount for subscribing
Sagar Sinha
Chutiya wutiya ho Kya be..
Maiva La
i actually gasped when he dropped them. nothing hurts more than watching a beautiful fresh iphone drop so loudly
raul martinez
Haaaaaa!!! Chinga tu madreeee, leave them alone cabron!!!
raul martinez
Whit every drop and that noise l felt a kick to my balls.. ouchhhhhh!!!
Irelynn Iniguez
This video scared me and my iPhone x
Cheli Raja
iphone x easiy get break mosty on the back side of the phone, He is big lier
Flawless Fatality
Why do a drop test if you arent going to take both phones to the limit? Fucking dumb
Sieg Hell
Give me That Phone?
Rebecca Bird
So surprised the X didn't shatter
lomai krushi
деньги не куда тратить
Sultan Firdaus
Iphone x is made with the most durable glass ever used for phones
noob why dont you break it? i
I have an iphone6+ and I dropped it onto spiky floor about 6 times and it did not crack!i did not believe it!
Sebastianplayz- games
Best iphone stunt go's to iphone 8 3:50
i love your videos
RINOSHIELD !!!!!!!!!
Jakob Degannes
you need to try testing it on like a road or something
Vincent Cheng
all depend on dropping angle
jacob valdez
Whats the case brand name
Al Rodriguez
You drop it on purpose it doesn't break.. You accidentally drop it the bitch shatters!!
Jae Been poppin
Now how did I know he out of all people would do this
Droptest should be made with a new phone for each height, because once the phone is shattered its not gonna have the full impact absorbing potential that it had before.
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subscribe to me if you do i will subscribe to you back .thanks.
Cooking with Jacob Belous
I know it’s not fake but it looks like
Cooking with Jacob Belous
Not to be mean but the Iphone 10 looks fake
phillip baranouski
7:53 hahaha no emotion
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Dario Nuara
Issa fake
Selene Olivier
Noooooo, this pains me to watch😩

But I wanna watch so bad...
Yfjfdr Vdfjh
Is this case protect face drop from 5ft. ..
Hunter Reddick
Who else was watching this video from their IPhone X
Paul William
Ooooh, who tat Holdin the IPhone
Edgar533 XD
Mr. CoolManJr
And they are trying to have a better screen since it cracks so easily so they do all their research on samsung galaxys to get a better screen but did it work nope thats a retoricle qu
Melody Lin
It’s heavier doesn’t that mean that it’s going to hurt more when it falls on your face😂😂
Mr. CoolManJr
They even have almost the whole screen in front of the phone just like the samsung galaxy s8 edge and s8
Mr. CoolManJr
Why is apple always coping samsung they have glass on the back just like samsung apple is trying their best to make their phone like samsung with out letting anyone notice but everyone knew since the phone 4 came out...
Joshua Kamber
For some reason your the only channel in which the iPhone X didn’t break. Other channels that did this test broke the X on the first or second drop. I love the phone just curious why it’s such a big difference.
Maria Clara
Cara vcs são muito desgraçados
Sam Naseri
Thanks helped alot
Rachel's awesome world! ·99.999.99 views
Me: C’mon mom pleasseeeee!!!
Mom: what’s wrong with you phone 7 plus?
Me:Ummm, I don’t like my phone case?
Derp Derry
You're really smart
Eddy O.
was that iphone x fake
Hugo Viegas
I threw it on the ground!
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