OneRepublic - Let's Hurt Tonight


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Music video by OneRepublic performing Let's Hurt Tonight. (C) 2016 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

Jessica ambrose
Nacio Fontes
This is so close to my situation I got goose bumbs lol
Riley Wong
what movie is it?
Victoria Denisse De La Parra De la Parra
I love this song is .... Life !!!!
Kurt Vine
I'd rather stick it out together <3.
There is no crime, No flashing Nudity, No stripers, No flashing Expensive Gold Chains or No degrading women, this song is simply Love ! We need more of these.
Love, time, death
🖤 ⌚ 💀
maybe just possibly the 6000 down votes cast were done by people who are hurting today and we're last night?
Eduardo Milanês
Música Perfeita 😻😢🎶❤️
Jojo Walrus
at 1:52 does anyone else hear "marry me"?
Alexandra Castillo
This song is incredibly beautiful,love it. I'm from Peru❤️🇵🇪
Raziel Dark
6k people are hurting tonight.
i can totally hear the lumineers singing this
Harper Yu
Absolutely it's great!
Larry Panozzo
Unpopular opinion: Collateral Beauty was an amazing movie.
Game Hunt
I will never understand why someone would dislike such a nice thing
Megan Wong
They performed this song live and it was amazing
Enn Young
What is this movie???
I got goose bumps, huge ones for that matter...
One Republic is the best band ever!
Statement from Africa!!!!!
Cheroka Roberts
What is this movie?
Aj Swanepoel
Damm i wanna cry while listening to this song❤️❤️❤️
Alia Miladi
One republic and cold play luvu both
Claudio 1988
Beautyfull song, i love ONE REPUBLIC
Punsith Fonseka
dude we should give some views for this incredible song..this is awesome man..why people waste their time for bullshits like despacito..why don't they listen to incredible arts like this
death shot
I had a breakup before but after listening this I miss her I can't stop tears😿😿
Tushar Chauhan
This one is a better version than official video.
Daii Bourquin
So sad.
David Torres Fernández
Una gran canción para una gran película :'D
ปาตีเม๊าะ อียา
Goodddddddddďdddddddddddddddddddďďdddďďďdďddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd I LOVE@LIKE to Onerepublic
This is my story.
This song was released the same day that i started to fall in love with a girl, we started being friends, after that, best friends, but she got cancer, i passed all the time i could with her, making her laugh, giving her presents, roses, you know, all that kind stuff, tryin to make her last days, the best of her entire life
I got used to visit her everyday, i remember her birthday i gave her a cake and a necklacke, she promised me that we would be together forever
The next day, like all the other days, i took the bus to the hospital and when i arrived and saw her parents broken in tears, i knew what was happening, i swear that when i heard the doctor said: "she passed away"
i felt like something died inside of me and it keeps just like that to today
This song is pretty nostalgic for me, i love to hear this when i'm walking down the rain, i just remember she, everytime i listen this song
I just can't stop repeating the phrase in this song
"Let's say all the things that we couldn't before"
She won't ever know that she were my everything.
William Jauregui
Things get "rough" all times, it is inevitable. The only thing we have to bear in mind is that no matter how tough things get, we do need to keep trying. Enough with the quitters. Love, has 5 stages, Still, most of us quit at the third.... when the best is yet to come. A real pitty.....
Ili I. shohe
RedSeason Music
Beautiful song.
Sango Zonke
im in love
Jesse Ordonez
Only 44m visits? This is a travesty.
Ciobanu Cristian
SlEePy SSk
best song
Jinyi H.
Saw them live few weeks ago, shame they didn't play this song
Dayanand Prasad
SpEl aT Al WoNg
What's that movie called?
Piper Pittman
I love this song so friken much
Piper Pittman
I love this song so friken much
Brunna Freitas
Love ❤❤
Bora Karalı
filimin ismi ne ? what is the name of film?
Oh look tears.
ju Jo
Roger Eyholzer
Hallo kannst du mich grüssen ich bin Kim❤❤❤
Cami Castillo
I just watched this movie and it was amazing, this song perfectly conveys what it was all about ❤️
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